D&D Encounters Season 12 – Against the Cult of Chaos – Session 5

The heroes took Otis to the druid who was able remove the Chaos Blade without causing harm to the farmboy. As they retired to the Golden Grain Bertram greeted them with the news that the town was a buzz with word of their heroics and wanted to show its appreciation with an impromptu party.

During the celebrations Valorite the Goliath Battlemind came 2nd in a drinking contest, succumbing to the “old 63” while the dwarven Runesmith beat Wee Big Gertie in an bout of arm-wrestling, winning her prized dagger and resulting in her tipping the table over and leaving with a grumble about “unfair lower center of gravity”. The Elven Rogue was intrigued by tales of one of the regular’s tattoo’s and followed him to the kitchen for a “private viewing” while the enigmatic shade Vampire took on the pub champion at darts, narrowly losing by 3 points. As he retrieved his last throw from the board another dart was thrown, hitting the treble 1 and dropping him down a hidden trapdoor, just as the rogue came running back in screaming about a pair of rough looking chaps hiding in the kitchen that (he claimed) wanted to do “unspeakable things” to his person!

The heroes quickly rallied, with the rogue and runesmith triggering the trapdoor (using Gerties dagger) and dropping down after their missing comrade and the Goliath belching a roar as he chased the men down the back stairs, Bertram in tow, eager to find out what was occuring in his own cellar.

The vampire, rogue and runesmith found themselves in a concealed back room with a shifty looking guy stood beside a large door, he fired his crossbow at the vampire, opened the door and fled down the revealed tunnel. But the heroes couldnt pursue as a pair of Bullywugs came out of the tunnel and attacked them. The first charged the vampire, knocking him to the ground, the second tried to do the same to the runesmith but tripped itself over instead. The rogue sprang on to the table and assisted the runesmith in tackling the bullywug.

Valorite barrelled into the nearest pair of goons, despatching them with a swipe of his maul, then vaulted over the table and with a roundhouse swipe took out more of the hired muscle. Bertram charged at a goon in the corner, but at the last moment continued the swing of his cudgel and smacked the surprised Goliath, momentarily dazing the huge warrior.

The shift fellow returned, armed with a wicked longsword as one of the Bullywugs fell. His precise strikes soon had the vampire lying limp and lifeless (well more than usual for an undead) as the rogue stepped in to defend his ally. The Goon in the corner pushed the false barrels away and moved to attack the runesmith, but his strike fell way short.

Soon only Bertram remained and as the Runesmith healed the vampire back to consciousness the rotund barkeep surrendered, “I’m sorry she made me do it!” he cried. Questioning revealed that the goons and bullywugs had taken Bertram’s family hostage and forced him to allow them to traffic villagers etc through to their “mistress”, he didnt know who or what she was nor where the tunnels led, just that the few villagers that came back “heard her voice in their heads”. With a promise not to raise any alarms they let Bertram remain behind and checked the tunnel out.

The first exit they found led into the ruined cellar of the burnt down Inn at the centre of town, following the continuing tunnel it came to a securely closed silver door. The runesmith used his dwarven knowhow to calculate they were somewhere under the Temple of the Lawbringer, and so the heroes returned to the surface and headed to the Temple for answers.

We only had our early session this week as people had work and family commitments at last minute. But this was still a great session (despite the skill challenge aspect of the “party” – I just dont like them) with the players trying lots of improvised movements and as it fitted the heroic actions we ran with it (particularly impressive was the Goliaths vault over the table to AP the goons on the far side, not so impressive was the runesmith attempting to bull rush the fake barrels and failing – mainly because they needed to slide sideways, but it was highly amusing). In 30+ years of Dming this was the first time I’ve actually used Bullywugs, my only previous experience of them being bungling minions in the old D&D Cartoon, and I must say they were fun, though my players were glad I couldn’t do the french accent I threatened them with and groaned at my “croaked it” joke.

Photo’s from the session can be found http://www.meetup.com/EMRPGG/photos/13667342/#214068572


One Response to “D&D Encounters Season 12 – Against the Cult of Chaos – Session 5”

  1. Yes, yes, YES. THIS is *exactly* what D&D is all about. Characters drinking and carousing and then things really go sideways. What an great read…!

    Your description of this adventure session should be required reading for every clueless co-worker, family member, and associate of mine who finds out I play D&D then asks, “So what happens in this Dungeons & Dragons game you play?” I could hand them this post and say, “Here, read this and try to understand all the awesome this contains. Go ahead. I’ll wait.”

    Nicely done!!

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