Council of Spiders – DnD Encounters Season 10 – Sessions 4-6

First off an apology for the lack of write ups for the last 3 sessions but other circumstances had demanded my attention, these no longer have a strangle hold on me so here’s a catch up.

Session 4 saw the respective parties make their way to the ruined compound supposedly being used to house the Council of Spiders. Both sessions tried to bluff/intimidate their way in with varying success before the ensconced wizards attacked. Biggest difference was the party composition, early group saw 3 drow 1 dragonborn, while later group had a revenant, human and dragonborn, but judicious use of sunrods negated the use of the concealing darkness. Both groups had little trouble despatching the wizards before descending the stairs.

Session 5 was a combined group/single session. Still only had 1 drow accompanied by 2 dragonborn, a revenant and human. The assassin used his cloud of darkness to aid his escape to the library and left the heroes to fight the dark ones. The fight was brutal but not over long. When the party caught up with the assassin in the library he coup de gras’ed the helpless Hostar and disappeared in a cloud of shadows that formed a dragonlike shape around him before pulling him through a shadow portal to safety. The heroes recovered a staff of striking and Hoshtar’s body before returning to their patrons.

Session 6 was one I personally wasnt looking forward to, the obligatory skill challenge week. However, both sessions got through it using purely role-playing  (I dont think we rolled a single dice all night). Unfortunately it also proved to be short sessions and due to other issues I didnt run a combat encounter as suggested to “pad” the session. Both sessions having agreed to see the creation of the deamon-weave for their own ends.

So we begin the final 2 sessions of the season next week, I’ll try to get write ups done if time allows.


3 Responses to “Council of Spiders – DnD Encounters Season 10 – Sessions 4-6”

  1. Interesting, I take the early group dedided on exactly on the same thing we did I take it.

    • As far as I can remember, we agreed to make sure the deamon weave got created and to worry about the fall out after. My priestess said if it came to civil war it would weed out those too weak to serve Lolth.

  2. Session 6 was quite interesting. Open for interpretation from whoever was running the particular table. I personally was not tantalized by the encounter, it had potential, but the players botched it. Oh well. It is almost a little tast of Next…

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