Council of Spiders – DnDEncs Season 10 – session 2

Early Session – Xune’s journal.

As the dust settled behind us the svirfneblin attacked, calling out that they had been warned of our approach by a goblin. The doughty dwarven warrior stepped up to the plate and engaged them joined by a grumbling dragonborn paladin (who kept murmuring something about keeping my pet away from him) I decided to wait alongside the human priest but the impetuous man decided to step into the fray.

One of the accursed gnomes fired his slingshot at me, so I responded with my hand crossbow, burying one of my spider-blessed bolts deep into his fleshy legs, the trialing strands of spider webbing entangling his feet and slowing his progress temporarily.

My travelling companions soon became embroiled in a heated melee leaving me little choice but to join in, bringing my scepter of Lolth to bare on deep gnome skulls. All the while the dragonborn continued to mumble his fears that my pet would feast upon him (as if I would sully its fangs with such degenerate fluids) but he also made several disparaging remarks about our illustrious dark lady, I shall have to watch him closely and take action if and when the time comes. The dwarf continues to fight well, almost eager to protect me, may Lolth bless his hammer-swings against our arrayed enemies. I shall ensure that he receives the blessings of her favour when his wounds require.

Eventually the svirfneblin were defeated though there was no sign of the goblin they mentioned nor the traitorous priestess from the Faen Tlabbar expedition, the warriors regrouped and led the way as we continued through the tunnels toward our goal.

Late Session

Surprised by the suddenness of the svirfneblin ambush, the party we’re caught napping as the deep gnomes advanced from thier hidden positions. One of the sling-wielders tipped over the brazier, plunging the area into concealing darkness until the blackguard activated a sunrod from his pack. The light source revealed that the gnomes were bottle-necking them as a pair of sturdy looking warriors with warpicks set about the party, supported by a handful of miners, and a sinister looking garrote wielder.

The dragonborn hexblade transported himself into the midst of the enemies, summoning a madenning mist around himself. As it cleared the swarthy gnome got the garrote around his scaly neck and began to choke him, using the dragonborn as cover from other attacks.

The drow hunter began to launch a hail of deadly shafts through the tunnel, rapidly thinning the gnome ranks while the blackguard and the sentinal’s wolf companion battled against the pickmen. The gnome slingers responded to the hunters volleys with accurate slingshots, bouncing them from their initial targets into secondary ones and causing more than a few heavy bruises.

The battle was bloody and costly, but thanks to the sentinals healing magic the heroes weathered the storm, capturing the last of the heavily wounded slingers as he attempted to flee. As the blackguard and hexblade began to question him, the sentinal commanded his wolf to bite the defenceless gnome to “encourage” his co-operation, unfortunately it was too much for the little svirfneblin and caused him to expire.

Recovering gems and equipment dropped by the now deceased deep gnomes, the party continued through the tunnels to the outpost and their destination.

As usual, I played in the early session while Robert DM’d and we swapped for the second session. The earlier session very nearly overran our timeslot, due in no small part to the addition of a new player and our paladin showing her the ropes, but after all thats what Encounters is all about, so no harm no foul. The second session seemed to run through the encounter a lot easier, although I think Robert had increased the difficulty a little harder than I had, but thats part of the fun – neither of us know what the other is going to do and so its fair to everyone.

Next session Robert is working and so unavailable to DM or play, so due to numbers (they’ll lose me as a player so I can DM) we are combining the two groups to face my encounter. This means that should everyone else turn up, we’ll have a pair of drow hunters, a dwarf fighter, a dragonborn paladin, a human sentinal, and a human priest. No drow priestess of Lolth to keep them in line!

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2 Responses to “Council of Spiders – DnDEncs Season 10 – session 2”

  1. Nicely done! Increasing the stats of the deep gnomes made this encounter a lot harder for my players, as well. They almost all died, but somehow made it through, which I believe made it much more rewarding for them. We even had some great drow roleplaying.

  2. Excellent write up. Can’t wait till next session.

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