D&D Encounters Season 12 – Against the Cult of Chaos – Session 7

This week we only had the late group on Wednesday due to work commitments etc, but ran a catch-up session on Saturday morning via http://www.roll20.com for the early group. Both groups were tackling the shrine of the Reptile God but had got there by different routes (session 6).

Late Group

Battered and bruised from the bullywug and wights the heroes fled up the tunnel towards the surface, unfortunately their persuers were faster and quickly overwhelmed them, taking them prisoners and returning to the staging area. The party were pushed onto the rickety raft as a quartet of bullywugs ferried them across the murky lake to their hideous god-beings shrine.

As they defiantly stood before the naga, Canoness Yeeday used a prayer from the Lawbringer to cause a radiant flash, disabling the guards and causing the badly tied bonds on the heroes to crumble to dust. Each hero was quick to grab their weapons from the fallen guards and battle with the naga and its bullywug priest was joined.

The hexblade fell under the reptile gods sway temporarily, turning to eat the soul of minotaur runepriest beside him (and critting!) while the remaining minotaur knight strode between the prostrate villagers to strike at the beast directly. The battle was bloody and brutal, eapecially once a wight that had been lurking in the murk joined in sensing possible meals, but the heroes were eventually victorious. The villagers and Canoness lay amongst the dead, collatoral damage of the naga’s poisonous spittle.

The runepriest reverently picked up the lifeless form of the Canoness, wanting to return her to Hommel Lane as the others retrieved the Circlet of Death from the reptiles corpse. As they picked it up they could hear Miska the wolf-spiders mocking laughter echoing around the chamber just before the whole place began to rumble and collapse. A mad dash to the surface later and the heroes began the long trudge backe to the village.

http://www.meetup.com/EMRPGG/photos/14014812/#219701222 (Late group session photos)

Early Group (rescheduled game)

Stepping into the glow of the altar-portal beneath the Temple of the Lawbringer our heroes vision was temporarily blinded. As the glow faded they found themselves in a damp cave lit by a dimly glowing algea on the moist walls. Before them they could see a small underground lake of inky black water and hidden by a corner of the cavern wall something was glowing ahead. Not happy with the insufficient light Iggy the sorceror used a sunrod to illuminate the cavern. Using a rickety raft on the shore of the lake they poled their way around until they could see what was casuing the other glow, finding another shore-like ledge where a dozen missing villager knelt prostrate before the Reptile God with Canoness Yeeday bound beside them. They also realised that the “villager” beside the canoness was actually the froglike being they had followed through the portal.

The heroes decided to wait offshore and use their ranged attacks to precision fire upon their foes, unfortunately the genasi fell under the sway of the naga and turned upon his allies just as a pair of wights began to circle the raft intent on making a meal of the party.

The heroes soon had to abandon the raft in favour of a more direct aproach and the party were quickly bloodied and bruised but thankfully the canoness was able to help with a few well-timed healing prayers. Eventually their foes were defeated without the loss of any villagers. As they retrieved the Circlet of Death the chamber rang with the demonic laughter of Miska and began to collapse on the now panicking villagers. A jagged cleft appeared in the wall of the ledge and the heroes deduced it led somewhat to the surface and so guided the villagers past a number of dangers until they once again stood beneath the open sky and could make their way home to Hommel Lane.





And so both groups return to Hommel Lane with all three artifacts, ready to face the season finale


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