My Christmas treat to myself

The festive season usually finds my gaming put on hold due to everyone’s different commitments, this year was no different but I was lucky enough to get my gaming fix in another form.

It started well with Christmas Day itself, after visiting the in-laws for Christmas dinner. When my wife and youngest daughter returned home for a rest, I stayed behind with Tilly (the older daughter) to play board games with my wifes two brothers. We began with a game of The Hobbit, a fun game where you have to acquire gems and overcome obstacles in order to defeat Smaug before he reaches Laketown. On our first run through I managed a respectable second place, but then we ran through it again and as we were all more familiar with the mechanics of the game it became a little more tactical and a lot more cut-throat. The end result was that I managed to amass a significantly larger number of gems than the others and so claimed the victory.

Then we tried a quick game of the Castle Ravenloft board game from WotC. As we hadn’t actually read the rules thoroughly (and were under the influence of more than a little festive cheer) we didn’t get the full benefit of the game – but still managed to enjoy it non-the-less.

My next gaming fix came on Thursday when I made the long-awaited trip over to Burton for Raiders of the Game Cupboard XVII and a shopping spree at Spirit Games.  Although there was no D&D actually planned for the day, both Tilly and myself took our dice – just in case.

We had arranged to take part in a board game called Tomb with a couple of gamers that I had run through previous event day games with before.

After a quick run through of the rules and setup the game commenced around midday. The game itself was fun, with plenty of opportunities to screw the other players over in your own quest to become master of the tomb and the victor.

After over 5 hours of playing it was clear that Jim had gained an unassailable lead and the 3 remaining crypts were of such a stage that the game would be locked in stalemate for the foreseeable, and so we all agreed to call it there and congratulated Jim on his victory.

Then it was a quick run across the road to Spirit Games through the rain. Oddly this was the first time I had been in the store and come away empty-handed, but there was nothing on my shopping list in stock and I didn’t see the point in buying other items just for the sake of it. Tilly purchased some magic-trick playing cards and we returned to our transport for the long ride home.

I am hoping to attend the upcoming Lair Assault 2 event in the near future along with the third DnD UK Tweetup at the beginning of February (I will try to get a write-up and photos for both), in the meantime I’m looking forward to getting my regular games back on track shortly too.


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