D&D Encounters Season 13 – Storm over Neverwinter – Session 4 & 5

Session 4

The heroes were surprised to find a street urchin in their midst, who proceeded to lead them after a group of suspected Ashmadai heading to raid a merchants home.

Upon arrival the heroes find several cult thugs led by a devil facing off with a lightning staff weilding mage. The fight is close with the thugs making good use of their mob tactics but the powerful bolts the mage assists with evens things up. After the fight they recognise him as the one that Lady Nidris had the intense conversation with back in the Moonstone Mask. He explained that he had come to Neverwinter from Cormyr seeking help for his wife whose mind had been shattered by a curse. She was now in the Helms Hold but the caretaker wouldnt let him in to help. Though his wifes condition was beyond him he had been studying and developing mind magic and asked the heroes to put in a good word for him so that he could put his skills to use helping the unfortunate victims of the kidnappings. The heroes agreed to do so after regrouping and resting.

Session 5

A sudden drop in numbers due to IRL events meant we only ran one session this week.

Our players attended the Swordmasters wake and were presented with his weapon as per his wishes. While there they also spoke to a distraught Lady Nidris who told them her son had been taken to the Hold after going nutso upon their return to her compound, she asked them to deliver a letter to him as the stewards at the Hold wouldnt let her in.

When the bedraggled messenger arrived with his missive, Lady Nidris offered her carriage to speed the heroes journey to Helms Hold. Realising a frontal assault would avail them naught they invstigated the rear of the building, but rather than try passing through the back door our halfling barbarian chose to use his rope to swing and crash through through the large stained glass window into the main hall – although this was meant to be done in next session I decided to go with it and proceeded to use the Chartilifax encounter (keeping Vargas’s big reveal for the finale). Even tweaking the encounter down for the reduced party size it proved to be a brutal encounter with all of them getting bloodied or worse (the druid was ripped to shreds by the dragons claw attack).

One highlight though was the players idea for the hunter to fire an arrow with her rope attached into the dragons shoulder, allowing the crazy halfling barbarian to vault onto the beast and ride the dragon around the hall. This proved most amusing, until Chartilifax fled out into the storm, but even then the halfling refused to release his grip until the mad dragon dove towards the ground. The halfling managed to leap off to safety as the lunatic beast disappeared into the storm.


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