D&D Encounters – Session 4

The Sunset Shrine


Following the roughly translated notes from the journal found in the drow encampment the heroes come to the entrance of the Sunset Shrine.  Seeing the area apparently disserted, Legless the elf theif tries to climb one of the spires of Ghaunadaur;s Teeth to get the lay of the land.

 Unfortunately all he managed was to fall on his back (again!)




As the heroes prepare to proceed towards the area, they realise the pools of mud are bubbling, giving off a stench similar to rotten eggs. Orin the mage uses a spell to create a small flame and directs it to the nearest pool, causing a small blossom of greenish fire.  Then the mud begins to rise up forming into humanoid shapes and launching globs of the mud at the assembled heroes as a mini cyclone forms on the dusty trail and zips across to momentarily blind them.




The dust devil continues to aggrevate the party as a previously invisible air elemental appears and strikes down the sorceror, bloodying the halfling and dropping his broken form to the ground!

The mudmen continue to pelt other members of the party with foul smelling goo.




Orin the mage uses his magic to drag the air elemental into position so that the knight Vestra can strike with her mighty hammer.

Gauldoth the cleric, having been immobilised by the flying mud, provokes the mudmen with his “Michael Jackson” impression; to which they respond with a charge forward and a swift kick to the dwarf’s groin!





Despite being heavily bloodied the heroes gain the upper hand, and soon have the remaining pair of mudmen on the defensive.






The last remaining mudman strikes back against the elf rogue that had just bloodied it, in turn provoking a strike from the defending knight that ends its existance upon this plane, returning it to its primordial ooze.





Having discovered a protective glyph placed upon the doors to the shrine, Legless the elf and Gauldoth the dwarf combine their skills to attempt to disable it. After two close but unsuccessful tries, its third time lucky and the temple awaits.



So ends another great session, where for once the number of criticals rolled by the players outnumbered my own (damn them!) All five bloodied at one point and one having to make a a death save before being saved by allies.


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