D&D Encounters – Session 8

This weeks cast of players and their characters:-

  • Tilly Calow, playing Ardeth Bey (Elf Hunter)
  • Daniel Creed, playing Sir Osric (Half-Elf Cavalier)
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Valorite (Dragonborn Hexblade)
  • Robert Cleale, playing Eliza (Half-Elf Sorceror)
  • Chris Night, playing Gauldoth (Human Warpriest of Death)
  • Tom Wright, playing Vestra (Dwarf Knight)

As the encounters format is designed to accommodate a changeable lineup we dispensed with the “several new adventurers have arrived” and just continued after the recap as if everyone had played upto this point.

Refreshed and revived our heroes descended into the whispering darkness of the lower temple, emerging into a small chamber with four exits, when they examined them each archway bore a symbol above it which they identified as a twisted version of each of the elements. Before anyone could stop him Sir Osric walked down the corridor marked with the water symbol.

He felt like he was being swept along by a swift current but soon regretted it as it began to feel more like rapids, including buffeting rocks. Valorite the warlock bravely followed the incautious cavalier and as the whispers of the temple began to promise him power he merely pushed them to the back of his mind “I’m already promised a greater power” he answered to the darkness and doubled his efforts to catch up to his comrade.

The rest of the party debated which path to follow, finally deciding to follow their companions on the path of water. Eventually all of them arrived in a reasonably sized chamber with a whirlpool in the center and jets of water spurting from the floor at what appeared to be random intervals, and a large stone door on the opposite side the only apparent exit. After an unsuccessful attempt to cross, Ardeth studied the “randomness” of the spurts and declared that he had discerned a relatively safe path. The party trusted the elf’s judgement and soon stood before the exit.

Passing through the portal they came to a large chamber that descended in tiers into the floor around a central black stone obelisk. Three other doors led into the room each bearing the symbol of the other elements, and a pair of plain stone altars at opposite ens of the chamber. A quartet of braziers burning with elemental fire lit the room brightly and the party spread out to investigate further.

As the luckless Sir Osric stepped onto the lowest tier the braziers flared and plague demons leapt from them, simultaneously a pair of shimmering portals appeared on the obelisk and a humanoid shape stepped from each, apparently composed of the same material as the obelisk itself.

As the demons closed in the warlock and sorceror struck with arcane fury, Ardeth let fly his deadly shaft into one of the elemental creatures forcing it back through its portal, only for it to reappear out of the opposite portal right in the path of Sir Osric who now faced two of them. The elementals struck the cavalier heavily, dropping the armoured warrior to the floor under their blows and leaving him lying there burning.


Thanks to the healing powers of Gauldoth the cavalier recovers enough to fight back against the strange stone monsters.

Under a combined assault of might and magic the party bring the last of the demons down, leaving the elementals the only threat remaining.





Risking the chilling effect of close proximity to the obelisk Ardeth  ventures onto its upper surface and fires down onto the elemental beast facing Sir Osric, ending the creatures existence on this plane.

Valorite, Eliza and Vestra combine forces to bring down the second elemental.

As the sound of ringing steel subsided the ever-eager cavalier walked into the shimmering portal, disappearing from view. Ardeth noticed the glint of glass in the assembled crates and discovered a pair of healing potions, pocketing them “for the party” before also entering a portal.

Examining the other pile of crates Valorite uncovers a set of Bracers of Blood, and thinking they’d enhance his outfit donned them before entering the portals with the remainder of the party.

It had been another fun encounter, the cavalier dropping to 1hp after the Black Cyst elementals scored 3/4 hits from their Quake Slam attacks looked to be in trouble but thankfully the powers of the warpriest and the other companions managed to keep the entire party alive and victorious.


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  1. Lord Night Says:

    We needed more golems…

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