All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 2

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SAMCRO-legionToday saw the streets and fields of Vordrast once again stained with the blood of the fallen as the Leicester All Scars took to the tables of Tabletop Tyrants for Stage 2 of the Vordrast Incursion campaign.

My SAMCRO Black Legion were facing the Blood Angels of John Salisbury, I’d only faced John briefly in the Doubles tournament but this would be a 3000 point bloodbath. The mission would be Tactical Escalation with the addition of our pre-generated Tournament Objectives (Hungry for Glory for me and Blood and Guts for John) we also had an additional rule for this game which scored either of us an extra VP for each unit totally destroyed.

This is the army I chose to take Vordrast Incursion 2.

John won the roll for choice of deployment and went first, I failed to seize the initiative and the mayhem began.

Highlights of the game:

Turn 1 brutal combat between a pair of knights which took each other out and scored us both First Blood (we agreed that as they struck simultaneously it made sense).

Turn 2 John’s remaining knight smashes a predator apart before being charged by my Lord and his biker buds. The Blood Angel storm raven arrives, unloading its sternguard but taking fire from my quad gun, reduced to 1 HP and losing its multi-meltas n the process. One of my rhinos advances, disgorging its squad of chosen who in turn unleash meltagun hell into the dreadnought and reduce it to a pile of slag.

Turn 3 Johns warlord, commander Dante and his sanguinary guard arrive intent on destroying my other rhino and its passengers, but thanks(?) to a shot by his vindicare taking the tank out first the chosen disembark on the opposite side of the wreck and out of sight of Dante’s boys. My heldrake turns up, its vector strike failing to damage the storm raven but its baleflamer destroying a marine unit with a plasma canon. My squad in the bastion (having been reduced to 2 men) finish the storm raven using the quad gun. Johns bikers assault into one of my chosen squads, his sergeant and my aspiring champion taking each other out in challenge, but the attack bike tying the rest of the squad up in combat.

Turn 4 and things start to go downhill, my bikers are taken out between the knight and the death company, leaving my Lord alone to continue facing the enemy – and then he fails to wound the knight with the hand of darkness and gets a reaper chainsword to the face for his troubles. My terminators finally arrive behind the landraider and Alvarez gets Endurance in play. The heldrake belches more demonic fire over the marines and assassin in hiding in the ruins, wounding the vindicare and reducing the marines numbers badly – and setting both ablaze. Dante takes my remaining predator out and the sanguinary guard finish off the bastion boys (and destroy the quad gun). My sorceror and termies take friendly fire from a scattering demolisher shell which failed to damage the landraider but still manage to wipe out the marines it disgorged before the psyked up sorceror assaults the tank (thank you Iron Arm).

Turn 5 Dante takes out my vindicator with a dirty shot up the tailpipe but then weathers a volley of bolter fire from the second nurgle marines unit (his 2+ armour barely got scratched). The sniper tried to kill Alvarez but his tzeentch boosted invulnerable saved him. In return he continued to hack at the landraider, hard enough to stagger the crew. The heldrake tried to vector strike the assassin before leaving the battlefield to circle around.

Turn 6 Dante joins the fight between the attack bike and chosen but fails to wound anyone, while his sanguinary guard butcher my marine unit. The last blood angel in the ruins with the assassin succumbs to soul blaze (yay someone died from it). Alvarez tries to kill himself as he powers up Life Leech, suffering a perils that robs him of a wound only for Leech to kill a sanguinary guard and give it him back, then getting Iron Arm and his force staff activated he leaves the landraider and heads for Dante. Calling the ancient angel out in challenge he only manages to score a single hit but at strength 9 and with smash and instant death all he needs is a 2 to slay his enemy – and I roll a freaking 1! In return Dante gets a single wound on me and I need a 4+ with my invulnerable – but tzeentch has turned his back on Alvarez and the sorceror is laid low.

Turn 7 and neither of us has a great deal left on the table, my chosen finally take the attack bike out only to be slaughtered by Dante in return. My heldrake returns, vector striking a sanguinary guard and again bathing the assassin in balefire but the imperial agents invulnerable saves him.

As usual we had an independent roll the die to see if we would get a turn 8 but it finally decreed the game over. Final score was 24-11 to John, the extra points for destroying units in assault certainly made a difference though the rest of the tactical cards we drew didn’t make a big difference. The overall result for the day was a 7-1 win for the Crusaders of Darkness.

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…and my growing arcane library

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A great review by Fenriryan of the new Galeforce9 D&D spell cards.

Originally posted on My Name is Fenriryan...:

I recently treated myself to something to feed my ever growing keen for D&D, and thought as I have seen little about them about da webz I would do a quick review/showcase/show & tell… Yeah, that last one – Show & Tell :-p

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D&D Exp DDEX1-4 Dues for the Dead

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DDEX1-4This past weekend at Tabletop Tyrants we held our third D&D Expeditions event. These one day specials are proving very popular, and this one was no exception. Thirteen players between 3 tables, with another of our Encounters players taking to the DM’s chair (you can read how Jon got on in his blog post).

I had four players on my table, Daniel and Sarah from my Encounters group and two returning faces from my 4e Shadowfell campaign, Matt and Rhys. Character wise we had a pair of maul wielding barbarians, a bard, and a wiry monk.

Following the hook of the help wanted sign, the heroes head straight to Valhingen Graveyard and talk to Doomguide Glandon and readily agree to investigate the area where Sister Bethel’s remains had been discovered. They happily accepted the proffered goggles and aid of Cassyt as a guide.

Entering the relevant mausoleum they descended into the crypts below, ignoring the upper chambers in favour of checking the site the body was found (on the landing outside room 4). Investigating through the door Daniel decided to perform a cannonball into the bone pit, prompting Cassyt to shake her head and make a note in her small notebook. As the barbarian climbed out they heard a voice, possibly either a female or child, calling “help me, help!” from deeper in the chamber. Moving to investigate they found the next chamber to house a pile of gnawed body parts, unfortunately as they examined them a ghoul that was hiding under them attacked. Despite the initial surprise it didn’t fare well against the four heroes. When they investigated the next chamber they saw two more of the foul creatures and one leered at them as it mimicked “help me!” before breaking into an eerie laugh. Once the heroes had dealt with the pair of undead Cassyt said a quick prayer over their victims remains and the party moved on.

They came to a rickety looking staircase circling a large four-armed statue, and despite it creaking ominously it held as they descended. The statue held objects in three of its four hands so Daniel put his head in the empty one – but nothing happened. When told it was cold to the touch he licked it (during several seasons of 4e Encounters Daniel was nicknamed Captain Lickit).

With two exits the heroes first explored the open passageway finding another chamber with bodies interred in the walls and an obelisk covered in strange runes. As Sarah’s bard and Cassyt looked at the runes, Daniel and Matt thought they saw a couple of the bodies move out of the corner of their eyes but when they turned to watch more closely nothing happened. Cassyt realised that the obelisk was enchanted to protect the remains by making intruders believe things were moving. Once they were sure there was no threat they returned to the large statue and took the northern door.

This led into a room with a high ceiling with a grate to the open sky, but their attention was attracted to the door to the north and a trio of voices beyond. The door had been barred from the inside but the barbarians shouldered into it, forcing it open a crack. Daniel decided to scratch at it with his claws and creepily to squeeze his fingers into the gap to scare whoever was behind it. Unfortunately one of the occupants bashed the door shut, slamming it on Daniels hand. Smashing the door again opened it and the heroes discovered a trio of grave robbers who had apparently hidden here after being attacked by zombies. After confiscating their loot the trio followed the heroes directions to get back to the surface safely. Cassyt seemed to be pleased by the party’s actions and smiled as she wrote another note in her book.

Heading down the stairs the tunnel took on a different appearance with skeletal bodies poking out of the walls floor and ceiling as if the tunnel had been dug out of the middle of a mass grave site. The heroes were eager to get through the chamber but their way was blocked as some of the skeletons rose up from the floor and blocked their way. While the barbarians and monk engaged their foes another trio of skeletons dropped from the ceiling behind the bard and Cassyt! Thankfully the brutal mauls of the barbarians and flying fists of the monk soon smashed the skeletons.

Down another set of stairs  and they found a chamber with a partially obscured sign, which they cleared off to reveal “A question speak you, and answer will these departed”. They quickly realised that the spirits interred here would answer their questions, unfortunately Daniel wasted two of the allowed questions by asking (twice) what he had had for breakfast. The heroes then turned their attention to the ornate double doors. Opening them they saw a figure on a throne, holding a dagger in one hand and a set of scales in the other, with a crown floating above its head.

Daniel examined the scales, using some of his own coins to try moving the balance. When he heard a loud click after making it tip severely to one side he panicked a little but when nothing else happened he gave up and left the room – only for Rhys to rush in and rashly grab the dagger, scales (with Daniel’s coins) and the crown. This triggered an ancient magical trap and Rhys was struck by the lightning from a Glyph of Warding – but he proudly exited the room wearing his new crown – much to Cassyt’s disgust and annoyance.

The next chamber held several macabre scenes which Cassyt surmised had held perpetrators of crimes, posed suffering the same fate at the hands of their own victims.

Following the corridor south they chose not to explore the underground necropolis and headed down the westward side passage, coming to a chamber with a kobold dozing on a chair, well, dozing until Daniel shouted “Oi!” startling the little creature. It tried to flee and alert whoever was in the chamber beyond but was brought down with ranged attacks before it could get far enough – not that it needed to after Daniels shout though.

As they stepped over the small reptilian form a handful of zombies blocked their progress any further while they could see a knight, wizard and cultist beyond. Sarah targeted the wizard with Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, causing him to drop to the floor in fits. The knight wasn’t happy at that and shot his crossbow at Cassyt, killing her instantly.

The barbarians and monk steadily beat the zombies down and by the time the undead were dealt with the cultist had snapped the wizard out of it so that he could complete his ritual and teleport away. The cultist fared little better than the undead but the knight proved highly capable and proceeded to thrash the party. Matt’s monk had to resort to using his remaining Goodberry’s to revive the repeatedly dropped barbarians.

The heroes finally decided to flee, unfortunately Rhys wasnt quite fast enough and the knight took him down with a well placed crossbow shot (scored a crit and killed him outright). Sarah ran until she reached the surface and intended to request further aid from the clerics of Kelemvor, while Daniel and Matt planned to ambush the knight in the room with the macabre scenes. However after several minutes the knight hadn’t turned up so they returned to see where he was, but he’d gone (presumably down the rough passageway leading westward).

The heroes returned to the surface to regroup and informed Doomguide Glandon of Cassyt’s death and their findings, albeit saddened he paid them as agreed before leaving to discuss the troubling revelations with his fellow clergy, the Lord Regent and Lord Sage.

Well, another Expedition completed, mostly successfully. Ours was the first group to finish and once my players had departed I settled to watch some of the action at the other two tables, which seemed to be having a blast too.

Jon has already expressed an interest in DMing at our next Expedition in December, and if we get another one or two volunteers I might actually get to play – I calculated the xp I’d gained from DM rewards so far, 2900 xp and 95 downtime days, plus the DM reward item from the Hoard of the Dragon Queen pack to use too. So I have allocated them between a pair of characters – a 5e incarnation of my usual pc, Horgar the dwarven cleric of Moradin, and a 5e version of my playtest character, Vo Besh the tiefling warlock with an infernal pact of the blade.

D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 9-10

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DnD_HOD_300x300Down at Tabletop Tyrants this week we continued with chapter 3 of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

We picked up where we’d left the players, preparing to examine the chest in front of the five headed dragon fresco. Sarah’s rogue realised it had some form of trap which they believed was linked to the holes in the maws of the dragon heads. They decided to remove the fingers from the dead beserkers and stuff them into the holes.

At this point one of them noticed that most of the depictions of dragons on the walls were of black dragons (though the other chromatics were shown in lesser numbers and prominence).

As an added precaution Daniel tied a rope around the chest and while Lee “bravely” waited on the stairs, the rest of the heroes pulled the chest away from its resting place. It slid relatively easily but there was a loud snap as a trip wire attached underneath broke, followed by a grinding noise as stone slabs dropped in the entryways and sealed the room (Lee’s paladin effectively locked out). Then the sound of liquid rushing through tubes could be heard just before each of the black dragons mouths began spewing acid out and onto the floor. It splashed those too slow to react, but worse still, as it hit the floor it reacted with the stonework and gave off caustic fumes that burned the eyes and lungs.

A glut of failed saving throws saw half the party fall unconscious (and another of Patrick’s sprites die horribly) before the remaining conscious heroes (and Lee) broke through the stone (just as the trap ran its course and retracted the remains of the slabs).

After reviving their allies Sarah disabled a second trap on the chest and they were able to loot it before retreating back to the kobold barracks but as they got there they ran into a group of flying kobolds and a guard drake. After a brutal but brief fight the heroes were able to take a short rest in peace.

Once sufficiently ready they headed back through the upper chamber and into the area where they encountered the bats and stirges, and “surprise”, another quartet of stirges struck though they bounced off everyone except Patrick. Thankfully without bat-cover the bloodsuckers were quickly dealt with and the party explored the far end which appeared to descend in stages until it ended in a foul-smelling refuse area. The slight glint of metal enticed Daniel to investigate with Sarah providing cover and everyone else took another short rest. Daniel discovered a pouch with some semi-precious stones in but was ambushed by a group of troglodytes who had also decided to investigate the area from their tunnels. Despite being better armed and Sarah’s covering fire only 2 trogs fell before the rest dropped Daniel and fled back to their tunnels (with the pouch of stones) – I did ask if the rest of the party wanted to break their rest and assist but no-one chose to :-)

By the time they revived Daniel, Patrick had summoned another sprite and Daniel convinced him to send it down the tunnel to see where the trogs had taken his gems (a true dwarf). Unfortunately, even invisibility didn’t help the sprite as Patrick rolled typically abysmally on its stealth and it got ambushed by the trogs – the last mental image Patrick got was of the trogs pulling the tiny feys wings off.

The party investigated the next set of stairs finding them blocked by a leather strip curtain, still annoyed about the gems Daniel grabbed a handful and yanked it aside – getting the poisoned barbs jammed into his palm. Sarah used her rogue skills to remove them as painlessly as possible and the party carefully made their way into the chamber beyond. A quick search of the area turned up nothing other than the “meat” hanging there.

The heroes trudged back through the tunnels to the temple area and as they crossed it a pair of ambush drakes charged out of the western alcove, thankfully the heroes focused on taking them out one at a time so as to negate their pack tactics.

Sarah then stealthed into the chamber to the east before returning to report seeing a pair of large egg shapes. Lee and Jack decided to drag the dead drakes in (in case they needed to distract someone/something and were surprised when a quartet of kobolds lobbed ceramic pots at them. Thankfully they were able to dodge aside and the pots broke open on the dead drakes, spilling their sticky contents over them.

The party began trading missile fire with the kobolds, which resulted in another volley of ceramic pots, though these contained phosphor which ignited when they broke open and burned Lee, Jack and Jon.

As they dealt with the kobolds Jon heard a voice in his head “FEED ME”, as some long tentacles snaked out from what they had though was a stalactite. One latched onto a drakes corpse while another grabbed Jon and began pulling both toward a rather large fanged maw.

By the time the kobolds were dead Jon had made a deal to bring the creature sentient meat. They fetched the remains of Cyanwrath and the beserkers which it happily munched, its razor-sharp teeth crunching through bone and armour easily. With a fair few shudders the heroes left the chamber and headed back to the nursery entrance and the dark side passage they had previously left unexplored.

Taking the right hand fork they found a chamber that may have once housed the collected treasure, but now just had a sleeping cultist clutching an empty wine bottle. Sarah easily knocked him unconscious before tying him up.

Taking the left fork led to another barracks type chamber with several bunk beds and a narrow dark tunnel leading further on. Sarah sneaked down and found Frulam Mondath waiting for her with 5 spectral dragon heads circling her (each representing one of the chromatics), unfortunately this had an effect on the already injured rogue (failed WIS save) and she dropped unconscious. As no-one else had come forward Mondath performed a coup de gras and killed poor Sarah.

The rest of the party started to file down the tunnel but as they began to fail their saves they quickly retreated – this just allowed Mondath to heal the minor damage they had dealt to her. Eventually the heroes rushed back in (again failing most of their WIS saves) and despite most of them succumbing to Mondaths attacks and spirit guardians, they managed to get the map off the table to Patrick who fled (didn’t look back till he was well on the way to Greenest). Jack also decided to flee but only as far as the camp outside, hiding in an empty tent. Lee, Daniel and Jon were shortly dropped unconscious but Mondath was wary of any reinforcements Patrick and Jack could be bringing and so grabbed her stuff and got any remaining kobolds to grab the dragon eggs and got the hell out of there.

Jack was able to go back in and revive his companions, they recovered Sarah’s corpse and returned to Greenest (where Sarah received a Faction raise dead).

Wow, an action packed session with the party really taking a beating at the hands of the cleric of Tiamat. This brought us to the end of chapter 3 (and the official Encounters part of HotDQ) so next time we’re continuing with the rest of the adventure from the hardback book. Most of the players are eager to get some revenge on Mondath (especially Sarah and Lee) so that’s something to look forward to.Nursery

All Scars painting challenge – 39 days to go.

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As one of my favourite bands would sing “Oh, we’re half way there…”

This weekend saw me tip the scales in my balance on the All Scars painting challenge pledge, not only completing the first squad, but also the first of the HQ characters and the scenic bases.

The character was Lord Morrow, mounted on his custom attack trike and wielding the Hand of Darkness and Skull of Ker’ngar.

As a former sergeant of the Dark Angels Ravenwing, his left shoulder pauldron still sports the winged sword but it is now depicted in the colours of his new allegiance.

CAM01412 CAM01413 CAM01414

The bases followed a video tutorial one of my fellow All Scars put me on to. After gluing cork sheeting to the bases and roughly breaking the edges to suit. I base sprayed them with my standard Army Painter black. A quick touch up with Abaddon Black filled in the little bits the spray missed and the underneath overlaps


Next step was a drybrush of grey, I decided to use Blue Grey as some of my already painted models use this colour on the bases too.


On top of that was a lighter drybrush, this time of Elf Grey (yes some of my paints are that old).


Finally was some road marking details. I was using Bad Moon Yellow but it was a little watery so I mixed some up with a little ceramite white. I also used one of the now un-needed cavalry slotta bases to guide my straight lines.


One of the bases features part of a “stop” marking, while the wider one for the trike has the cross-hatching commonplace at junctions or parking areas. I have attempted to attach the models to the bases using pva (currently being left to dry), after an aborted attempt using my daughters mini glue gun (it was such a small amount that it was cooling too quickly to be useful).

CAM01419-1 CAM01420

Lord Morrow and his retinue of Nurgle bikers led by his “loyal” champion Jaxxon.

Clay Morrow – Chaos Lord (220pts)

Champion of Chaos, Fearless, Independent Character, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War. Bike (20pts), Bolt Pistol, Mark of Nurgle (15pts) (*), Power Armour, Sigil of corruption (25pts), The Hand of Darkness (35pts) (*), The Skull of Ker’ngar (40pts),Power Sword (15pts)

Chaos Bikers (185pts)

Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War. 4x Chaos Biker (84pts), Mark of Nurgle (30pts) (Daemon of Nurgle), 2x Meltagun (20pts). Jaxxon – Chaos Biker Champion (51pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Sword (15pts)

405 points down, 380 to go.

All Scars Ryder Cup Finale

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BLThis weekend saw the culmination of the Leicester All Scars Ryder Cup competition with the forces of the Imperium (and its lackeys) took on the dark forces of its enemies.

I was originally due to be playing the Black Templar’s of fellow All Scar David Clarke but due to unforseen circumstance he had to drop out. Ever willing to face a challenge our club leader (and my long time opponent) Gary offered to face a double team of myself and Dave Dolman’s Eldar. So with a quick conflab about rough tactics I put a list together to supply ranged support to the squishy pointy ears.

I must say seeing Gary’s 4000 point force arrayed before deployment was daunting, but seeing the majority of it up close following a deathwing deepstrike on turn 1 was even worse!

Thankfully for the early part of the game Gary’s focus was the Eldar, taking Eldrad out in the first round and Dave’s casualties began mounting from there on in.

Thankfully both my reserve flyers arrived on turn 2 and began to cause mayhem for the tactical units the Dark Angels had left to cover objectives in their deployment zone, but the daethwing and ravenwing accompanied by the pair of Knights steadily tore up our battle lines.

The only survivor of our combined force was my heldrake, circling the battlefield. But although we lost the game the other tables results carried the day for the forces of darkness and secured us the overall victory.

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All Scars painting challenge – 44 days to go.

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Well time is creeping forward and despite a weekend of no painting (was too busy watching a 25 hour live stream D&D game), I’ve managed to catch up a little on my pledge.

I went ahead and repainted my champions trophy helmet in green (to represent his Kill-Team victory over the Salamanders), and then progressed with th remaining 2 members of the first squad.

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Next up I need to rebuild one member of squad 2, then get squad 2, the lord, the sorceror and all the bases primed/base coated so that I can continue.

The first 5 bases have had the cork attached, the remaining 7 have been glued and as I type this are buried under a pile of heavy rule books to aid in them sticking.

Hopefully this weekends weather will be conducive to getting spraying done (I prefer to do it outside due to the fumes), and I also have the Leicester All Scars Ryder Cup singles match to play – facing the Black Templars of David Clarke in a massive 3000 pt clash. Should be interesting as we both have a history of atrocious dice luck!


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