Council of Spiders – DnD Encounters Season 10 – Sessions 7

Early session

The party had been told that the assassin belonged to the Jaezred Chaulssin, and the possible location of their hiding place had been discovered within the slum district.

Forewarned and forearmed, they discover the trap door leading to deeper tunnels before coming out into a larger chamber. A trio of sentries guard the entrance into their destination but a priestess of Melarn and her entourage seem surprised to see the party and obviously didnt want to be seen having dealings with the assassins.

The lesser priestess’s fall easily to the hunters rain if arrows while the dragonborn and avenger tackle the hooded drow and main priestess. The sentries look on impassively until the party try to pass, but the heroes make short work of them also before venturing further into the complex.

Later session

This time through (a smaller party) found the priestess and her reduced entourage harder going, and although they fought bravely, the vampire was given an eternal rest and the human sentinel (ever the mercenary) decided to flee while he still could. Planning on regrouping and trying again once the priestess’s had moved on.


The only issue I had with this session really was why it was a Priestess of Melarn, a house that had been portrayed throughout the season as devout advocates of Lolth, that was seen consorting with the hated Chaulssin assassins. I guess its just to sow further dissent between players of differing houses, but as our early session had no Melarn’s within it the point fell flat (I was DMing so my Melarn priestess was absent), and the late session Melarn vampire attacked her in a rage of betrayal but as there were no other drow in the party it had little relevance.

Season finale next session, cant say that I’m sorry and having looked at the first session notes for the following season I’m glad to see a return to a normal style of D&D.


One Response to “Council of Spiders – DnD Encounters Season 10 – Sessions 7”

  1. Ah yes, the joys of playing in character…

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