A Modern Fable

Freddy Frog, like his father before him, was butler and general dogsbody to the local nobleman, Baron Brock Badger (the third).

The baron was a mean old man, prone to explode in a fit of rage at the slightest provocation. Unfortunately Freddy was accident prone and very nervous, and so regularly received a beating from his master.

One Saturday morning Freddy was unpacking the shopping that had been delivered from the village, only to realise that he’d forgotten to order the liver for Brock’s tea. As usual Brock took this opportunity to give Freddy another beating before ordering him to walk to the village and fetch some fresh liver.

It was a lovely, hot and sunny, summer day as Freddy set out on the 5 mile walk to the butchers. By the time he arrived the sun was high in the sky and poor Freddy was roasting. He bought the liver and decided to stop for a cold drink at the local pub, the XS, before heading back.

Robbie Rabbit, the pub landlord, had great sympathy for Freddy, and just kept the drinks coming while he got drunker and drunker. Eventually, when his meagre coins ran out, Freddy staggered to his feet, picked up his bag of liver and made his way back home.

When he saw that the liver had gone off in the summer heat, Brock was livid and when he smelt the alcohol on Freddy’s breath he totally lost it. Poor Freddy was too sozzled to feel it and so he didn’t cry out for Brock to stop. So Brock pounded away until poor Freddy was dead.

The moral of this tale is that drinking in excess can ruin your liver and in extreme circumstances lead to death!!


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