Web of the Spider Queen- D&D Encounters – session 12


Cast of players and their characters for early group:-

  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Me, playing Kobold Ranger
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Dwarf Fighter
  • Daniel Creed, playing Dragonborn Paladin
  • Robert Cleale, DMing

(From the Tail of Skrit)

Watching the drow push the deep gnome beyond the huge web creature, Skrit felt a pang of empathy, he knew how it felt to be a mistreated prisoner of the drow. His stalwart companions recognised the flame-haired human amongst the svirfneblin and told her to hang on while they dealt with the web-monster and spiders.

The dwarf and dragonborn closed for melee with the beast as spiders dropped around them. Skrit grabbed one of his special sling pots and lobbed it at the monster, causing it to become stuck in place while his companions beat upon it. The mage hung back beside Skrit and hurled arcane energies at their enemies.

The web monster kept trying to grab hold of the dour dwarf but each time it did he managed to break free and continued to smash it with his mighty hammer. A couple of the svirfneblin looked like they were going to attack but a well timed warning from our dragonborn paladin kept them in line.  The web monster was reduced to a sticky pile as the paladin continued to battle the spiders as the dwarf moved to intercept a group of drow that had come to investigate the noise.

Well placed blows from the dwarf and pinpoint accurate magical attacks from the mage soon reduced them to a single drow warrior, the dwarf had taken heavy damage throughout the battle so I used my sling to attack the drow, knocking it lifeless to the ground with its comrades.

We freed Khara and the deep gnomes who gave us a map back to the surface, bringing us out in the cellars of the Tower of Ashaba. On the way Khara told us that in the right conditions she could reforge the pendant, but as we entered the sepulcher of the Tower the drow spider-wizard was waiting with more of his lolth-cursed allies!

 Cast of players and their characters for later group:-

  • Robert Cleale, playing Dragonborn Hexblade
  • Chris Night, playing Elf Hunter
  • Tom Wright, playing Dwarf Sentinel
  • John Grey, playing Drow Hexblade
  • Me, Dming

As the heroes attacked the web golem jailer, a trio of deathjump spiders dropped into the mix and proceeded to munch on the party. The golem took a liking to the drow hexblade and latched onto her, despite the hunters forcing it backwards with carefully aimed arrow shots, the golem continued to smash and grab the hexblade, even using her unconscious form to smack the dragonborn!

The fight was brutal and the drow hexblade spent much of it in and out of consciousness but as the last foe fell it seemed that Gauldoth the hunter was reluctant to let his ally Vistra heal their fallen companion. Tensions rose higher as the second part of the pendant of Ashaba and Khara’s equipment were discovered within the remains of the golem and Gauldoth resisted giving them to her. The dragonborn hexblade was able to convince them to heal their drow comrade and allow Khara to retrieve her equipment, but Gauldoth wouldnt relinquish either piece of the pendant.

Acquiring a map to the surface from the deep gnome slaves, the heroes made their way back to the cellars below the Tower of Ashaba in Shadowdale. As they entered the sepulcher they found Valan Jealre waiting for them along with a pair of wicked looking driders!

Again I was amazed at the difference in the way both groups (both players and DM’s) handled the encounter, with the expected turn out for next weeks finale we have allowed all players to level up to 4th level (most of them were pretty close to it anyway) and that was when we realised that John hadnt leveled his drow hexblade up to 3rd! No wonder the golem used him as a rag doll.

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