D&D Encounters – Session 9

Cast of players and their characters:-

  • Tilly Calow, playing Ardeth Bey (Hunter)
  • Daniel Creed, playing Sir Osric (Cavalier)
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Valorite (Hexblade)
  • Simon Hunter, playing Rendar (Slayer)
  • Robert Cleale, playing Eliza (sorcerer)
  • Chris Night, playing Gauldoth (Warpriest)
  • +1 prospective new player – John

As the party’s vision cleared they found themselves back on the road just outside Easting, however now all the buildings showed signs of fire damage and in the light of a darkening sky nothing appeared to be moving. As they approached the temple its white plaster walls began to warp and moulder and the sorcerer gingerly plucked a black crystal from the hands of the robed statue before it with the cavorting demon-figurines around its feet. Before any further exploration could take place other members of the group approached the darkened inn.


In the blink of an eye the sky turned blood red, all the buildings in town apart from the barn appeared to have been reduced to rubble, the plants and trees reduced to ashen stumps and small predatory figures were approaching from the edges of the party’s sight. Their gaze was drawn towards the barn once more as a quartet of plague demons appeared within the decrepit structure, looking in the party’s direction eagerly.



Sir Osric tried to hold off one of the outlying fiends as Rendar and Valorite took up position in the battered doorway of the barn, unfortunately one of the abyssal creatures decided to exit via one of the broken windows and skirt the edge of the building.


The various demons closed on the party, taking heavy losses but injuring  a couple of party members. One sinking its mandibles into Sir Osric’s leg with abandon, while others bit Rendar, Valorite and Gauldoth respectively.


Another creature revealed its presence in the barn, it resembled a humanoid made of wet clay with a single huge eye dominating its face. As it approached it moved as if unused to have a bipedal (or even corporeal) form.


Its presence seemed to bolster the plague-demons but even this didn’t prevent the heroes from sending them screaming back into the elemental chaos that spawned them.


As the cyclopean creature fell to the heroes flurry of blows the world around them seemed to shift again, like a painting that had water thrown upon it. As new surroundings began to materialize around them, a familiar red-haired dwarf in purple robes glares at them “Why does it remain silent?” he demands.

Following this weeks session the number of players wanting to take part in Encounters has swollen beyond our capacity. So after discussion with the store it was decided that a second table wasnt feasible due to limited space available but by shuffling times I could run 2 back-to-back sessions per week instead.

So starting with Session 10 we will have 2 sessions a week (as long as attending numbers warrant it) and hopefully continue to do so into the next season of Encounters too.


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