D&D Encounters Season 11 – War of Everlasting Darkness – session 3

Both of our groups made short work of this session.

Early group decided to try a side entrance and most held back while our half-orc beserker blagged the guarding orcs, convincing the leader and 2 others to go and confirm his orders, then the mage used hypnotism to make the remaining pair of minions kill each other.

Entering the dwarf tunnels they encountered the pit trap (the half-orc “discovered” it and the “broken rungs” of the ladder) before tackling the riddling statues. This was a fun little test of their logic and they paid quite a bit of attention to it before passing without injury.

The orc and drow in the tunnels posed very little threat to the group, the combat lasting barely 3 rounds, before a dwarven patrol heard the noise and took them before the King. The heroes readily offered to assist in defending Mithril Hall before setting out for Citadel Adbar.

The late group chose to hunt for a secret entrance, however their group stealth was atrocious and so they stumbled upon an orc patrol (used the side entrance band).

Eventually finding an entrance they make their way through the dwarven tunnels (after realising that Garls Poppet and the Tears of Helm don’t light up indoors) and encountered a trap (of both magical and physical nature) which fired metal darts up from the floor, which struck the pixie skald as it flew over (thinking it was safe if it didn’t touch the floor – wrong). Eventually disabling the trap, they moved on to the statue puzzle where the very logically minded hexblade worked the puzzle out quickly.

The fight with the orc and drow took a little longer but heroes were victorious. Again taken before the King of Mithril Hall before “negotiating” to aid in the defense of the hall until they left to travel to Citadel Adbar.

I liked the setup for this session with the different choices on how to access the Hall, though none of my group chose to try the horn or command tent, once inside the dwarf halls the statue puzzle was fun but a little too easy. The fight with the orc and drow was short and I was a little bemused as to why the drow commander of the siege would either try this with only one ally and/or be such a low threat himself (I know the encounters have to be balanced), this would have made more sense if it was just one of his assassins with maybe a small orc escort.


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