Web of the Spider Queen – D&D Encounters – session 7






Cast of players and their characters for early group:-

  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Glenn Waters, playing Eladrin Thief
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Dwarf Knight
  • Daniel Creed, playing Goblin Paladin

As they hear the female voice call out for their surrender the newly arrived Goblin Paladin, Splug, decided to climb up the cavern wall to see who was speaking. He could just make out the tips of mailed feet overhanging a ledge some way above the opening his companions waited on. As he began to crest the ledge he tried to make a grab for the feet, which belonged to a drow with his mouth sewn shut. Unfortunately his luck ran out and he lost his grip on the cavern wall, tumbling towards the rocky floor below. The stoic dwarven fighter threw himself out into Splug’s path to control the fall (earning a moment of greatness), though both still landed heavily.

Looking up they saw the trio of drow begin to descend towards them, their weapons gleaming wickedly. The mage and rogue joined their companions in the cavern as battle was joined, and a fourth drow and large spider reinforced their enemies.

The fight was brutal, with the dwarven fighter taking over 100 points of damage! (another long awaited renown target achieved for Matt) but the final result was that the party were all down and out.

 Cast of players and their characters for later group:-

  • Tilly Calow, playing Drow Hunter
  • Chris Norris, playing Half Orc Warlord
  • Tom Wright, playing Dwarf Sentinel
  • Daniel Creed, playing Goblin Paladin (just didnt want to go home and we were thin on the ground

Splug once again tried to scale the walls but this time luck wasnt with him and neither was his dwarven safety net. A seventy foot fall onto a rocky surface spelled a swift end to the plucky goblin.

As the drow levitated down the Sentinel’s wolf took a couple of bites as they floated by. The hunter, sentinel and wolf quickly spread across the cavern floor, while the warlord “supervised” from the ledge. This tactic didnt last for long as the spider attacked from above and after leaping away, repeated the process later on.

The sentinel and his wolf came under furious assault from the drow armed with the swords and maul, while the hunter became the focus of the drow rogues pull and stab tecnique. The drow female used her venom ray against the warlord to minimal effect.

The hunter earnt a moment of greatness, managing to hit three of the drow in one attack and bloodying them in the process, unfortunately they then hammered the hunter into the ground, quickly followed by the sentinel.

The warlord backed away from the edge of the ledge, painfully aware that the way back wasnt an option and was soon surrounded and joined his companions in oblivion.

Having read this session before hand I had already thought in my mind that it was going to be brutal and with both groups short on numbers (due to players having personal commitments – how dare they! lol) I was expecting heavy casualties, but rather than weaken the encounter I decided to build in my own contingency plan.

At the end of each of this evenings sessions I told the “dead” players that their characters weren’t necessarily dead, and that the drow pulled the final blows, taking them captive. The players could keep the characters (coming back next session but with a 4-surge penalty – due to mistreatment by captors) and begin the game as prisoners of the drow, or create new characters with the 4-surge penalty and have the option of being a prisoner or newly arrived party reinforcements (losing the surges in the trials and tribulations arriving with the party).

Although both sessions ended in TPK’s both groups said that they had enjoyed it – I think it helps for the players to feel that once in a while the odds really are stacked against them and it adds that extra little bit of excitement.


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