UK D&D Tweetup 3 at Mondo Comico

No one likes to die, dragons least of all, but how far would you go to survive? Would you hide in a remote dungeon and cast a ritual that was forbidden by the Gods when the world was young? Would you tear open the walls between planes, letting all magic pour out through the tear, draining the world of life just so that you can siphon off enough energy to stave… off death? And would you destroy every party of adventurers sent to stop you? Would you bring about the end of the world as long as you get to live?
Of course you would!
And so would the great dragon Malgor. An adventurer’s sword tore open his great heart but he slew his foe and now is killing the world in order that he may live even with his heart split in two. Can your party succeed where other heroes have failed and put a final end to Malgor the World Devourer?

Well that was the brief we were given before hand, with the instruction to create a 3rd level pc to investigate these strange goings on.

Having created several pc’s to choose from for both myself and my daughter (Tilly) I decided at the last-minute to throw sanity to wind and create a pixie from my newly acquired Heroes of the Feywild book. At first glance this wasn’t a particularly clever idea, knowing that at some point we would be facing not only dragon but thanks to symat’s teasers, a three-headed cyclops!

The journey to Nottingham was thankfully uneventful and as we pulled into the Park & Ride we only had 2 minutes to wait for the bus into the centre. A quick trip to the local Sainsbury’s for supplies and we were set.

Arriving at Mondo Comico we were warmly greeted by Dave the store owner who I had had the pleasure to game with on my initial visit for the Lair Assault game last month. I collected my ordered copy of Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdom and we descended into the basement gaming area which was already filling up nicely.

There were some brief introductions with faces old and new before splitting into our respective groups for the three available games.

Our party consisted of a Dragonborn Stormpriest, a Satyr Assassin, an Eladrin Ranger, a Gnomish Swordmage, a Dragonborn Cavalier, an Elf Rogue and my Pixie Scout.

I must say that our DM SyMatt was awesome, setting the scene and bringing our eclectic group of adventurers together. Pretty soon we were heading into the shadowy ravine in search of the magic thief.

Suddenly we were attacked by wall-crawling goblin-driders. My pixie fluttered its tiny wings and started stabbing anything with more limbs than he had, and I’m glad to say with much surprising success! Soon ichor dripped of my thirsty blades as eight-legged freaks fell to the stony floor around my erstwhile companions. Tilly’s Rogue impressively backflipped up to engage one of them on the opposite wall, but after such a dazzling display or acrobatic skill failed to land a blow before I fluttered over and dislodged the foul creature, dropping it between the swordmage and cavalier who had both been webbed by previously grounded foes. To make up for her missed attack, Tilly then decided to gracefully launch herself from the wall to land boots first onto the unsuspecting arachnoid with a satisfying squelch!

After despatching the goblin-driders and their more normal looking allies that were hiding in the many crevices the party continued down the ravine.

Suddenly the air was rent by a huge boulder hurtling towards us, swiftly followed by several more. Some of the party were hit by the boulders and knocked to the ground thankfully uninjured. My pixie stared wide-eyed as one huge (compared to him) one rushed toward him upon the canyon wall. It smashed to pieces in a cloud of dust and debris, but as it cleared there stood Buckawn unharmed and angrier than ever!

We soon discovered the boulder hurler was a three-headed cyclops guarding a huge door at the end of the ravine, leading into the mountainside. The more eagle-eyed amongst us noticed a trio of strange looking keys on its belt as we closed to attack.

The battle was fierce as the beast swung its huge axe at us but thankfully by working together we were able to overcome it. Most memorable was the assassins misplaced attack that managed to sever the cords holding the monsters loincloth on and causing a truly horrid sight and stench!

As the party investigated the body and its keys we realised that I was small enough to fit inside the massive trio of keyholes in the door and so I snuck through to take a peek at what lay beyond – what I saw made me wish I hadn’t. But my Queen had sent me for a reason and I was not going to fail her at the last hurdle. Returning to the keyholes I was able to identify which key fit which and so as the party opened the doors I squeaked up “Erm, guys, there’s something big and scaly in there and something sparking!” as our enemy was revealed!

SyMatt’s stunning 3d scenery (complete with flashing lightning cloud) was fantastically impressive and really showcased the epic showdown with the huge dragon before us.

Just before the fight I had only just commented that I hadn’t taken any damage at all – then the DM made it his personal mission to correct that as the dragon grabbed my tiny frame in its massive claw.

The fight was intense and bloody as both myself and Tilly’s rogue dropped close to death before the swordmage redirected the flow of magic from the lightning cloud that was empowering the dragon to a nearby brazier and the huge beast fell to combined efforts.

The beast lay dead and the threat to the magic of the surrounding kingdoms was over……………for now.

We all heaved a collective sigh of relief tinged with sadness, we had finished the game as heroes but finished it none-the-less. After thanking SyMatt for an excellent game and a little more retail therapy upstairs we departed the store to find the weather taking a turn for the worse and snow falling around us. Again we didn’t have to wait too long for the excellent service of the Park & Ride bus to take us back to our vehicle and then the steady but careful drive home, with many fun remarks about the preceding hours gaming keeping our spirits warm even if the weather was doing its best to freeze them.

If you ever get the chance to participate in another of these events (and I truly wish there will be many more) I can heartily recommend it, I know I plan on being there.


4 Responses to “UK D&D Tweetup 3 at Mondo Comico”

  1. David J. Smith Says:

    Good to hear more of a shape for what went on downstairs. Sounded lots of fun.

  2. Cool write-up – sounds like the game was a lot of fun!

  3. Thanks guys, it was a fantastic game, really well run by Symatt and the other players were just awesome. Considering most of us didn’t know each other we just gelled really quickly and it worked a treat. Several comic moments ensued and much fun was had by all.

  4. One of my regrets from Saturday, was not getting to have a decent chat with you. At least I’ll hopefully see you at Lair Assault!

    Glad you had fun. Symatt put far more effort into his adventure than I did and I think it showed.

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