Web of the Spider Queen – D&D Encounters – session 8






Cast of players and their characters for early group:-

  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Glenn Waters, playing Elf Hunter
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Dwarf Knight
  • Daniel Creed, playing Dragonborn Paladin

The wizard and knight started play as prisoners of the drow but on seperate levels of the “chain gang”. While the hunter and paladin arrived as reinforcements. As the action started the heroes were able to convince the goblins to revolt (one of which even got a bow shot off at one of the drow guards) before they fled to the lower levels, the bugbear however threw in his lot with the drow and took an instant dislike to the dwarf. This proved the goblinoids downfall (quite literally) as the dwarf blasted it from the stalactite into the waiting jaws of the spider below.

The rest of the heroes soon dealt with the remaining drow (after reviving the unconcsious paladin) and after gathering some minor treasure and ensuring that the spider posed no danger left though the bottom of the chamber.

 Cast of players and their characters for later group:-

  • Robert Cleale, playing Dragonborn Hexblade
  • Chris Norris, playing Human Necromancer
  • Tom Wright, playing Dwarf Sentinel
  • John Grey, playing Drow Hexblade

The sentinel and necromancer began play as drow prisoners with the pair of Hexblades coming to their rescue. Trying to convince the goblins to either join them or flee didnt work quite so well with only a couple of them actually trying to run (only to be cut down by the drow).

The bugbear once again joined the drow and managed to help maneuver the Necromancer into a precarious position on the exposed walkway before the drow used his longspear to topple him into the waiting web below. The waiting spider lurched forward eagerly and their battle was as brutal as thatin the stalactite above. Unfortunately once the necromancer lost concsiousness the spider was able to feed in piece, sated with its meal it paid no heed to the remaining heroes as they finally overcame the drow forces and moved out of the chamber.

Once again both sessions were down to four players (unusual for the late session which was reaching numbers of 7-9 some weeks) but game play was still full of tense action and dare I say the odd bit of RP (in an encounters session, who’d have thought it possible).  Each session ended with the survivors approaching the gates of the fortified drow outpost.

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