D&D Encounters – session 10 (parts 1 & 2)

Cast of players and their characters for session 1:-

  • Chris Night, playing Gauldoth (Warpriest)
  • Tom Wright, playing Vestra (Knight)
  • Bryce Palmer, playing Adrie (Elementalist)
  • Glenn Waters, playing Carric (Hunter)

The heroes appeared in the chamber and were confronted by Zarnak and a pair of Templars, as the warpriest and knight tackled the templars, the elementalist and hunter concentrated on the lightning throwing dwarf. They were a little worried when reinforcements arrived through the portal behind them but thanks to the warpriests healing magic they were able to weather the storm and eventually defeat their foes.

Admittedly I did take it a little easier on this session as two of the players had never played D&D (in any form) before, limiting to only 2 waves of reinforcements, and Zarnak sticking to single attacks. We were working to a time limit also as this week saw the start of our back to back sessions. The heroes survived the encounter, slaying their foes but failed to stop the voidharrow within time. I didnt even have time to take any photo’s of the session as we were trying to explain things to the new players as we went, however, the session was still great fun and I hope the new guys enjoyed it and will return next week.

Cast of players and their characters for session1:-

  • Tilly Calow, playing Ardeth Bey (Hunter)
  • Daniel Creed, playing Sir Osric (Cavalier)
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Valorite (Hexblade)
  • Robert Cleale, playing Eliza (sorcerer)


The heroes materialse in the chamber and are confronted by the robed dwarf Zarnak and a pair of Templars. Stepping forward Sir Osric prepares to defend his comrades and attempts to bullrush a templar into the pool of black oily goo nearby. He soon regrets that decision as a Templar pummels him and Zarnak does his impression of the Star Wars Emperor, reigning psychic lighting down upon him – the cavalier is soon lying bloodied and broken on the floor.


As the portal flashes behind them once again dwarven reinforcements arrive but the deadly aim of Ardeth drops all but one (another templar) to the ground dead as Valorite and Eliza trade arcane energies with their foes.

Another flash of the portal and a small group of Norkers arrive, quickly surrounding the fallen cavalier and stomping all over him, sending him into the cold embrace of unconsciousness before his allies can assist him.

Judiscious use of the healing potions Ardeth “acquired” last session keep the party going and restore the hapless helpless cavalier as Valorite uses his arcane knowledge to disable the portal, preventing more reinforcements from arriving and Ardeth and Eliza despatch Zarnaks remaining allies.

Left alone the now bloodied dwarf retreated towards the pool of voidharrow but as the heroes pressed their advantage Valorite drew himself up to his full height and intimidated the crazy dwarf into surrender.

Time once again was our enemy here as the party missed the opportunity to deal with the voidharrow and unfortunately the store had to close dead on time this week due to prior commitments. Many thanks to Matt (Valorite) for the photos, there were also a couple of the players and myself too.  As we rapidly packed away I thanked everyone for a wonderful game, spitting into the two smaller groups had allowed more time to interact with individual pc’s in each session and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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  1. Lord Night Says:

    Pal down, Pal down, send medical assistance immediately!

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