Lair Assault: Spider Killer – Mondo Comico

An account of the recent adventure at Mondo Comico from my characters point of view – warning: will contain spoilers!

Vajra Safhar, the Archmage of Waterdeep, has charged you with stopping a drow named Shi’nayne, before she can open a gateway to the Demonweb.

One of Vajra’s apprentices, an elf named Sennis, followed Shi’nayne into the Lost Levels of Undermountain, polymorphed as a drow. Before he was caught and slain, he used a Sending ritual to transmit the following message “River Sargauth…….whirlpool….Lost Level…..waterfall….Halaster’s mirrors….collapsed portal chamber….Shi’nayne opening permanent gate using Dhusarra’s ring….not much time left.”

According to the Archmage, Dhussara was a vampire who haunted the Lost Level before the Spellplague, but nothing is known about her ring or her present condition. Vajra has provided you with a crude map showing a newly discovered portal to Undermountain, within a whirlpool on the underground River Sargauth. The whirlpool is most easily reached by taking a rowboat from Skullport. Now, as the small craft rounds a bend of the river, you hear the roaring of the water ahead.

Having provided guard cover on several caravan trips to Skullport and back for the Archmage in recent months, Zarif was quick to sign up, the chance to strike at worshippers of Lolth a big part of his decision. The remainder of the heroes that answered Vajra’s call were a motley crew. A shade hunter, a kobold thief, a human ranger and a dragonborn cavalier (mounted on a huge direwolf and followed by a young owlbear) and the journey to Skullport had been uneventful. The rowboat was a little crowded and sat very low in the water as the whirlpool came into view, however it wasn’t unguarded.

A group of drow, led by a mage of some sort had made their spider companions create sticky webs to block access to the whirlpool. Zarif didn’t need an invitation and lightly sprang to the shore, charging into the nearest arachnid with his flashing blades leading the way. His companions fought the other enemies but Zarif concentrated on the spider and mage before him. The spider fell to his blades but the mage used a green gem to turn the whirlpool emerald and disappeared into it. As the last of their foes dropped lifeless to the ground, Zarif and the others passed through the whirlpool too.

Passing through the surging waters Zarif and his companions found themselves in a tunnel against the shoreline of the underground river adjacent to a massive waterfall, well all but the ranger who was still aboard the rowboat and had appeared upstream. The drow mage was further up the tunnel and as his companions engaged him Zarif was snagged by the entangling web of a large doom spinner spider on the opposite bank, the arachnid began to reel him across the crest of the falls and he could see the rushing water disappearing into the darkness below.  As he neared the octopod he prepared his blades, but his concentration was broken momentarily as the now empty rowboat knocked into him on its way over the falls. His nearest companion, the shade gasped audibly as Zarif too went over the edge, but instead of falling to his doom he enacted his innate ability of levitation and continued to move towards the spider. As he began to spar with the arachnid the shade assisted with fire support, sending arrow after arrow into the beast’s bloated form.

Meanwhile the rest of the party had encountered smaller spiders and more drow warriors after despatching the mage, as well as a pair of strange flying creatures that had an annoying habit of dropping over your head and blinding you. One of these flew across the river and settled on Zarif, but focused as he was on the spider his blades continued their deadly work, leaving the now hexapedal beast in a pile of its own entrails, before regrouping with his companions.

Inspecting the bodies of the fallen drow the heroes discovered a number of strange silvery wands and after sharing them out approached a large mirrored surface that blocked the way forward, with no other recourse open to them they boldly stepped through the looking glass!

The room beyond was strange, with numerous of the mirror-like portals lining the walls, also a number of crystal pillars formed a circle around a mist like being in the centre which appeared to be trapped there. While several of his companions discovered the joys of passing through the mirrors (some reappearing as the opposite sex) the dragon born cavalier mounted on his dire wolf passed through one and failed to reappear. Hesitating for a moment Zarif followed.

The dimly lit chamber beyond led through a pair of double doors into the semi-collapsed portal chamber and Zarif could see the drow priestess performing her evil ritual while guarded by an abomination – a huge drider! The cavalier had already engaged the perversion so Zarif took the opportunity to rush forward and strike the despicable priestess. With a cry of “Die you spider humping bitch!” he sank both his blades deep into her ebony flesh but she was far from defeated. Enacting her cloud of darkness ability she tried to evade Zarif’s blows as the cavalier and his dire wolf continued to battle the drider while trying to avoid the swipes of its huge greataxe. The human ranger also found his/her (having changed gender so often recently, Zarif wasn’t truly sure) way to the chamber and began to rain arrows onto our foes.

Unfortunately it was too little, too late as ShI’nayne completed her ritual and the portal to the Demonweb opened!

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