D&D Encounters Session 11 (parts 1& 2)

As both sessions ended last week without the parties stopping the Voidharrow this weeks sessions both pick up from the end of the battle still in the presence of the Elemental Chaos.

Cast of players and their characters for session 1:-

  • Chris Night, playing Gauldoth (Warpriest)
  • Tom Wright, playing Vestra (Knight)
  • Bryce Palmer, playing Adrie (Elementalist)
  • Glenn Waters, playing Carric (Hunter)

 The party failed the skillchallenge firsttime through, risking further infection from the abyssal plague, but on a second attempt they destroyed the voidharrow and returned victorious to Easting. Taking confirmation of their deeds from Father Evandur ack to Ireabor they received their reward and relaxed in the Wayward Wyvern.

Their repose was interrupted by the horse-drawn cart crashing into the fountain (hadnt got an ox token) and the knight and warpriest immediately rushed to help the trapped barmaid, as the hunter and sorceror watched from the doorway.

As the trap is sprung the drow assassin concentrates on the ranged attackers while his burly henchmen batter the armoured warriors. The party begin to suffer under the onslaught especiall once the warpriest is felled, swiftly followed by the knight and sorceror.

The hunter tried to retreat to the upper floor and hide until his enemies had tired of looking for him, unfortunately the drows spiders were able to sense his trembling form in its hiding place and despatched him.

Not an auspicious ending but certainly an action packed one.

Cast of players and their characters for session 2:-

  • Tilly Calow, playing Ardeth Bey (Hunter)
  • Daniel Creed, playing Sir Osric (Cavalier)
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Valorite (Hexblade)
  • Simon Hunter, playing Rendar (Slayer)
  • Robert Cleale, playing Eliza (sorcerer)
  • John Gray, playing Carric (Hunter)

The second party also struggled on the skill challenge, attempting to be speedy and perform the minor and standard actions but failing on the first run, resulting in more possible infections. Second time was the charm as the heroes stuck with the easier DC standard actions and sent the voidharrow packing.

Returning to Ireabor via Easting they take a well deserved R&R at the Wayward Wyvern only to have it disturbed as a cart collides with the fountain. As the heroes rush outside to see whats happened they notice the “sleeping” drow isnt truly asleep and the men at the cart also arent what they appear.

 This time the fight goes considerably better for the pc’s (especially since my dice seem to have deserted me and the beserkers fail to make a single hit!) and despite the elemental chaos reviving their foes, its soon pretty clear that only death await them.  The party despatch their foes, barely taking severe damage themselves.



So at the end of our first season of Encounters and two very different results. Admittedly the late group have more pc’s but no discernable healer. I hope that players of both groups have had as much fun playing as I have had DMing and hope to see them all again as the new season “Web of the Spider Queen” kicks off next week.


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