D&D Encounters – Session 6

Alone apart from the bodies of her enemies, Ping, oops I mean Vestra, heard faint whimperings down a side corridor. Investigating revealed a half dozen locked cells, which she eventually broke open to reveal an elf hunter, a half-elf cavalier, a re-incarnated Gauldoth, and a dishevelled hermit named Malgrym. Remembering the conversation with the Galeb Duhr en route to the shrine, Vestra realised this was its companion, and after making sure he was healthy enough and recovering the newcomers equipment from a nearby chest, escorted him back to the entrance. As they returned to the outer annexe they encountered a quartet of the stoney goblinoids but made very short work of them.

As the hermit ascended the stairs our heroes felt a cold breeze coming from another of the corridors and throwing caution to the wind merrily investigated. When they discovered the High Priests quarters they were preparing to brek the door open when Vestra realised she had picked up a trio of keys from the yellow robed dwarf in the annexe and as luck would have it one fit the lock. Inside they found some dwarf whiskey and a belt of vigour.




Vestra then charged into the great shrine area only to take the full brunt of an assault by the pair of templars and the acolyte within, becoming bloodied, marked and eventually unconsious in the space of seconds.







The remaining heroes arrive, Gauldoth sending healing energies into the fallen knight, as Ardeth, the hunter, proceeds to take down the accompanying goblinoids with pinpoint accurate bowmanship, and the half-elf cavalier engages the lead templar.







Gauldoth and Vestra, reunited again, continue to pound upon the cultists side by side, as  the cavalier and hunter face the other templar. As Ardeth dealt the death blow to the cultist warrior something in the cavalier snapped and he turned his rage upon his new companions.

SHowing no sign of regaining his senses, the dwarven duo and the elf are forced to put the cavalier down forcibly, and permanently!




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