Star Wars: Living on the Edge

Rulebook“It should have been a routine delivery run for one of Teemo the Hutt’s spousal nephews, but the pompous little slug had a mouth on him and pretty soon harsh words turned into blaster fire and we had to haul his unconscious hide outta there.

Back at the safe house we got our  med-bot to take a look at the minor wound Peeza had sustained, unfortunately unaware that Dr Oidberg our resident metal-medic had been “tweaking” his cauterization attachment – into a flamethrower!

Eventually we got the flames out and after several stimpacks we carted the slug back to “Uncle Teemo’s” – I could tell Teemo was amused at the sight of Peeza’s swaying form but his smirk disappeared as soon as his spouse saw the healing burns on his tail.

So that’s how we ended up running through the streets of Mos Shuuta, ducking into the cantina with a quartet of Gammorean’s hard on our heels.”

BQLK8cwCAAAHryPThis weekend saw a handful of us taking a bash at the new Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, with Liam taking up the mantle of Games Master. I used a modified version of one of the available pregenerated characters, Matwe the formermatwe-119x300 Smuggler (with the specialty of Scoundrel) – sort of cross between Han Solo and the Nick Cage character from Gone in 60 seconds, well that’s how I imagined it.

The rest of our motley crew consisted of Dr Oidberg (Droid medic with pyromania tendencies), a Twi’lek slicer, a Rodian mechanic, and a Bothan slicer.

The rules are quite simple to get used too, the strange dice being the main sticking point (but hey, I play D&D so I’m used to weird dice, right), the various dice give you chances to roll success, failure, threat, advantage, triumph and despair – and the net results of your rolls are interpreted by you and your fellow gamers to create a narrative description of your chosen action. For instance, it’s entirely possible in a bar room gun fight (should such a thing occur – totally by accident) to shoot at your opponent who’s cowering behind a table, failing to hit him but scoring advantages to damage the table and reduce his cover against your allies further shots against him.

We we’re playing through the introductory adventure from the Starter Set, designed to ease new players and GM’s into the rules and setting. I have to say it was a total blast and despite teething problems getting used to some of the mechanics of our characters it went really well. We survived the bar fight relatively unscathed before moving on to a negotiation with a rather senile junk yard dealer who refused to sell us a part to allow us to steal a starship – but was happy to hire us to deliver said part to the ship in its landing pad!  To gain access to the secured landing pad we needed to visit the spaceport office and get clearance. With security droids manning the entrance we were worried but tried the direct and (gulp) honest approach – and it worked!

As we headed to the landing pad, access authorization and parts in hand we ran into some Stormtroopers who really didn’t seem to like us. Unlike movie ‘troopers these could actually shoot straight and knew how to use their weapons. We took some heavy hits, especially our psycho medic but eventually made it into the landing bay (along with the bodies of two dead troopers that we quickly looted – well, they weren’t going to be needing their amour any more right?) as our slicer locked down the blast doors to hold off pursuit.

The YT-1300 cruiser looked rough as hell but we really needed to put a few star systems between us and Teemo in a hurry. A pair of heavy security droids stood at the foot of the boarding ramp, so we tried the honesty road again, gaining access and closing the door behind us. We found the Trandoshan slaver that owned the ship going through his inventory and said we’d been sent with the parts and to fit it. He readily agreed and once our slicer’s and droid had the engines humming the mechanic and I shot the crap out of him. By this time the troopers had got into the bay and were hammering the doors demanding access, our response was to gun the engines and take off.


Breaking orbit brought us no respite as a quartet of Tie-fighters intercepted us. Luckily our mechanic was a more than fair pilot and myself and the Twi’lek slipped into the gunnery seats of the quad-laser turrets. I’m ashamed to say the slicer was able to outshoot me, combined with the Tie pilots failing to perform several high-speed manoeuvres and tearing their ships apart we we’re able to escape long enough for the hyperdrive to kick in and get us the hell away from Tattooine!

In the aftermath of the game the GM told us what experience we had earned from our escapades, which we could choose to spend to upgrade our characters – improving abilities, skills or talents, or learning new ones. I chose to train in the use of the purloined Blaster Rifle from the dead trooper and following my poor performance in the turret some basic training in vehicle gunnery. I was also able to take a new talent from my career path, Rapid Response, which will enable me to react faster and with a little exertion improve my Initiative if needed. I was also able to use my credits (money) to purchase an upgrade for the Rifle, adding a forearm grip to aid in targeting and having the sights refined. Along with my stolen trooper armour (which apparently is called “laminate” and is actually less protective than Mandolorian Heavy Armour) I could pass as an Imperial Stormtrooper and hopefully use my Deception skills to blag my way into more secure locations 🙂storm-trooper 1

The quality of the rulebook and accessories is great, and well worth the price tag. I can definitely see myself getting the Starter set, if only for the simple rules book and dice set that it includes (dice sets are £12ish alone, Starter set around £25ish if you look around). There is also a handy-dandy dice-roller app available for smartphones that makes the all-too familiar sounds of light sabers, tie-fighters, and blasters etc when used.

Due to its narrative nature I think the game is definitely one I could get into, and our little group has already planned our next session to see where we go from here – in the meantime I have another session planned under the GM-ship of Adam, where Liam and myself will take on an adventure Adam has written himself for the pair of us to tackle.



One Response to “Star Wars: Living on the Edge”

  1. Not a bad session 0 all in all. Lots of fun and I’m really looking forward to the next game!

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