D&D Encounters finally arrives in Leicester


Well after almost 2 years of trying I can proudly announce that WotC’s weekly D&D program “Encounters” is now live and kicking in Leicester.

The biggest  steping stone we had to overcome in getting this off the ground was the “must be held in-store” requirement as when the program began the only gaming stores in Leicester were Games Workshop and Pheonix Games. GW will only host their own products and don’t even tip the hat to their own RPG’s that much (preferring their more lucrative table-top miniature battles formats) and Pheonix were more interested in CCG’s such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic:the Gathering.

With no other viable option I had to content myself with running my own games at local pub and attending special event days at stores such as Spirit Games in Burton and Mondo Comico in Nottingham, not a bad thing as both places are great and I plan on continuing to visit them, but both were a fair distance away and required significant travel arrangments.

Then we discovered Tabletop Tyrants, and independant gaming store hidden in the back streets of Leicester’s city centre that caters again mainly for the wargamers but also run several MtG events and tournaments. Over the last 18 months I have visited on a number of occassions and enquired as to running D&D on their available gaming areas, usually to the response of there being little or no interest.

But as the seventh season of Encounters came to a close I decided to try once more and happily the manager at the store agreed to let us run. Immediately upon returning home I logged on to the Wizards Play Network and registered as wanting to run Encounters but it looked as if we had missed the deadline to request and sanction the imminent eighth season. However after a suggestion from the UK D&D twitter community (thanks again guys) I emailed the UK customer service guys of WotC and lo and behold, within days I get a reply saying that they would try to get me pack out and sanction the season for us.

With this week being classed as “week zero” and being designated for character creation we decided to go ahead and meetup down at the store to do similar and hopefully run new players through a sample encounter. I was joined by three players and had apologies from two more that had a family commitment. Of the three, one was from my regular gaming group, another was my eldest daughter and the third was a gamer that I had played online with from another forum within Meetup.com but had never met and who had never played 4e before. Character creation went smoothly and the warm up encounter was a great success. I dont think we disturbed the wargamers on the other side of the room too much and the chaps playing Mtg beside us kept looking over to see what was occuring throughout (maybe new players in the future)


I am happy to say that the sanctioning is done and a pack has arrived in store (I’m collecting it tomorrow) so that we can start on time with week one of “The Elder Elemental Eye” this coming Wednesday and hopefully continue to do so for future seasons.


8 Responses to “D&D Encounters finally arrives in Leicester”

  1. Lord Night Says:

    Hell yes, i love it when someone finally realises their dreams!

  2. Just wondering if this is still going? Really keen to find a RP group and honestly can’t find anything in Leicester that’s actually still running.

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