D&D Encounters Season 11 – War of Everlasting Darkness – session 7

Due to the “Festive Season” and other inconveniences our “early session” was once again ran as a catch-up game via the wonderful www.roll20.com and a google hangout, but the later session ran in store as normal.

Bouyed by their respective victories in Nesme both groups made their way to Blingdenstone to meet with the dwarf, Axelcrantz, discovering they had to head deeper into the Underdark to the Duergar city of Gracklstugh. But it wasnt going to be that easy, the straightforward route by boat over the Deeplake was obstructed by Blingdenstone Harbour being frozen solid and occupied by Fimbrul ice devils. Despite being aware that there was an overland (underland??) route through the tunnels, both groups chose to heroically free the harbour. The battle with the devils was fun, especially once they began restraining and immobilizing the heroes thus making them susceptible to the intense cold, but the result was inevitably a win for the heroes.

With the harbour now defrosting nicely both groups chose to accept the ferry service of Daft Tooger and his Pretty Lilly (no thats not a euphamism) and so both ran afoul of the dragon turtle en route. The early group made abysmal diplomacy rolls not aided by the half-orc beserker asking if he could hit it and so the beast gave them a blast of its boiling breath before finally listening to their story and leaving to hunt for its eggs. The late group’s silver tongued hexblade aced the interaction.

Arriving in Gracklstugh both groups made their way to the smithy of Master Gemen (after being reminded of his name) and found him hard at work at his forge with his Derro apprentices milling around. Both groups took considerable damage from the psychic quizzing of the Derro hive mind which made the fight with the considerably hard minion Derro touch and go before finally the heroes were victorious.

Master Gemen then gave the heroes the task of assisting him in creating the light blade, requiring specific skill checks be made. The early group again suffered some terrible rolls, resulting in only a +1 blade, but the late group aced it,gaining a +3 blade.

And so armed with the Relics of Light our mighty heroes prepare to enter the Spellcaves of Eryndlyn and finally face the source of the Darkening.

I enjoyed running this session as the mini skill challenge in the smithy actually made sense to me (I’m not a huge fan of skill challenges in general) and for that encounter I used part of the Horned Hold from H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth to represent the smithy itself.

The season finale should prove interesting as the early group has managed to acquire/retrieve all 6 Relics of Light, whereas the late group only have 3 (Garls Poppet, Corellons Gaze, and Gemens Blade). The fate of the Silver Marches, and perhaps the Realms, hangs on the skill of a handful of heroes (and some lucky die rolls).



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