D&D Encounters – Session 7

I thought I’d try something a little different this time, as the majority of this session’s players were new to the group here are tonights cast of players and their characters:-

  • Tilly Calow, playing Ardeth Bey (Elf Hunter)
  • Daniel Creed, playing Sir Osric (Half-Elf Cavalier)
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Valorite (Dragonborn Hexblade)
  • Simon Hunter, playing Rendar (Half-Orc Slayer)
  • Robert Cleale, playing Eliza (Half-Elf Sorceror)

As the encounters format is designed to accommodate a changeable lineup we dispensed with the “several new adventurers have arrived” and just continued after the recap as if everyone had played upto this point.

As the party recovered from the battle with the shrines defenders they realised the strange blue altar the dwarves had been worshipping at  was giving of a feeling of coldness. Sir Osric moved to investigate this while Rendar chose to scout out the side room, finding a rotted desk and the remnants of a bookcase. Closer inspection revealed a potion of healing and an amulet of protection which were shared amongst the group as needed.

Enquiring as to how Sir Osric was examining the altar, he replied “I stick my tongue on it!”, before his companions could stop him he did so, triggering a transformation from altar to its living form of an azure ooze known simply as the Amorphous One, and the appearance of a quartet of watery tentacles to burst forth from the shallow pools on either side and huge walls of ice to block the exits.

Osric immediately set about the blob of blue goo before him with his trusty scimitar as the liquid lashing of the tentacles began to slide the remaining heores around the chamber. Valorite stepped closer to the nearest tentacle but missed with his attack, the dragon born then let loose a blast of icy breath at it, but as the cold mist cleared his foe appeared untouched.

Several more attacks from the assembled heroes against the tentacles prove ineffective (due to a series of poor die rolls) but Osric and Rendar’s blows upon the blob show more success as huge globs fly oImageff with every strike. Though the heroes dont get it all their own way as Osric is pumelled by the blob dropping him unconscious to the ground, luckily to be dragged to safety by the sorceror Eliza before being given a healig potion, reviving him just in time for Rendar to land a mighty blow upon blob (a fantastic crit only let down by low rolls on the enhancement powers) bloodying the beast. Unfortunately this must have triggered some primal response as the gloopy monster unleased a furious assault at the half-orc, dropping him lifeless to the floor (lash double attack dropped him to 1hp, then AP’d to do it again slaying the Slayer – did feel a little guilty killing one of the new guys on their first night).

Eventually Ardeth’s longbow found its range and saw off the threat of the remaining tentacles as the revived Osric, Valorite and Eliza continued to bash, blast, and bespell the blue menace until it was nothing more than a soggy stain in the chamber floor.

Catching their breath they realised that where the altar/ooze had previously been was now an uncovered passageway with steep stairs leading deeper into the darkness of the temples lower level!


3 Responses to “D&D Encounters – Session 7”

  1. Seems you all had a bit of an easier time with that blue scum than we did–and there were EIGHT of us! Excellent narration!

    • As we had three new players – 1 of which hadn’t played 4e before, I must admit to being a little lenient. I didnt use the blobs slithering movement attack.

  2. Lord Night Says:

    Nah, never go easy. It’s what makes memorable.

    Hence why tom has the nickname “ping”

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