Web of the Spider Queen – DnD Enc – Session 3






Cast of players and their characters for early group:-

  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Glenn Waters, playing Eladrin Thief
  • Daniel Creedy, playing Dragonborn Knight

Following the tracks of the drow through the dusty cellars the party come to a dead end in a chamber that has been kept immaculately clean. Investigating the sarcophagi placed in the walls of the room shows each has a name plate, date of birth and date of death. The most imppressive and oldest belonging to Lord Ashaba himself!

The heroes discovered that pouring water into the carved cup on the famous water-wizards sarcophagus caused it to swivel aside revealing a spiral staircase descending into older tunnels below. The heroes forge ahead and find a small force of drow still making its way through the tunnels. Their leader, a Totemist smashes a gem on the floor, releasing a chilling white mist that spreads over the floors and begins to seep into the various coffins arrayed within the walls.

As the Totemist immobilises the dragonborn knight with her venom ray and lets her spider swarm cover him, her archer allies drop the thief bloodied to the floor with accurate crossbow fire.

The skeletal drow summoned by the mist set about the downed knight, firing arrows and attack with sword-like bones as the mage and thief continue to attack from range.

As the mage and thief take down the last of the drow (both skeletal and normal) the knight breathes his last – succumbing to his wounds.

I had weakened this encounter due to low numbers (damned half-term) using only the Totemist, 2 archers and 6 skeletal minions. It still resulted in the knights death (I think the player’s going for the most deaths in one season record) but the remainder of the pc’s dealt with the threat rather easily from range (though very bad dice rolls on my part didnt help).

From next week I will be taking part in the early group as a player with Skrit my kobold scout, while Robert from the late group DM’s so the reports on the early session will now become Skrits journals.

 Cast of players and their characters for later group:-

  • Robert Cleale, playing Human Knight
  • Chris North, playing Dwarf Sentinal (playing Tom’s pc as Tom on holiday)
  • Daniel Creedy, playing Dwarf Knight (playing Chris’s usual pc as he didnt want to go home LOL)
  • Simon Hunter, playing Human Mage
  • Phill Norman, playing Elf Thief
  • John Gray, playing Drow Hexblade


The party discovered the secret stairs quicker than the early group as the mage poured water into the cup as soon as it was decribed. Descending the stairs they discover the doppelganger that fled last session informing the drow Totemist of their approach.


Though the heroes make quick work of the Totemist, the dwarf knight takes a suicide run deeper into the caverns, chased by the doppelganger and an archer.



Having dropped the hapless knight (who chose to remove its armour!) the doppelganger disappears deeper into the catacombs as the heroes forge ahead. (slightly blurred as I was laughing when I took it)


The heroes slowly whittle down the drow archers and the skeletal drow. But as they head towards their fallen dwarven comrade a nasty surprise awaits them.



With the arrival of a second Totemist blasting the human knight with venom ray the heroes resort to ranged attacks to finish the dark elves and their allies. But not quick enough to save the dwarf!


As each session ended there was a flash of light and a curtain of ash which revealed the arrival of a pair of figures, Khara Sulwood (the heroes met her in the Old Skull Inn in session 1, briefly) and her companion.


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