Warhammer 40K Club – Black Legion v Ork battle report

Today saw my 4th round battle in our min-tournament, this time facing off against the greenskin horde of the Orks. Tournament rules allowed us to tweak our list for the final two rounds and so I decided to try something a little different.

My amended force list

Rolling for warlord traits I got Soul Blaze, so Lord Morrow and his unit all had that special rule for the duration. As I had already declared that he and sorcerer Unsa had joined the Men of Mayhem this worked nicely for me. I rolled to see what psychic powers Unsa as gifted with taking a Biomancy (getting haemorrhage) and 2 Nurgle (getting Nurgles Rot, and Plague Wind) – I so should have made jokes about Unsa lighting his farts!

With the mission already decided by the tournament rules (The Emperors Will Balls) we rolled and got the diagonal setup of Vanguard Strike and the Orks won the roll to deploy and go first. As I sat watching the inevitable mass of green build on the opposite side of the board my own forces began to look quite meagre. Once Paul had finished setting up my Havoc’s, the Spartan holding Morrow’s reaper crew, both rhinos with troop squads in, and the Defiler. Holding my bike squad and hellbrute in reserve.CAM00383

Then came the chance for me to seize the initiative, the dice rolled….and came up a 6!  “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war”. My rhinos moved position slightly and then the cannons roared to life. The Spartan loosed its quad-lascannon sponsons and heavy bolters at one of the killer kan units quickly taking one out and the resulting explosion taking a few of the nearest orks with it. The defiler belched its battle cannon and reaper autocannon into the massed horde and my scatter dice held true once again. Despite taking so many orks as casualties, there still seemed to be hundreds left.

The orks were quick to respond with most running forward, eager to engage my forces. The two squads of lootas, thankfully, rolled poorly on their roll for number of shots.

Round two saw my Hellbrute come on at the far right and head towardCAM00384 the nearest boyz mob. followed by one of the rhinos. My bikers decided they wanted to finish their breakfast. Squad Chibb’s disembarked and their rhino moved forward to provide a little more cover. The Spartan had remained still and finished of the Kan unit. The Havocs fired at the nearest boyz with frag missiles and their lascannon, causing a few casualties but nothing major. The Defiler continued to fire his accurate battle cannon and reaper into the next nearest Kan unit, causing more strife for the hordes.



Part of the orks air support arrived, heading straight atCAM00385 the defiler but only managing a glancing hit. The Warboss and his unit moved on to the board and the rest of the horde continued to advance. The third Kan unit managed to blast a couple of members of Squad Chibb’s to pieces but the unholy warriors refused to be distracted.

Round three saw my bikers arrive and they headed on to the field in front of the remaining Kans unit. The Spartan decided to burst forward and unleash its deadly cargo before taking a shot at a Loota unit with one of its sponsons. The unleashed terminators trudged ahead blasting at the boyz mob with weapons and psychic powers, setting the survivors alight. The Defiler edged across to better view his targets and once again fired the battle cannon and reaper taking out the CAM00386central Kan unit. Squad Chibb’s rhino put it in reverse shooting its combi-bolters into the boyz as it went, the warpflame gargoyles coating the bolter shells in Soul Blaze and setting more greenskin scum alight. The path clear Chibb’s led his squad forward despite the protestations of his heavy bolter wielder, firing their pistols and flamer into the burning boyz before charging into them. The newly arrived bikers wheeled at the remaining Kans priming their krak grenades and melta-bomb as they charged in, only to be sliced to death leaving only Jax their champion alive who promptly failed his morale check, hitting the throttle and racing back off the board (for an army named for a fictional biker gang my bikes have been decidedly useless so far). The hellbrute fired into the boyz nearest and then charged in, taking a few of them before the Nob ripped his power claw through the encased chaos warrior destroying it. Squad Tigg’s had positioned their rhino behind the ‘brute and shot the combi-bolter also lighting the boyz up briefly. The terminators had charged into the boyz unit, and ripped them apart. The lone survivor CAM00388fleeing towards his table edge (running off of it on his next round).

The orks on the far right charged into Tigg’s rhino as the Kans moved through the ruins ready to assist. They hit a fuel cell and caused the rhino to be destroyed, spilling its cargo of marines forth. The Loota’s continue to roll poorly against my marines and the defiler. Paul’s second flyerCAM00389 arrives and again makes a B-line for poor old Piney, this time it’s too much for the old deamon-engine and it crumples. The sole survivor of Squad Chibb’s in combat with the boyz is finally cut down as the Warboss and his unit move towards Morrow’s terminators.CAM00390 Their shooting proving inconsequential before they charge in. Unsa issues the challenge and faces off against the Nob and everyone else piles in. Lord Morrow swinging the Black Mace from side to side and piling green corpses with each pass. It’s not all going the way of chaos though as the orks manage to destroy Opie and his Men of Mayhem in the CAM00391process – leaving Lord Morrow, sorcerer Unsa and the Warboss facing off.

Squad Tiggs choose to stand and fire at the boyz but the greenskins return fire proves too much causing them to fall back off the battlefield. The remaining rhino continues to take pot-shots and inflict soulblaze on boyz units but eventually succumbs to the blasts of the Kans weapons. The Spartan repositions and shoots at the Kans for the next two rounds, managing to immobilise two and destroy the third. My Havocs continued to prove ineffective against the flyers even with their flakk missiles, managing only a single glancing hit all game.

The ork Warboss falls before the combined assault of the Chaos heroes, who move up to finish off one squad of Loota’s and attempt to haemorrhage a nearby squad of grotz – who proceed to pass a toughness test! Despite the battle continuing into turns 6 and 7 the result was inevitable as I had no troops left to contest the objectives (having totally ignored them throughout the game as usual).

Final result was 7-2 to Paul’s orks – both objectives and linebreaker, v’s first blood and slay the warlord. Both Paul and myself agreed that it had been a great game, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to future games against and (with the upcoming campaign) possibly alongside his green tide.

Final round coming up and I’ll be facing Jon’s Tau. I’ve only ever played against them on the Dark Crusade pc game so it should prove interesting. The mission will be Purge the Alien, no objectives other than destroying the enemy – YES, my kind of mission. In the meantime I have a “friendly” battle arranged against Gary’s Dark Angels next week, 2500pts and mission to be rolled on the day. So I have to come up with a cunning force composition and strategy so as to pull back from my 2-0 track record against him so far.

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