D&D Lair Assault 2: The Talon of Umberlee

Saturday morning found me on my way to Nottingham (not my favourite place to drive around) to visit a shop called Mondo Comico to take part in the second D&D Lair Assault adventure – The Talon of Umberlee.

After parking at the Racecourse Park & Ride and using the citylink bus, I entered the shop to find a handful of people there already awaiting the DM’s arrival. From the ongoing conversations I surmised that most of them knew each other already, but they were friendly and soon I was laughing and joking as if we had been friends for years.

The conversation soon came around to the task at hand and what characters each of us had prepared. I had leveled up my Goliath Warpriest of Death, and he was to accompany a human Wizard, a human Warlock, a goliath Barbarian, an elf Ranger, a dwarf paladin, and a dwarf cleric.

Paul (the DM) arrived and after a quick round of introductions we got  too it. The party had been tasked by the Lord of Neverwinter to retrieve an item (the Talon of Umberlee)which had been stolen by pirates and taken to their hideout, Murdershoal. We had been given a ship but would have to approach by rowboat to avoid detection. Spies had discovered that the Talon was hidden in one of four chests in the pirate base, which consisted of 6 ship hulls bolted together to create a stable outpost.

We decided on a two-pronged assault, but stealth deserted us as the alarm was raised and the pirates rose to defend against us. The Paladin and Wizard accompanied my Warpriest and we were “fortunate” to encounter Captain Bloodbath herself. Luckily I was able to raise one of the fallen pirates as a zombie ally and used it aid in the attack against Bloodbath and her brood. The other group recovered one chest while we grabbed two, however as I dragged mine towards the waiting rowboat I dropped it overboard and it sank into the murky depths. Unfortunately we had left it too late and before we  could row to safety the Pirates reinforcements arrived, captured and killed us.

The remainder of the party returned to the ship and opened the chest, highly relieved to see it did contain the Talon of Umberlee. But their joy was short-lived as a mighty Sahaugin Baron, his bodyguards and four inky black tentacles appeared from the brine and attacked.

The party soon fell to their foes, even the ranger perched in the crow’s nest was brought down by the lashing tentacles.

So we had failed the Lair Assault, but we all agreed it had been a fun scenario. As time was still on our side we decided to have a quick break for lunch and then to try once again, and some chose to change their characters.

On the second run we breezed the Pirate Base, the ranger taking out two sleeping pirates with his first attack and the shadar-kai assassin snuck in, unlocked a chest and found the Talon straight away. As we had planned, we abandoned the fight and fled to the rowboats, though Captain Bloodbath leapt aboard one of them (she changed her mind when we began to leave Murdershoal behind and wisely chose to swim back to her brethren).

This time when the Sahaugin attacked we made a better show of it, but the final result was not much better, only two pc’s survived and the Baron escaped with the Talon!

As we packed away we agreed that if time had permitted a third attempt we would have concentrated all our energies on pounding the Baron and ignored his bodyguards and the tentacles. Then after a thankyou to the DM and to the store for hosting us we departed.


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