Tyrantclaw 2.0 – Dinosaurs come to Leicester

Well yesterday saw the first time a Lair Assault being run in Leicester as my regular Encounters group invaded Tabletop Tyrants once again. This time to face the challenge of Lair Assault: Attack of the Tyrantclaw.

Our intrepid quintet was as follows:-

  • Chris, playing a dwarf Cleric
  • Dan, playing a warforged Warlord
  • Daniel, playing a half-elf Cavalier
  • Matt, playing a bugbear Rogue
  • Tilly, playing an elf Thief (sniper build)

The store was very busy with the other gaming tables being used by MtG players but we soon got set up and following the introduction the party selected their defenses as per the options available and the game began.

The first wave of attackers were the orc minions of the Tyrantclaw tribe which made great efforts to charge the entranced druid before being beaten down by the assembled heroes.

Second wave and the airstrike arrives, as one pteradactyl swoops for the druid the other decides to dal with the pesky elf on the tower, grabbing the archer in its powerful claws and then dropping it into the tar pit below.

As more dinosaurs and orcs arrive the party seem to be handling things, though their employer takes heavy wounds the dwarf cleric keeps sending his healing energies into her, until she sudden cries out “I can’t control it!” and in a massive explosion of magical energy she transforms into a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex right in their midst.

As the T-rex makes a light lunch of the dwarf (using its double bite and getting a hit and a crit) the orc shamen continue to rain lightning blasts at the other heroes and the remaining pteradactyl takes the cavalier on a skyride that ends with the cavalier and the dino’s rider taking a seriously hot bath in the gurgling huge tar pit.

Tilly’s sniper continues firing from the safety of the hut’s doorway scoring an impressive critical but suddenly regrets the decision as the T-rex lunges across the bubbling tar to bite her within an inch of dropping, shifting back out of range didnt save the gravely wounded elf though as one of the shamen blasts his lightning in, dropping the fey sniper into oblivion while his cohort does the same to the warforged.

Sensing that he may be a little outmatched the bugbear uses his abilities to become invisible and hide at the edge of the battlefield until the orc’s and dino’s leave. Then loots the bodies of the fallen, only to find the elf in the hut has miraculously recovered from his wounds, but following the commands of his unseelie masters the bugbear returns the elf to the Raven Queens embrace and heads back to civilisation.

Well that went a lot more brutally than the first time I DM’d it. Three pc deaths to me and a fourth to the only survivor. many thanks to all the players and especially to Matt for taking some extra photo’s for me.

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One Response to “Tyrantclaw 2.0 – Dinosaurs come to Leicester”

  1. Lord Night Says:

    NOW THAT, was a fight…

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