Web of the Spider Queen – D&D Encounters – session 10





Cast of players and their characters for early group:-

  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Glenn Waters, playing Elf Hunter
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Dwarf Knight
  • Daniel Creed, playing Dragonborn Paladin
  • Me, playing Kobold Ranger
  • Robert Cleale, DMing

(from the Tail of Skrit)

Thankful for not getting eaten by the Ogres at the gates, Skrit was happy to be back in the Underdark, especially as he had the chance to kill more drow in their stronghold. He was impressed with his companions prowess as they encountered the drow patrols; the dour dwarf dealing out mighty wounds with his craghammer and knocking his enemies back, the dragonman fighting bravely and then using the breath of the mighty beasts he embodies to chill the very blood in his foes veins, the human mage while not being a fighter was capable of blasting the drow with his arcane arsenal, while the wily elf  reigned deadly arrows into their enemies. Skrit used his agility to strike and fade in unison with the warriors.

Further in the twisting tunnels we found the battered and bruised body of the elf Elminster had sent earlier, learning that the pendant had been split and the flame-haired warrioress was a prisoner of the drow. Interrupted by the approach of another patrol we decided to ambush them at the junction, his allies quickly reducing them to a single fighter that Skrit nimbly danced around before delivering the killing blow.

The green haired elf told us of the nearby torture pits and as we made our way towards them he once again disappeared.

 Cast of players and their characters for later group:-

  • Robert Cleale, playing Dragonborn Hexblade
  • Chris Norris, playing Elf Hunter
  • Tom Wright, playing Dwarf Sentinel
  • John Grey, playing Drow Hexblade

The party ventured further into the drow fortress, attempting to avoid the patrols with varying degrees of success and constant irritation of the ever-present spiders in the tunnels. In one almost deserted section they came across a duergar trader and his guards, and approached warily. The trader was cordial and showed them his wares, though is prices were a little steep. The party bought two potions, one of healing and another to restore lost healing surges, the magical warhammer the trader had to offer was tempting but the heroes thought the price too high and so declined. As they closed their deals the elf hunter asked how much for some of the infamous duergar beard quills, this obviously outraged the trader who subsequently packed his wares and stormed off with is entourage.

Further into the tunnels, following a blood trail, the heroes discovered the semi-cocooned Tharinel, in obvious need of help. The hunter gave his fellow elf the healing potion they had just procured, upon consuming it Tharinel began choking, a green froth flecked with blood erupting from his mouth as his insides dissolved. (Moral of the lesson – never trust a durgar!) The hexblades and sentinel double checked their other purchase but it seemed to be as advertised.

As if things couldn’t get worse a patrol was closing in, the heroes attempted to hide and avoid them and almost succeeded until the hunter was bitten by one of the numerous spiders and couldn’t quite stifle his yelp of pain, alerting the passing drow.

The ensuing battle was short but brutal, the dragonborn hexblade causing much confusion with his Mists of Madness and after suffering minor wounds the heroes were victorious once more.

Preparing to move on they heard approaching feet of a solitary figure, which turned out to be a very scared, escaped kobold slave. The sentinel gave the little fellow a trail ration which seemed to calm him down and he revealed that he was running from the nearby torture arena. The heroes asked if he had seen anyone matching Khara’s description to which he replied that he had but she was taken deeper into the fortress. When they asked how to find the arena, he simply replied “Follow the screaming!” before they let him scamper off into the tunnels.

Following his rather vague instructions they found themselves approaching the arena of torture.

After reading notes on a DM’s forum I had discussed allowing the party’s to attempt avoiding patrols via group stealth checks which my fellow DM was willing to try, the duergar trader idea also came from the same source (though selling a corrosive poison disguised as a healing potion was just my twisted idea).

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