D&D Encounters – Session 5

Due to various reasons we were down on number of players this week, though we had the addition of a prospective new player who had come to watch and see if it was “something he could get in to”.

The reduced party entered the first chamber of the underground shrine to be confronted by crazed dwarven cultists. As the purple robed one at the back announced “Your arrival has been foretold” our dwarven knight tried to converse with them, only to be interupted by the flame-wielding dwarf in the centre of the room shouting “Too much talking!” as he motioned for his allies to prepare to assault.

Legless the elven rogue whirled forward to strike at the yellow robed pyromaniac, receiving a flaming punch in return before the cackling dwarf surrounded himself in flames that transported him to the opposite side of the fire pit as a more cultitsts accompanied by goblin-like creatures with stone-like skin entered through side doors.


Our heroic dwarven warpriest and knight moved to engage the nearest newly arrived dwarfs.


The purple robed dwarf turned and calmly walked deeper into the complex, a large stone block descending to block the passageway behind him.




The fiery dwarf, having pushed the persitant rogue into the elemental  flames now faced the fury of Gauldoth the warpriest alongside his goblinoid ally.

Vestra the knight held off the remaining cultists and goblinoids.





As the adventurers forego the lesser foes, concentrating on the fire-weilder, they take heavy damage, all three becoming bloodied.

The remaining cultists, goblinoids, and the sniper on the platform continue to punish the heroes.




Its only moments before first Gauldoth and then Legless fall beneath their foes onslaught, their broken frames tossed into the fiery embrace of the elemental vortice.

Vestra gets a modicum of vengeance as her mighty hammer smashes the mad dwarf into the floor.




It looks like its the end of the road for the entire party as the knight falls beneath a hail of crossbow bolts as the sniper closes for the killing blow.

But then the indomitable dwarf rallies, and reigns a flurry of blows upon the surprised bowman. Trading blows both combatants are barely standing but its the knight that emerges victorious…….

……and alone!


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