Web of the Spider Queen – DnD Enc – Session 2




 (unfortunately, only a few photos this week as the battery on my phone died)

Cast of players and their characters for early group:-

  • Chris Night, playing Dwarf Knight
  • Tom Wright, playing Dwarf Sentinal
  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Glenn Waters, playing Eladrin Thief
  • Daniel Creedy, playing Human Warpriest

As the mage received the mental message from Elminster and relayed it to the party they set out through the now deserted streets to the Twisted Tower of Ashaba. Deciding to split into two groups and come in through both entrances at once.

As the Warpriest and Thief open the Dock door they see two drow, one in armor the other in a thick cloak, though the cloaked one immediately disappears from sight as the Warpriest moves forward to engage the armoured drow. The Thief holds back warily. Meanwhile the remainder of the party enter the main foyer to see a battered and bloodied Lady Ulphor leaning heavily against the central sepulcher as another armoured drow stands ready before them. The mage sends a magical light into the shadowy tower as the dwarven knight engages the drow.

Unsurprisingly the cloaked drow near the Dock door reappears behind the wounded warpriest and combined with the armoured drows assault drops the beleaguered cleric unconscious to the floor. More drow enter the foyer, another armoured one steps from around the corner as a previously invisible one appears behind the Knight as his allies begin to move in to assist him. Lady Ulphor drags herself around the stone sarcophagus, trying to keep it between her and the drow.

As the party begins to gain the upper hand and their drow foes lose numbers, the Thief fey steps into the central area and makes his way to Lady Ulphor to stabilise her. As he administers aid he is utterly shocked as her form shifts to that of a pale skinned, white-haired humanoid that suddenly stabs him with a previously hidden short sword. As he slips into unconsciousness he glimpses her retreating towards the cellar steps.

The remaining drow not in combat also attempt to retreat but only one makes it to the cellar, the remaining drow fall to the heroes attacks and they are able to resuscitate the Thief, sadly the Warpriest was beyond saving.

A quick check shows that the cellar door has been secured from the other side and the heroes rush up through the tower only to discover that the Pendant of Ashaba has already been stolen!

 Cast of players and their characters for later group:-

  • Robert Cleale, playing Human Knight
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Dwarf Knight
  • Simon Hunter, playing Human Mage
  • Phill Norman, playing Elf Thief
  • John Gray, playing Drow Hexblade

The second group chose to stick with just the front entrance, encountering a pair of drow templars between themselves and Lady Ulphor. Both of the knights charged in as their more cautious allies used ranged abilities. One of the drow broke from invisibility to take Lady Ulphor at knife-point and began to retreat towards the cellar. The other drow capable of invisibility continued to harass the party as they moved further into the sepulcher, the mage receiving a serious blow and the knights taking heavy damage.

As the battle progressed one of the cloaked drow took Lady Ulphor captive at knife-point and began to drag her towards the cellar. One the drow templars moved to guard them but the hexblade and thief managed to drop both of them. As the Lady of Shadowdale fell backwards into the arms of the thief she shifted form, stabbing the surprised elf-maid before escaping through the cellar door.

As the thief lay bleeding out on the stairs one of the templars managed to drop the human knight into unconsciousness before being despatched by the other party members. Before the party could help their injured comrades the mage realised there was still one invisible drow to deal with and attempted to catch the foe with his magic, unfortunately his aim was off and the dark elf materialised beside him . Before it could cause too much trouble though the heroes defeated it as the human knight recovered from his wounds (natural 20 on death save!) and they administered aid to the thief.  They hurried to the upper chambers to discover that the Pendant of Ashaba had already been looted!


One Response to “Web of the Spider Queen – DnD Enc – Session 2”

  1. Excellent play-by-play. Would like to have drow in my game but so many of my players have a hate-on for them…

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