Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign – session 3

Finally got the opportunity and incentive to catch up on our campaigns write ups – apologies for the delay.

Session 3

The heroes having reported the destruction of the shrine or Orcus under the traders shop to Lord Padraig realise that Benn the bear was missing. Sam the druid began searching, and was informed by a gate-guard that the bear had run out of town in roughly the direction of Rourke’s Drop.The party quickly set off in pursuit, and found the bears tracks intercepted those of a large group of humanoids. Exploring further they discovered a group of hobgoblin slavers.

The heroes engaged the hobgoblins and mid-fight a hulking hair-ball burst from the nearby trees, launching itself off the ridge line and flattening the hobgoblin leader. Sam was very happy to see his bear returned but announced to the party that the violent life of adventuring wasnt for him. Agreeing to escort the former slaves back to Winterhaven he would take up the opportunity to tend to the needs of the locals that worshipped the gods of the land.

The heroes thought they were bereft of a healer until one of the freed captives revealed that he was a priest of Arvandra, named Bron, and that he would gladly join their troupe in battling the evils that befallen the area. And so the party said fond farewells to Sam and Benn before continuing on towards Rourke’s Drop and the suspected kobold lair.

Finally reaching the waterfall they found a considerable group of kobolds scattered around the entrances. As the heroes engaged the yapping guardians they also came under fire from several javelins being hurled from the waterfall cave mouth above. The party made short work of the outer guards and soon made their way into the cave lair to find more kobolds led by a kobold wild mage and rather rotund goblinoid named Irontooth. Despite his appearance Irontooth was an agile and powerful foe and under his command the kobolds soon had the heroes on the defensive.

Eventually the heroes were victorious, albeit bloodied and battered and their foes lay dead at their feet (or in the case of the wild mage who exploded, smeared around the walls). In with the treasure the heroes also found a pair of notes, the first written in a faintly familiar hand read “They are coming! Prepare!”, while the second was written in goblin which the party finally deciphered as reading “Saa (Greetings) Ghaal (Mighty) Irontooth, We have received your chaat’oor (human) tuuvotos (slaves). Good work brother. Lhevk-ruh (Skilled Warlord) Krand is proud of your work. – Shava (Sword Brother) Tra’ak”.

Tending their wounds the heroes gathered their treasure and returned to Winterhaven for a well-earned rest.

Photos from the session



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