D&D Encounters – week 3

Distributing the treasure from last session the reduced-size party (one player missing due to braking his foot) continued into the badlands in search of the crazy dwarven cultists temple.

In the ensuing Skill Challenge (I still dislike them  but this one was better written than some others) the party failed overall but managed to befriend the Galeb Dhur and get a heads up on the Drow activity in the area.



As they approached the Drow’s campsite the party became aware of the location of a pair of dark elves and a large spider.

The rogue moved to intercept the drow male swordsman, scoring a solid hit which the evil elf replied to with a double strike from his admantite blades (one of which was a critical) bloodying the pc immediately.

The female drow priestess moved over towards the ridge upon which the spider lurked. The dwarven knight charged forward to engage her and was then flanked by the hairy arachnid.

The dwarf warpriest, confident in his brethrens prowess moved to assist the rogue, sending healing energies into him even as he swung his weapon into the dark elf with vigour (another critical) returning the favour and bloodying the fiend.


The healed rogue struck the swordsman once more, causing the drow to stumble forward as the crafty thief nimbly stepped behind it.

This only further angered the swordsman as he once again stabbed the elf expertly, re-bloodying him.

The priestess whipped the knight, her lash striking but the stubborn dwarf keeping her feet, and directed her spider to bite the rock-smasher from behind.

The knight decided to ignore the spider in favour of the priestess and continued to hammer into her, causing her to be slowed.

The spider lunged again, its dripping fangs sinking into dwarven flesh and bloodying the knight.

The warpriest sent more healing the rogues way, and struck the swordsman again, staggering him with a solid blow.




The rogue and swordsman having bloodied each other heavily before parting, the crafty drow blasts the warpriest with darkfire.

Meanwhile the priestess invokes her cloud of darkness to confuse the knight as he bloodies her.

The priestess takes advantage of the knights distraction by the spider to flee the scene when her swordsman ally falls.

Before the knight can drop the spider however, it scores a critical hit with its wicked bite, dropping him unconcious to the floor!Image


Though suffering from his own severe wounds, the rogue rushes to his fallen comrades aid, despatching the foul arachnid before the warpriest comes to lend his healing abilities to the knight (scoring a fantastic natural 20 of his own) and bringing their stalwart companion back to his feet.

The heroes breathed a heavy sigh of relief and rummaged through the remains of the drow encampment, discovering a cache of treasure, an almost empty bottle of dwarven spirits, a warhammer, shortsword, suit of armour and an encoded journal which the elven rogue was able to partly decipher, revealing the location of the hidden dwarven cultists temple!

As the party settled for a well earned and much needed rest they divided the spoils amongst themselves.

(At the end of the session each player earnt 350xp, 30gp worth of treasure (coins and assorted jewelry).
Renown totals are now Tilly and Chris on 23, Dan on 20, Tom on 18.
Tilly has a +1 viscious shortsword, and the silver necklace from last session.
Chris has a +1 weapon (mace?) from last session.
Tom has a +1 Tidal warhammer, and +1 black iron plate armour.Chris and Tilly have both reached 2nd Level.)






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