Warhammer 40K Club – Battle Royale

I played in a  500pt multiplayer game event yesterday, three players drawn randomly for each of the three tables available.

Knowing I could be facing anything from Necrons to Orks and everything between, I chose to have a very basic Chaos Marine expeditionary force

  • a Sorcerer (Biomancy Smite power, no extra gear)
  • a 10 man squad of Marines (7 x Boltgun, 1 x Heavy Bolter, 1 x Flamer, 1 Asp Champ no extra gear – Veterans of the long war)
  • a 7 man Marine squad with no extra gear (veterans of long war still)
  • a 5 man Havoc squad (2 x Heavy Bolter, 2 x Missile Launchers (F&K), Asp Champ, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of long war).

My thinking was the commanders would not commit major forces to such a minor task as scouting the world below.

I was drawn on a table with a force of Angels of Redemption (Chaplain leading an Assault Squad with jump packs, tactical squad mounted in Rhino, and scouts with sniper rifles), and then the Grey Knights arrived – IN A LANDRAIDER!!!! Inquistitor Corteaz with his retinue (including 2 death cult assassins and a crusader) mounted inside the Flamer/multimelta/Twin-linked Assault Cannon armoured beast of a transport. Supported by a psyker unit.

I was going to be truly boned! I said my marines were actually equipped with paint bombs which they intended to plaster the Angels with so as to make the Inquisition believe they were also Black Legion – turns out I didn’t need to as once battle was joined we were both targeted.

Between us the only models on the board that could even scratch the Landraider were the missile launchers (on lucky 6′s) or the Chaplain with his melta bombs.

Needless to say the Inquisition made mincemeat of us, though to be fair when my sorcerer actually charged and challenged Corteaz (after my heavy bolters reduced his retinue to a single man) it was down to a psychic power granted reroll of his save to prevent my force weapon devouring his soul – right before he smashed my skull in with his thunder hammer.

While the event organiser hadn’t specified any restriction on what you could or couldn’t take for the event most of the other players were surprised that someone had actually brought a Landraider.

It must be the RPG player in me that just enjoys making a more fluff orientated force for my games rather than a hyper-competitive “win at all costs” tournament-style force.

As time was still available some of us chose to play a second game and I was sandwiched between Imperial Salamanders and Dark Eldar. Unfortunately the result was very similar as I quickly found myself getting pounded from both sides and couldn’t compete with the high initiative of the DE Archon and his retinue of witches ripped through my squad before I knew what hit me.

Dont get me wrong I had an absolute blast and thoroughly enjoyed my day, I was just a little surprised at how competitive the world of 40k tabletop gaming had become in my several years absence from regular play.

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5 Responses to “Warhammer 40K Club – Battle Royale”

  1. You were robbed! 255pt(Landraider) + 100pts(Coatez)+ 260(2 x130 for cheapest deathcult assassins) = 615 + the rest of the points for the minis.

    • Had a look in the 5e Grey Knights booklet.
      Inq Coteaz 100pts
      henchmen 5 x War acolytes 20 pts
      2 x DC Assassins 30 pts
      1 x crusader 15 pts
      henchmen 2 x war acolytes 8 pts
      5 x psykers 50 pts
      Landraider redeemer + multimelta 255pts

      For a total of 478pts, so points wise its ok, what I cant see is how Coteaz was increased to a level 3 psyker and changed his powers. Didnt realise you could change a “special” characters equipment etc.

      But hey ho – we had fun anyway. With the upcoming tournament we’ll be more wary.

  2. fenriryan Says:

    Great right up Mik.
    Glad you had a good time regardless.
    I look forward to your progression to a true Warmaster of Chaos.
    Have to play you at Gifts one Wednesday too, would be a laugh Im sure.

  3. Gary Walker Says:

    Although a slightly screwed perspective, Mik does make a good point about Corteaz. Perhaps he works in the same way as Ezekiel who has Mastery Level of 3. Whereby he must take Mind Worm, but may generate two more powers from the Divination, Pyromancy, Telepathy and Telekinesis disciplines.

    • Those pesky droids in the Administratum Imperialis saw fit to issue a dreaded faq which my renegade spies were slow to decipher. (See I just can’t help it with this fluff stuff, aaaargh!).

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