D&D Encounters Season 13 – Storm over Neverwinter – Session 6

Sadly this also only saw a reduced single session due to real life raising its ugly head and intervening, so it saw me waiting for the 2 hours of the not happening early session until those of the late group that could make it arrived. As they had missed the previous session I combined information from both into this one which ended up running very similar to the early groups session 5 last week.

Spending a few days resting and replenishing their stocks the heroes attended the wake of the dwarven swordcaptain. While there they spoke with Lady Nidris who asked them to deliver a letter to her son who’d been taken to Helms Hold after a violent relapse. As the storm had returned in earnest she offered the use of her personal coach to make the journey easier. As the ceremony closed a ragged messenger arrived and relayed the information that the Tormentor had taken over the Hold and incited the inmates to riot.

The heroes rushed there in Lady Nidris’s coach to find a mob at the gates, so decided to try the back door. Once inside they began to make their way round to open the main doors but we’re spotted by a strange green elf holding a limp halfling form by the hair “Little heroes come to play, little heroes die today!” sang the elf as he morphed into a cray-eyed green dragon and flung the halfling aside. At the sime time the surrounding corridors began filling with a foul green fog (ending your turn within it caused 5 poison damage, no save but ends once you leave the fog).

Photos from the session

The dwarf sentinal and his spirit hound continued heading to the main doors, coughing and spluttering as they went. The elf hunter and dragonborn hexblade faced the dragon and a handful of former lunatics armed with broken furniture. The hunter made use of his ranged attacks to keep the dragons attention while the hexblade dealt with the lunatics until the dragon managed to shrug off the hunters volley and took to the air.

The dwarf managed to find the keys on a fallen guard and opened the main doors hoping to elicit help from the assembled mob, unfortunately when they saw the roiling gas they panicked and fled. The dour dwarf then tried to get in into the main hall only to find that the door was locked and barred, the guards key dealt with the lock but the poison gas had obviously weakened him so that he struggled to break the barred door open.

The dragon made use of his flyby attacks and opportune recharges of his breath weapon to whittle the heroes down while suffering at their hands somewhat too. Just as the dwarf finally burst in the hexblade succumbed to his wounds and fell into unconsciousness. The heroes thought this may be their final day but as the dragon took to the wing once more they were pleasantly surprised as it burst out through the stained glass window into the storm beyond.

With the fresh flow of stormy air blowing through, the noxious fumes cleared. The dwarf revived the hexblade and the fallen halfling, but as they explored further they found a scene of devastation in the Sun Room. Several members of the Hold’s staff and its inmates lay dead from exposure to the gas – amongst them was Zan, Lady Nidris’s son.

The heroes talked to the halfling whom they recognised as the Prophet and discovered that the dragon was a inmate that had been trapped in its elf form for its on safety but when the Tormentor had taken over his mental assault had released the dragons rage. The Prophet told them that the Tormentor had fled upstairs and pausing long enough to heal somewhat the heroes set off after him.

Despite having low number of players again this was a fun session to run, though I had the dragon flee once he’d suffered 100pts rather than wait till he was down to only 70 hp left. The gas filled corridorsI had already decided could destroy the prisoners in the Sun Room after 3 rounds exposure which wouldnt have been so harsh had the heroes all dealt iththe dragon directly, however the heroes now feel a sense of wanting to avenge the poor souls in addition to the monetary reward promised from Lord Neverember. We did have to laugh at the dwarf who failed three rolls in a row to bash the hall doors open, due to weakening from the poison I ruled that if he failed the roll by more than 10 he’d take d4 damage – which he did all three times – and almost fell unconscious from it combined with the continuing poison damage!


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