D&D Encounters – week 2

As our heroes took their dwarven prisoner back to the temple for questioning, the human knight took its leave and two more heroes arrived from Irieabor, a female dwarven knight and a male elf thief.

The party began to interrogate the prisoner, discovering his name was Jakairn of Clan Sabrak (the knight realised that wasnt a usual clan name, meaning Broken) and that the clan had taken over an abandoned temple in the Badlands. Without waiting for further relevant information the intrepid band set off.

Shortly a river blocked their path, after a short search they found a fordable area in a marshy area but as they prepared to cross they were ambushed!



A group of surly looking dwarves armed with crossbows, led by a crazy looking dwarf with a warhammer covered in black flames, stepped out of their concealment as two mounds of mud rose up to form man-like shapes at the edge of the river.





As weapons were drawn and spells readied, the halfling sorceror attracted the attention of one of the Bolters, and was soon laying bloodied on the ground. The dwarven knight Vestra, lands a blow on an elemental only to lose her footing and end up on her armoured-ass.






The rest of the enemy dwarves began to move in continuing to take pot-shots as they do. It was beginning to look grim for the heroes  the crossbowmen drew their hammers and moved into melee in support of their earth elemental allies, surrounding the party. With all four members taking heavy wounds and the thief being knocked prone after scoring a telling blow on the elemental before him.





But the fickle fates soon swing back in the party’s favour after a few well placed blows, with the dwarves beginning to feel the worst of it .

The party are shortly victorious, though at great cost in resources. The thief having been dropped to unconciousness and having to be revived by timely use of the halflings potion of Healing.



With little or no healing left available to them, the heroes gather what belongings they can find on their foes fallen bodies and prepare to continue onwards.


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