Web of the Spider Queen – DnD Enc – Session 1





Cast of players and their characters for session 1:-

  • Chris Night, playing Dwarf Knight
  • Tom Wright, playing Dwarf Sentinal
  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Glenn Waters, playing Eladrin Thief

 Our heroes arrived in Shadowdale at dusk, having been sent by Her Radiance from the temple in Daggerdale to alert them to the drow threat. They encountered a small patrol of drow in one of the many abandoned shrines enroute and made short work of them.

Taking a table in the Old Skull Inn they quench their thirsts as they listen to the bravado of a pair of dwarven “adventurers” before retiring to their room above.

When the drow attack from the cellar the heroes rush to aid Ghessla Silvermane and the patrons, the invaders try to disorient the party with their clouds of darkness.

As the party gain the upperhand the eladrin thief fey-steps outside to outflank the drow, realising that the whole town is under attack as militia, townsfolk and more drow rush about the towns darkened streets.

The remaining drow soon fall to the heroes assault and as the patrons thank them for the timely rescue the mage hears an old mans voice in his head “This is Elminster…”

Cast of players and their characters for session 2:-

  • Tilly Calow, playing Drow Hunter
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Dwarf Knight
  • Simon Hunter, playing Human Mage
  • Phill Norman, playing Elf Thief
  • John Gray, playing Drow Hexblade

When the second group interacted with the Inn’s patrons they paid particular attention to Old Dogsbreath’s tales of seeing drow near the Twisted Tower and immediately went to investigate. A brief discussion with the guards showed that they all thought Dogsbreath nothing more than a drunken old fool. The heroes returned to the Inn and their upstairs room.

When the Drow attacked the first of the heroes to descend to the taproom were the two drow, as the invaders realised they werent allies they began to attack the hostages, dropping Ghessla and Dogsbreath before the heroes could intervene.

As reinforcements swell their ranks, the drow use their innate powers to create clouds of darkness and hand-crossbows to poison the heroes. Despite his natural resistance, the Dwarf knight struggled to shrug off the insidious venom.

After coming under fire from the drow armed with the large crossbow, Belgos decides to show him how a real archer does it. Blasting him with his eerily accurate longbow and knocking the bloodied invader off his feet.

The heroes take the last of the invaders down, unfortunately they weren’t able to save everyone as Old Dogsbreath (the town drunk) lays dead in his favourite chair. (Not sure, but I’d say being deceased actually improved his odour!)


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