D&D Encounters Season 12 – Against the Cult of Chaos – Session 4

We were back to “normal” this week with two back to back sessions.

Early Group

The heroes searched the underground base of Lareth (no longer the Beautiful) and uncovered the scroll of final words, a suit of verve armour and an avalanche maul, along with a brazier of silver flame that formed into a wolf-like visage before informing them that they had only delayed the inevitable and that Miska would still be freed and overrun the lands.

Returning to Hommel Lane they were met on the road by Ranne the aging druid who told them of a group of farmboys, led by Otis, that had been inspired by the heroes to tackle the monsters in the nearby Caves of Chaos, and urged them to go after and save the youths. As the party approached they were attacked by a spectral knight that accused them of being followers of Chaos, before they could get further information the heroes pumelled the knight enough to dissipate his form.

Approaching the caves they saw a deep pulsing glow from one entrance and investigated, finding Otis near death, a huge sword embedded in his chest. Before they could choose a course of action the humanoids of the caves began to attack. Kobolds, orcs, goblins, hobgoblins and ogres began to wear the heroes defenses aware before they finally decided to grab Otis (sword and all) and flee for their lives. As they did so the spectral knight reappeared, but this time charged the monstrous horde pursuing them, allowing the party to escape.

Otis was able to tell the heroes as they returned to Hommel Lane that the knight was the ghost of Haffron Hommel, having met him on his own journey to the Caves. The knights spirit was bound here after he had tried to close a Chaos Mote deep in the caves and prevent Miska the wolf-spider from entering this plane 200 years ago. Haffron had told Otis and his friends that they needed to recover 3 items to seal the demon away in its extra-plannar prison once more – the Chaos Blade (the sword stuck in Otis’s chest), the scroll of Final Words (that the heroes had recovered from Lareth), and the Death Circlet (whereabouts unknown). His injuries worsening Otis begged the heroes to take him to the Druid for help.

Later group

The late group proceeded pretty much as the earlier one had, apart from they managed to remove the blade while one of them held off the first waves of monsters, but once the ogre turned up they too decided to flee to safety, despite the Chaos Blade whispering to the minotaur that was wielding it that it needed feeding.

I had to be a little railroady with my groups this week as previous sessions having overrun timewise meant they were not quite at the right point to begin this week but aside from this the players looked to be having fun and so we continue next session with both parties arriving back in Hommel Lane.


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