Neverwinter Games Day – Saturday 6th August

Neverwinter Games Day

Having attended 3 previous game days at Spirit Games (Burton) I was looking forward to yesterday.

I’m happy to say I was not disappointed. I had taken 5 friends with me and when we arrived at the store they were amazed at the range of things available (none of them had been before, kids in candy stores doesnt even come close!).

We found the DM sat in the back prepping and he said that there would most likely be two tables as a number of local gamers had also put their names down and a second DM had been organised. However as with best laid plans, no-one else appeared to play and so the DM (Chris) got us started on character creation. (As all of us come from Leicester where there is no Encounters running this was a little moot as the pc’s would most likely never be used again) with the use of the only copy of HoFL (mine) and the DM’s laptop set up with Character Builder, the 30 minute period took 2 hours for the six of us to get ready. (Would definately suggest sticking with the pregens for such games in future!)

The supposed 15 minute slot for the 4 day voyage was destroyed as half the team decided to interact with the crew making nearly 45 mins (sorry Chris, but it IS a roleplaying game, and we will remember (sea)biscuit for a long time to come).

The “ambush” on deck was short but sweet, with Henry’s Knight and my Storm Priest bashing the undead over the rails and back to the depths. During the fight we realised that Tilly’s Slayer had forgot to equip its armour (Doh!) so after the fight he “retrieved” it from his locker below decks.

The brief invetigation on the dock went well (though I did get slap from my friend for saying there was a tall black robed, heavy breathing figure at the foot of the gangplank saying “Welcome to the Dock side” (in my best Vader voice ).

Once we reached the graveyard the fight was very brief as we surprised the Thayan mage and unloaded daily’s on him. Reducing him to a pile of mush before he even got a blast off!

The skill challenge to reopen the gates in the face of the waves of undead went well and we all escaped without casualties.

As the DM closed the book (with a heavy sigh of relief) we all thanked him for his patience and time. Then it was shopping time (yay), most of us left with loaded bags (being a fan of all things Realm I just had to get the Neverwinter book), thanked Phil and Sally for a great afternoon and set off back for the mini-bus.

It was a great afternoon and also good to see Oridyne (Paul) in the store (hope we didnt traumatise you too much mate).

Then general consensus from my passengers on the way home was that they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would look forward to another one.


4 Responses to “Neverwinter Games Day – Saturday 6th August”

  1. I really enjoyed myself at the event yesterday, Yes the adventures of Biscuit and his shoes will live on long in my memory.

    In regards to pre-gens over self construct characters I would have to vote in the favour of pre gens particularly where time is an issue in these release days. I would also like to say well done DM for not killing any of us in game and in real life.

  2. i must agree on pre-gens my self especially since, i, a fighter! forgot my armour!, typical.

    it was a great day, and quite entertaining to see a bunch of grown (ish) men turn into 5 year olds in hamleys, (awesome store by the way) though i can never forget molan’s (mulan’s) solo stand against undead hordes, at impossible odd’s (mainly since we all abandoned him to bang on the gate screaming ‘let us out!’) though im still angry at mister ‘harry potter wanna-be’ for teleporting out on us 😛

    anyway, a big thank you to everyone and especially our dearest DM, since even im not sure how he didn’t kill us all…

  3. […] Games Day event, The Gates of Neverdeath, which the majority of our regular group attended ( and which worked as an introduction to the sixth season of their Encounters program (weekly […]

  4. […] Games Day event, The Gates of Neverdeath, which the majority of our regular group attended ( and which worked as an introduction to the sixth season of their Encounters program (weekly […]

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