Web of the Spider Queen- D&D Encounters – session 13


Cast of players and their characters for early group:-

  • Bryce Palmer, playing Human Mage
  • Me, playing Kobold Ranger
  • Matt Mawdsley, playing Dwarf Fighter
  • Daniel Creed, playing Dragonborn Paladin
  • Glenn Waters, playing Svirfneblin Warpriest
  • Robert Cleale, DMing

(From the Tail of Skrit)

As we entered the sepulcher of the Tower the drow spider-wizard was waiting with more of his lolth-cursed allies! The big spider-beasts stretching forward to slash at us as we break from the stairs, but Skrit too quick and ducks under blade!

The wizard and priest call down fire magic on the spider-lord and his beasts as I grab one of my special slingpots and fire it at another skulking drow mage, but I miss and the pot breaks harmlessly against the wall, its runny brown contents dripping down the stonework. The drow mage looks from the stain back to me with disgust, I answer with a shrug and a grin as I draw my blades.

The dragon-warrior pummels one of the spider-beasts to the floor but before we can cheer a smaller bony spider climbs from its body – eugh! More of the drow magelings appear around the room as Khara-red-head bounds up the stairs (taking a slash from the remaining spider-beast) and a magical assault from the spider-lord that leaves her heavily wounded. The dwarf fighter moves to intercept one of the drow mages.


The deep gnome warpriest sends waves of healing energy to Khara before pounding the spider-lord with his trusty weapon as the dwarf, Khara and myself beat upon the drow mage nearest. The dragon-warrior walks through his allies magical fire like one of the mighty draconic beasts he resembles to strike down the remaining spider-beast.


The spider-lord falls before our attacks, but once again we are denied as his body crumbles into thousands of tiny spiders, Skrit tries to bite a couple as they skitter past but his allies remind him that there are still foes to battle. While we tackle the remaining drow, Khara leaps up on the sepulcher and reforges the Pendant of Ashaba, then douses it the river that shares its name before dripping her own blood (as an heir of a former lord of Shadowdale) on it to complete the ritual and restore the wards of protection.

Shadowdale is saved and a party ensues at the Old Skull Inn, a couple of villagers even give Skrit a friendly pat on the head (quickly wiping their hands afterward, but Skrit not mind).


 Cast of players and their characters for later group:-

  • Robert Cleale, playing Dragonborn Hexblade
  • Chris Night, playing Elf Hunter
  • Tom Wright, playing Human Sentinel (very short so used a dwarf figure)
  • John Grey, playing Drow Hexblade
  • Tilly Calow, playing Drow Hunter
  • Me, Dming


As they entered the sepulcher they found Valan Jealre waiting for them along with a pair of wicked looking driders! The heroes are confined within the staircase as the drow lord and driders stand before them. The elf hunter looses a shaft and dazes the drow lord.



The dragonborn hexblade tackles one of the driders and summoning its dark gifts destroys the arachnoid in a flurry of eldritch energy. A small bony spider forms from the driders twisted remains and menaces the heroes as four more drow spellcasters appear, hurling their own magical energies at the assembled heroes.


Valan retreats, summoning a cloud of darkness around himself as Khara reforges the pendant runs for the river. The remaining heroes continue to battle the drow spellcasters as the bone spider created from the second driders demise proceeds to munch on the drow hexblade accompanying the heroes.


The drow realise what Khara is attempting and begin to focus on her, two of them moving to follow her towards the river dock. The sentinel sends her spirit companion to try and intercept them. The drow hexblade summons his own cloud of darkness in an effort to avoid the attentions of the bone spider.

As Khara recovers from the magic assault from the drow she completes the ritual, restoring the wards of Shadowdale. A blinding light flares through the tower and out over all of Shadowdale, several cries of pain can be heard in the sepulcher and surrounding area. As the heroes vision clears they see that all the drow (even their allies) have been severely burned, and their clouds of darkness have been dispelled. With a cry of anguish Valan falls lifeless to the ground, his body cracks open and thousands of tiny spiders skitter away. The remaining wounded drow look as surprised as the heroes, and quickly offer their surrender.

With the defeat of the drow throughout the town a party is thrown at the Old Skull Inn, where the heroes are praised in the same breath as the mighty Elminster.

Two excellent sessions to round out the season, we were hoping to have the new packs for Council of Spiders ready for next week but they hadnt arrived.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who played and DM’d throughout this season (whether for every session or just a couple) the games just wouldnt be the same without you all (It’d just be me being a saddo in the corner reading to myself). Also big thanks to the guys at Tabletop Tyrants for allowing us to invade their wargamers paradise on a weekly basis. Here’s hoping for many more adventures to come.

As they say in the Realms, “Swords high till we meet again!”. 


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