D&D Encounters Season 11 – War of Everlasting Darkness – session 2

I ran this in two session as usual.

Our first session the players really g0t in to the RP side of play interacting with the villagers and later, the orc king. The brief combat with the scouts at the village lasted a couple of rounds and our berserker actually took some solid hits (thats what happens when you get flanked by a pair of orc savages lol) before the party were victorious. The scene with the orc king went well and the “challenge” fight worked well with the rest of the party using their skills to help out without being caught (the beserker interfering with the shamens whistling while the druid and mage used hidden casting to assist the cavalier) Fleeing the assassination threat the opted to head straight to the rubbish chute and avoided patrols on the way. The players enjoyed the session and all participated in the game throughout.

The second group was a different story. The pixie skald ignored the villagers plight in favour of plundering the now abandoned village pub. After the skirmish with the scouts the party travelled to Dark Arrow Keep. When it came to the archers shooting Rhuup the cavalier took the hit, dropping him to unconsciousness so the party administered the tears of helm (their only healing since the skald used his encounter power in the skirmish earlier). The hexblade took on the challenge while the others placed huge bets with the surrounding orcs. During the fight the cavalier tried to take a flagon of ale from an orc, resulting in him being knocked into the arena with a pair of surly drunken orcs. Once the party were victorious they went to claim their winnings to be told sorry due to the cavaliers interference all bets were off. During the Kings feast the pixie and cavalier decided to have a fist fight (for “entertainment”) before retiring to the alloted chambers. They chose to escape via the chute also but the cavalier chose to grab pixie and throw him down first.


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