Celebrity D&D games

It was with great expectation and none too little excitement that I sat eagerly with my laptop poised on Saturday evening,  waiting for the live stream of the celebrity D&D game from PAX 2011.

After watching last years game and putting it to dvd and watching it numerous more times with my daughters, I was intrigued as to what shenanigans Acquisitions Inc would get up to this time and what cunning scenario DM Extraodinaire Chris Perkins had thought up for them.

As I sat waiting I chatted on the posts with other people worldwide that were “locked and loaded”, it was amazingly good fun to have a conversation with other gamers from places as diverse as Trondheim (Norway I think), Australia, London, Wales, and of course the USA; but more amazing was that no-one was being annoying or abusive to anyone else. (Usually any posts on places such as Facebook devolve into an Edition war within moments but happily this did not occur).

Then the screen came on and a musical duo (Sadly I forget their names but they were really funny) sang the introduction to the game and the entrance of the players. Jerry Halkins, Scott Kurtz and Mike Krahulik (sorry if I spelt any of them wrong) and Will Wheaton (yes life after Wesley Crusher lol) took to the stage as no fewer than 6 guys carried the custom built gaming table into place.

The broadcast was set for 2 hours but it felt like at least 3 while watching it. I wont spoil what went on as I’m sure WoTC will be releasing it on youtube again (check the DnDwizard uploads). Some people were having a little complain on the chat towards the end that in the whole thing there had only been 1 combat, however I believe most of us watched purely for the entertainment of seeing “Professional” gamers perform on stage, and the continuing accompanyment of the musical duo throughout heightened the fun in my eyes (and ears).

Having watched a number of these celebrity games on-line (all DM’d by Mr  Perkins) I find them a great source of ideas, not only as a DM but also as a player for ways to bring my characters to life rather than be a simple set of stats and dice rolls.

If you get the chance and find yourself with the time, why not give them a look-see for yourself.

One Response to “Celebrity D&D games”

  1. Will Wheaton played a Romulan in the new Star Trek film sadly he is not credited for his one line.

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