More information on choosing adventures to play in the D&D Adventurers League

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A fellow blogger of D&D has written a great article on organised play available.

Originally posted on Merric's Musings:

We’re almost at September, which is when the first adventures of the D&D Expeditions become legal to play. I was hoping to run a special session of them on September 1st, but the store is going to be a bit busy that day. Instead, we’ll have a couple of tables available to run on Tuesday, September 2nd and again on Monday September 8th. (I’ve got more details on our local D&D page on Facebook).

All of the three adventures we can run are for levels 1-4 characters. All are set in Phlan, a small town on the northern coast of the Moonsea in the Forgotten Realms. Players are quite welcome to bring their D&D Encounters characters in to play in the adventures, as even playing all three of the adventures at present won’t get you past 4th level. Starting a new character is…

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Lets get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!!

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BLNext up for the All Scars is our Doubles Tournament and I shall be teaming up with fellow petrol-head Simon and his orks who are almost as bike mad as my SAMCRO warband.

We have often commented between ourselves as to whose bikes are better and who’d got the most, so Simon suggested we have a bikers rumble to decide which of our respective warlords would be the overlord for our team-up.

We both thought we could make around 1,200 points and so this afternoon the air was rent with the high-octane roar and chemically enhanced fumes of our engines kicking to life.

I decided to split my forces by 3, with my usual nurgle marked lord leading a unit of nurgle bikers, a tzeentch sorceror leading a tzeentch unit and for a first time trial a slaanesh sorceror leading a slaaneshi unit. Each of the bike units had champions with power mauls, 2 meltaguns, and 3 boltgunners.

We agreed to play one of the Maelstrom missions as practice for the Doubles, and rolled a 6 giving us “Deadlock”. We also agreed to only use 4 objectives and minimal scenery (Hidings for gits as the orks would say), if we drew any tactical cards for objectives that couldn’t be achieved (ie taking out vehicles/flyers etc, or for objectives 5 and 6) we could discard and redraw (This is one of the major factors amongst the All Scars players – a sensible approach to the game to make it fun for everyone). After traits and psychic powers were allocated Simon won the roll off for deployment and went first.


I failed to seize the initiative and Simon opened with his deffkoptas (basically ork jetbikes) turboing past me to claim an early objective card, Simon knew they would most likely get hammered but it felt orky.

In my first round I destroyed 3 out of the 4 koptas by psychic and shooting before finishing the fourth off in assault. Rather than be disheartened the orks appear to be  energised by the carnage and begin to close.


Remembering the old adage “‘Tis better to assault than be assaulted” my Tzeentch unit surged forward opening up with gun fire and psychic assault before weathering the orks overwatch and closing into combat. This is where the sorceror proved his worth (and would continue to do so throughout the game). The orks break but rolling on their special chart the nob finds his bravery by smacking his sole remaining squad member (It’s your fault we lost!) and killing him.


CAM01122 CAM01124

Simon’s remaining 2 units assault mine, with mixed results. His warboss and nob bikers obliterate the slaaneshi unit at the cost of the nobs (leaving him a unit of independent characters – not to be sneezed at). His other unit assault in to my nurgle unit where my warboss challenges the nob and takes a hammer of wrath hit for his trouble. However the Chaos Lord proves how brutal he can be by smashing the nob with his power maul into a pulp. Most of the squad fares as well and the orks break, only to be cut down as they flee.

The character squad charge into my warlords unit and the only overwatch shots that hit are my meltaguns.

CAM01128Unfortunately this is the end of the units luck and they too are added to the growing pile of casualties (though Simon’s own pile is growing too).

CAM01125 CAM01126

As we near the end of the game Simon splits one of his characters off to claim an objective while the other three head towards my remaining unit that has claimed objective 3 in the ork deployment zone – if it all ends we’ll both get linebreaker.

Then the dice gods turn their fickle attentions to Simon. He gets a card that scores him a point if he completes a charge of 11 inches or more and so his painboy, mek and warboss charge me – well try to. The painboy and mek make it unscathed but the warboss fails to make the distance and sits there to see my bikers tear his riders apart (thanks once again to the sorceror and his amped up abilities).

With a lack lustre shooting phase I decide to take the fight to the warboss and charge forward, my sorceror bellowing a challenge. Again he was bumped up with Iron Arm and his activated Force staff and his strength 9 Ap 2 attacks prove just that little too much for him. My unit consolidates back into the ork deployment zone just in case the game ends (this was turn 6) which proved lucky as our friend Patrick rolled for us and the game did indeed end.

Final score was 15-11 to my chaos forces but it was a great close game. It has given us both a good idea of the strengths and tactics that will prove useful in our team and more importantly – another tick in my win column!

D&D Enc Lost Mine of Phandelver session 3-4

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PhandelverWell my players and I have all been armed with shiny new PHB’s and I have also bought my copy of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen too, but we continue running our Lost Mine adventure here at Tabletop Tyrants for now (I want to complete chapter 2 and have slightly modified it to link to the HotDQ Encounters adventure.

This week Patrick brought his new character and so the roll call was:

  • Jon – elf mage (evoker)
  • Jack – elf fighter (archer)
  • Lee – elf rogue (thief)
  • Patrick – half-elf bard

On Sildar’s advice they head straight to the Inn and arrange modest rooms and over hear a few grumbles about a band of thugs in town, three of whom are in the inn. Subtle as a brick Lee approached them but they quickly left. They delivered the mining equipment to Barthen’s Provisions and gathered more gossip on the thugs (called the Redbrands). Recognising the symbol of the blue lions face outside another building they inform the owner of the Lionshield Coster that several crates of their goods can be found in the goblin lair and mark its location on a map for them.

It quickly becomes apparent that most people in town are too scared to stand up to the Redbrands, though they seem scared of the owner of the Mining Exchange. Everyone points that the majority of the thugs hang around the Sleeping Giant tap-room. Again subtlety is optional as Jack and Patrick sneak up under cover while Jon and Lee march boldly down the street. Rough words are exchanged briefly before blades are drawn. At the end of the fight 2 Redbrands are dead, one is asleep and captured and the gobby leader escaped, while the heroes are Jon and Jack on their feet with Lee and Patrick bleeding on the floor. Jon uses his healers kit to stabilise them before Jack drags them to the local shrine to see if they can be healed while Jon drags their prisoner to the town hall for incarceration.

Lee and Patrick are healed and Patrick makes a huge social blunder when he notices the healer has a harp brooch similar to his own, commenting on it. Meanwhile Jon finds that the townsmaster reluctantly locks the Redbrand in the small goal.

Returning to the inn they gather their meals before retiring to their rooms, Lee had a cryptic note pushed under his door inviting him to a midnight meeting behind the Mining Exchange. He asked his allies to follow after waiting 10 minutes. His meeting proved to be with the owner of the Exchange who turned out to be a ranking member of his own faction and gave him a mission to assassinate the Redbrands leader and bring her any of his correspondence. Lee was able to head back and meet his comrades before they caught up with him. As they regrouped they spot the Redbrand Jon captured being released into the night.

Returning to their rooms they made a plan to tackle the Redbrands. Next morning Lee secretly leaves town and takes up a position in the woods where he can watch the comings and goings from Tresendar Manor’s basement. The rest of the heroes make a big show of leaving town, fully aware of a pair of Redbrands watching them, eventually heading round to meet up with Lee. They continue to watch for a few hours, seeing a quartet of figures enter, one of which is obviously a goblin. Satisifed that there are no hidden sentries the heroes head in.

PhandalinThey cautiously enter the cellar and after a quick, quiet search uncover a secret door that wasnt marked on the map Lee’s contact had supplied them with. Jack investigated one of the normal doors finding a trio of sleeping Redbrands, and with Lee and Patrick’s help quickly and quietly despatched the thugs. Jon was still watching the corridor beyond the secret door but everyone else headed through the door which led under the stairs and into the corridor leading up to the doors with a grieving angel carved on them. Lee spotted a pit trap and he and Jack circumvented it and passed through the doors while Patrick waited to see what would happen.

The room beyond had a three sarcophagi and a trio of skeletal remains, the heroes passed through to one of the other exits keeping a wary eye on the bones. Unsurprisingly the skeletons rose up and attacked. Despite driving them back to the doorway the skeletons were dealt with reasonably easily but when Patrick saw his allies engaged he went back to call Jon for aid. As the bard and mage caught up with their friends, they had searched the sarcophagi and smashed the remains within (just in case they too were animated) and had found a platinum ring.

The party decided to investigate one of the doors as it had a little bit of light showing from the room beyond. Listening carefully Lee could hear a woman sobbing. upon opening the door they could see the room had a cell at each end and Patrick rushed forward to aid the distressed woman – and was attacked by the pair of Redbrands that where hiding beside the doorway, their combined strikes killing the eager bard before his body even hit the floor! (Oh oh. Two sessions running and I’d killed Patrick, could this be a recurring trend?) the remaining heroes dealt with the thugs handily though at the cost of Lee falling unconscious to a lucky blow. Going through their foes pockets they find a vial of shining platinum liquid which Jon identifies as a fabled Tear of Bahamut (using one of the special items from my DM’s pack) and he risks using it in an attempt to revive Patrick. Happily the magic restores the bard to life and the heroes settle into a short rest while they await Lee to regain consciousness (We’d rolled a 1 for how long he would be out for after being stabilised).

Time had caught up with us and so we left it there, with the heroes facing a choice – do they lead the woman and her daughters to safety or leave them to their own fate while continuing to explore the Rebrands hideout. I think we’ll be able to complete this chapter in our next session and maybe begin HotDQ too, but that wont be for another fortnight, aargh! The tension is unbearable!

Jon’s own write up from his pc’s perspective is up on his blog.

All Scars Tounament 2014 – rnd 5 v Tyranids

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BLThis weekend saw the fifth and final round of the All Scars 2014 40K tournament, and I was facing the tyranid menace of Christian. Now I hadn’t faced tyranids since the days of 2nd edition and the old Dark Millenium set of psychic powers. I remembered that they were brutal in assault but no slouches with some heavy firepower too.

I decided to keep a very similar list to my round 4 game, swapping out the warpsmith for a terminator sorceror to lead the force and all the heavy weapons for autocannons.

Mine and my opponents lists are on the All Scars tournament page so I won’t repeat them here.

CAM01096 CAM01097 CAM01098CAM01100 CAM01099 CAM01101

Well I won the roll for deployment and chose to go first, setting the majority of my forces up behind my aegis line on my right hand corner and the cultists in cover close to the left hand objective. The objective in front of the havocs and sorceror came up as #4 granting them rerolls on shoot rolls of 1, while the objective near the cultists was a #1 and they backed away once it began ticking!

I also chose to go first and Christian failed to seize the initiative. My opening volleys reduced his warlord tyrant to a single wound along with wounding a few more of his larger beasts, thankfully they both decided to fly off rather than risk a follow-up from my heldrake which turned up on cue in round 2.

For the first few rounds it looked like it was going my way with a venomthrope buying the farm and the termagent spewer reaching its limit on first spawn. Even my cultists managed to wound it as it began its ponderous approach. However then the dice gods turned their backs on me, my heldrake had a perfectly lined shot at a trio of warriors but as ou can see in the photo’s failed to wound a single one.

One of my defilers about-faced to assault a grounded tyrant once it had returned only to be wrecked by its overwatch (I had forgotten to give the deffies a dirge caster each, doh!). A tyranid psychic power reduced the havocs to drooling morons allowing the bio beasts to basically ignore their wildly inaccurate shooting and get way too close for comfort.

It wasnt all doom and gloom as I managed to blow a carnifex and the ‘gant spawner away but at the end of round 5 Christian had slaughtered everything but my heldrake who was circling the battlefield, but with no ground troops remaining it decided to fly off into the sunset.

It had been a fun and interesting battle with both of us having some terrible and by turn truly inspired rolls, Christian is a great opponent and always happy to explain what his gribbly monsters can do (by the way, it usually ends up as munching on your biomass).

Our fearless leader Gary had his laptop to hand to tally the results as they emerged and we all gathered for the presentations. I finished a respectable (for me) 16/20 which, with my first win under my belt, I was happy with. The fair-play award was a tie between Ash and Lee, both great guys and richly deserved. The overall tournament winner was Paul (my first round opponent) a true master of the gun line tactic with a well thought out and executed army (which I don’t think was changed at all during the tournament – though I may be mistaken).

Another of our players has been clearing is extensive hoard of plastic toys, and I happily took a part built extended Storm Raven off his hands (complete with all the extras to complete it) which I intend to finish as a Chaos Storm Eagle (hopefully will show this in a (much) later post.

So,  next up for me on the All Scars front will be the doubles tournament, in which I’m teaming up with Simon and his Orks in a mad bikers force at the beginning of September. We’ll see how it goes.

D&D Enc Lost Mine of Phandelver session 1-2

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PhandelverIn the run up to starting the Hoard of the Dragon Queen down at Tabletop Tyrants, and following the success of the taster session, our group decided they wanted to play through some of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure.

As the players that have joined following the taster also have other gaming commitments I decided to run their table on a fortnightly basis but as a double session each week (a brave task as I have also just started a new full-time job so shall be working all day then heading directly to D&D for a further 4 hours!).

So our opening session this week I had four players:

  • Jon – elf mage (evoker)
  • Jack – elf fighter (archer)
  • Lee – elf rogue (thief)
  • Patrick – human fighter (great weapon)

Even though Jon and Lee had played the opening chapter at the taster both were able to not meta-game and we played through the whole first chapter. Jon has blogged the session from his character’s point of view, so I wont repeat it all here.

Highlights of the evening for me included all but the mage falling down the scree slope into the stream; Patrick getting cut down by a volley of goblin arrows only to roll a natural 20 and get back up, use his second wind to fully heal (rolled a 10) and then butcher one of the shocked goblins; the bugbear Klarg blasting Patrick into oblivion, then knocking Jon and Jack and Sildar out of action before going toe-to-toe with Lee’s thief and it coming down to who could deal the last blow (it was Lee luckily); Jack’s make or break death save (having already failed and passed two of each it was a deciding roll).

It was a brilliant session and although Jack and Lee were thinking of changing race/class combo’s once the Players Handbook gets released (just before our next session) they have now gained a deep liking for their little elflings.

I did feel kind of rotten killing Patrick on week one but he agreed in hindsight charging in to tackle the wolf when they had been pre-warned about the bugbear and only being on four hit points maybe wasnt the greatest plan. Well you live and learn, well, learn at any rate (ha ha).

Looking forward to the next session, I’ve now ran the opening chapter three times and want the characters to develop as they uncover the ins and outs of the new edition and the village of Phandalin.

A funny thing happened on the road to Phandalin

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PhandelverNOTE: If you intend to play through the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure from the Starter Set then this post will contain spoilers, so if you wish to keep the surprise then don’t read further.

Yesterday I should have seen me learning a new miniatures battle system based upon historical battles of WWII, but unfortunately that event had been postponed, so with the release of the new edition D&D Starter Set I decided to run a taster session for a few of my fellow Leicester All Scar members that had shown an interest.

Gary had played many 2e campaigns in the past with me and was looking forward to trying the new edition, however the fickle gods of rail travel conspired to delay his return from his holiday and he was unable to join us – this time.

Jon and Lee had both had previous experience playing in 3/3.5 games and several Warhammer Quest campaigns and both were willing to give it a go.

Patrick and Pete were veterans of 1e and remembered fondly campaigns set in Greyhawk, both found themselves in the store and at a loose end so joined in.

Our fifth player was a total surprise, a young man named Matthew who had come down to the store to play a game of 40K but his opponent was running very, very late so he decided to join in. When his opponent did turn up he told him he’d have to wait as he was enjoying the game and wanted to finish it first.

I had copied the pregenerated characters from the set and the players selected which ones they wanted so our heroic party consisted of :-

  • Jon – Elf Wizard
  • Lee – Human Archer
  • Matthew – Dwarf Cleric
  • Pete – Human Warrior
  • Patrick – Halfling Rogue

We used the generic plot hook in the adventure and found our heroes on the road to Phandalin. They discovered a pair of dead horses where the path cut through a wooded area, both having several black fletched arrows sticking out of them. Matthew’s cleric recognised the equipment on one of the horses as that belonging to their employer (a fellow dwarf) that had hired them to bring his cart of mining equipment to him in Phandalin. As Lee found tracks leading off into the shrubs they noticed movement which turned out to be a goblin ambush!

Now Jon had the idea of firing his burning hands spell above the bushes in a kind of warning shot, the goblins however just thought his aim was bad and shot back with their bows, dropping the wizard into unconsciousness straight away as another pair of the little brutes emerged from the other side of the path to bother Matthew and Pete.

Once discovered the heroes quickly despatched three of the goblins and intimidated the fourth into surrendering. While they questioned him, Matthew used his clerical magic to revive Jon. The goblins had ambushed the dwarf and his bodyguard, the others had taken their prisoners back to their lair. Once they were happy that they had all they needed from the goblin they slit its throat.

moving the dead horses and goblins away so as not to attract predators they then secured their cart and set off following the trail Lee had spotted. The archer and rogue scouted ahead, easily avoiding and disabling a snare trap the goblins had left, the halfling wasnt quite so lucky with the goblins next surprise – and he fell into a concealed pit injuring a little more than his pride but being able to scramble out easily.

The trail led to a cave with a stream coming out of it. In a thicket beside the entrance Lee and Patrick spotted another pair of goblins but were able to surprise them, quickly and quietly disposing of them before waiting for their allies to catch up.

Entering the cave they followed the path beside the stream and found a set of rough stone steps leading off to their right, the smell of wet dog and low growls coming from the dark room beyond. The room contained a trio of mangy wolves chained to a stalagmite. Using animal handling and hacked off pieces of goblin meat they were able to pacify the wolves before continuing up the main tunnel.

As the tunnel began to bend they spotted a rubble strewn opening on the opposite side and tossed the halfling over, from their he noticed that a rope bridge crossed the tunnel beyond the bend and connected a tunnel that crossed higher up. The opening led upward and they reasoned (or hoped) it led to the other tunnel and so Lee’s archer also leapt over. Climbing up wards they reached the tunnel, discovering that it not only led to the bridge but the other direction led to a chamber that had several goblin voices within. Ignoring them for now they stealthily made their way towards the bridge, meanwhile Jon snuck up and tried to disable the goblin sentry on the bridge with a ray of frost (but only managed to make the rope bridge more slippery) as the archer and halfling fired their bows at him too – only one hit and the wounded goblin shouted up the main tunnel “Flood” (in goblin which Jon was able to translate).

Lee and Patrick rushed onto the bridge as banging noises could be heard in the distance, Lee grappled the goblin and threw his scrawny body over the edge, hitting the path beside Jon with a neck-snapping crunch. Ropes were secured and dropped for the dwarf, warrior and mage to scramble up – just in time as a torrent of water surged down the tunnel and would have swept them away.

This is where things got really interesting, as the heroes decided to split up – Lee and Patrick continued over the bridge while Jon, Matthew and Pete headed to the chamber with goblin voices.

The trio found half a dozen goblins, one slapping a human captive repeatedly, in the chamber beyond, lit dimly by cooking fire. The heroes charged in, concentrating on taking the goblin nearest the prisoner out first and were rewarded as their first volley sent him tumbling lifeless over the lip of the chamber into a lower level. The remaining goblins put up a bit more fight but were still overpowered and the heroes freed the captive who they recognised as Sildar Hallwinter, their employers bodyguard. He confirmed what they had learned from the goblin but added that Gundren Rockseeker had been taken to Cragmaw Castle and the goblin leader.

Meanwhile Lee and Patrick had sneaked up to find where the flood had come from but couldn’t see much in the dark, so they used a flask of oil as a molotov, hitting a goblin squarely and setting the wretched little beast alight. His two companions rushed to attack them with rusty blades. Unfortunately this was where the fickle dice gods turned against the heroes and favoured my rolls and both the archer and rogue were dropped unconscious, the goblins were extremely angered by the immolation of their friend (I think he owed them money) and proceeded to stab the heroes until they stopped twitching entirely.

Shortly the remaining heroes and Sildar came in search of their allies, seeing their corpses drove them to charge the goblins but before my dice luck ran out one of the goblins scored a critical on Matthew’s dwarf (who had been uninjured so far), taking the party’s healer out in a single blow. Pete and Jon (with Sildar’s assistance) were able to take the remaining goblins out and then investigated the final dark chamber.

It appeared to be deserted, with several crates and sacks piled against a wall, each stamped with a blue lions head though the heroes didn’t recognise its significance. Hidden beneath these was a chest, as they dragged it out to examine it a hulking figure detached from the shadows and only their trained reflexes as adventurers alerted them just in time. Still the hairy bugbear attacked with a strength and savagery that almost defeated them – almost.

Licking their wounds they recovered their cart and loaded the bodies of their fallen comrades on it before continuing onwards to Phandalin.

Well, a brutal session once the party split their forces (a DM’s favourite) but thankfully everyone took it in good fun and from what was said they had enjoyed it, Jon and Lee even expressed an interest in joining in with some of the Wednesday night Encounters sessions when they begin again in a couple of weeks. I think I’d call that a successful session.

Even using the basic rule set this had been great fun to run and I really can’t wait for the full books to hit the stores (and my bank balance).

D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Session 11 – Finale

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news_20140310_1This week was our season finale of the current Encounters adventure and down at Tabletop Tyrants we had five players on my table. This season has seen quite a drop in numbers as its gone on, I can’t says it’s totally down to the brutal style of the adventure as we’ve had a couple of players start new jobs, others (including myself) miss a couple of sessions due to illness, a wedding/honeymoon (congratulations again Richard and Hannah) and various other real life interferences too.

Any way, we started the session with the heroes coercing their captured red wizard (Hannah’s half-orc threatened to snap him in two) into performing the ritual to restore Sunyi’s soul to his undead form, after which they returned to the gatehouse to be given the talk by Syranna about the Phylactery Vault. They passed around a few of the weapons and items they had acquired so that everyone had something they could use and used the black gates to head in. I had one of them roll a d4 to see which floor they would come out on, and it came up a 1.

After describing the area and its unusual gravity planes (again using a d4 as an example) Vipin’s barbarian tried drinking some of the disgusting fluid, to no ill effect. They began examining one of the sepulchers before handing Hannah the crowbar and getting her to obliterate the door, which freed the pair of Gargoyles to attack them. As they had distributed the few magic weapons they quickly dispatched the monsters and Sunyi’s cleric entered, quickly working out how to stop the effect within and easily passing the first two Religion checks. He failed the third one by a single point before stoically heading back in and trying again, this time with great success.

This then triggered the arrival of an Aspect of the demi-lich whose first action was to target the cleric that had disrupted his sepulcher. Sunyi had to leave at this point so we called it that he automatically failed the save and his body fell lifeless as his soul was sucked into one of the gems. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of save or die in any edition of the game so we played it that if a pc targeted the skulls gem specifically they could attack with disadvantage, a hit would dislodge the gem and allow them to smash it, freeing the soul. However if this isn’t done before the skulls next turn the body disintegrates – which was what happened to Sunyi.

The only pc that seemed to have a major effect on the skull was Hannah, her half-orc brute was handing out crits almost every other roll (a benefit of taking the feat to allow crits on 18-20), so when other pc’s were soul-sucked the rest concentrated on gem grabbing – this happened twice more (Adam and Richard)  before the skull finally smashed under Hannah’s blows.

Catching their breath they moved on to the second sepulcher, again beating the gargoyles with ease then it was time for Adam (being the only one left with any training in either Arcana or Religion) to perform the trio of tests. Again not a major difficulty, but as the third roll succeeded they all looked to the pool expectantly – but nothing happened.

They quickly destroyed the third sepulcher with ease (Syranna had told them they only needed to destroy three – being just one group) and as the pool drained away they gathered the remaining gems from the destroyed Aspect (including the one with Sunyi’s soul in) and returned to the gatehouse. Syranna praised them and kept her word teleporting the heroes and the NPC’s back to the Floshin Estate where Isteval and Darfin were waiting.

So ended another season of Encounters. We’re taking a few weeks off till the new season (Hordes of the Dragon Queen) starts in August when we will begin using the released version of the new edition. We’ve really enjoyed the playtest and I for one think the results have given us the best version of my favourite RPG yet.

A big thank you to my fellow DM, Vipin, and to all the players that have taken part this season, Adam, Richard, Hannah, Heather, Oliver, Patrick, Tilly, Sunyi and Tanis, and hope we’ll see the majority of you return for the next season – it promises to be better than ever!

A massive thank you also to our FLGS, Tabletop Tyrants, for continuing to host us, you guys are awesome and I for one look forward to buying the new products as they become available in store.

Lastly, thank you to you who are reading this. From some of the comments left I’m happy to know that my ramblings prove entertaining to you all.


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