Buckawn the Pixie

Born the son of the mismatched union of his Feegle father and pixie mother, Buckawn was used to being shunned by the other pixies. It wasn’t his fault that he was naturally more aggressive than them, just a trait passed on by his absent father.

He took to wandering the edges of the Fey grove they lived in, and honed his skills hunting the many small mammals that shared their region and those that wandered in from the human world beyond. In order to harness his gifts he was trained to be one of the grove’s scouts and soon excelled in his given task, rising to chief scout in only two short years.

When Malgor the Devourer threatened to suck all the magic from all the realms, the Queen of the Fey Court sent Buckawn to investigate on her behalf. On his journey into the human realm he encountered fellow heroes and realised that there was more to his life than simply patrolling their small grove for little or no thanks from those that barely tolerated his presence.

And so after successfully defeating the mighty dragon with the assembled adventures Buckawn decided to remain in the human realm and seek a life of adventure where his quick wit, and quicker blades could be tested in new and different ways.

(stats used for Buckawn at the UK tweetup)

(Many thanks to Symatt for the awesome artistic rendition of Buckawn)


One Response to “Buckawn the Pixie”

  1. oh i like this. i want to read more about this handsome dude

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