The Sun Never Rises – Con-quest 2012

Well my original plan of parking at the Cattle Market was scuppered as it was chock-a-block but then I remembered delivering to a company nearby a while ago for work and so went to check out parking behind the Stores Rd area to happily find a quiet area with no yellow lines in sight.Still a 10 minute stroll to the Assembly rooms but the weather was excellent. Signed in and got Tilly’s fastrack ticket at reception then ventured upstairs to look at the games board to find that my game “The Sun Never Rises” was fully subscribed and set to start at noon. A quick check of the watch showed I had anhour to kill so we got a drink then perused the vendors stalls. I picked up a copy of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide in pristine condition from the bring and buy stall for a tenner and then found the Cathedral of Chaos tile set on the Leisure Games stall, seeing as how the game I was running used them I decided to get them too (I apologised to my daughter later for not using the map she’d drawn out for me) and then made our way to the table set for us to use.

I set the map up using my new tiles, got the pregen character sheets ready and tried to relax for the remaining 15 minutes. A pair of guys walked over to check if I was the D&D game and said they would be back in a minute after getting drinks. On their return I asked if they’d played 4e before, both had but usually ended up DMing so were looking forward to playing for a change, the remaining three players were a trio of siblings (two brothers and their sister) who were more warhammer-oriented but wanted to give it a go.

I dont want to give any details of the adventure away as I know several others are looking forward to playing it at the UK Drowathon in May (where I will be DMing again for one of the tables), but the strory was really well written and the encounters had a very natural flow from one to the next making it a pleasure run. The two hours flew by and as the succesful heroes received their rewards the general consensus was that everyone had had a fun game and enjoyed themselves.

After packing away I was sad that family commitments prevented me from running it a second time after the break but we made our way back to the minibus and home.

I’m happy to say my first convention in 20 years was (to me) a success and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Many thanks to Chris Tulach (Wizards of the Coast) for allowing me to run the special adventure and getting it to me in such short notice, to Darran and Dave for fitting me into the schedule at Con-Quest at equally short notice, and especially to the people that turned up to play the game with me.


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