A journey through the Edge of the Empire – Session 2

Rulebook“Note to self – if you’re gonna steal a starship, make sure its fueled!” that’s the thought running through my head as the alerts and buzzers go crazy on the Krayt Fang’s cockpit displays, the alarms barely audible over the ear-killing Trandoshan opera blaring through the comm system.

We’d escaped Mos Shuuta by steeling the ship from a Trando slaver and after a brief battle with some TIE’s made the jump to hyperspace. I suppose I should be thankful I’m not hanging on a pain-rack in Teemo’s palace but with our resident pilot and slicer telling us that we’re low on fuel, and something pumping through the air-recyce that smells like a Bantha threw it up I’m almost ready to jettison myself – almost.

Calmer heads prevail and in short order the buzzers and music are silenced and we’re back into a short hyperspace jump to Ryloth in search of fuel and supplies. Our slicer notes on the cargo manifest that we have one of the Trando’s prisoners still on board so we head to the cargo hold to check it out. There’s a half-dozen cages, most empty. One has some weird insect chitin plates but the other is occupied by a rough-looking Twi’lek.

As our slicer is also a Twi’lek she talks to him, finding out his name and why he’s caged up. We release him and he agrees to help us get fuel etc on Ryloth (his homeworld) and we agree to visit his village of New Meen which is having trouble with thugs muscling in on their mines. What could possibly go wrong?

RylothDuring the trip we manage to find the source of the smell, some hidden wookie skins apparently meant to be traded to our old friend Teemo. They go straight out the airlock (no-one else was impressed by my idea of selling wookie-skin-onesies) as we exit hyperspace on the approach to Ryloth.

Another alert beeps up, a starfighter is on an intercept course. As it closes we recognise it as belonging to Thweek, a Kubaz known to work for Teemo. As we’ve been getting more familiar with the Krayt we man our stations and I slip into the gunnery seat of the dorsal turret. Our mechanic turned pilot pulls some fancy maneouvers, minimizing the damage Thweek’s shots cause while our slicer keeps the engines and systems in good order. With the med-bot manning the other turret we fire up the quad-lasers and pretty soon all that’s left of Thweek’s ship is sparkling dust particles as his cockpit/lifepod hurtled towards the planet’s surface.

Our new Twi’lek friend, B’ura B’an, shows us the best approach to the Nabat spaceport and once we dock we realise that their must be some tracking device onboard. For a few extra creds the spaceport crew agree to find and remove it. We follow B’ura B’an through the underground city and its crowded market. Our mechanic wants to get something to change the colour of his ‘trooper armour while our slicer and med-bot want tools to rebuild the astromech on the Krayt, we find a suitable stall. The trader wants and extortionate amount – 900 creds, but I talk him down to 650.

The Twi’lek takes us to meet his contact in the militants and it turns out he’s some big shot folk hero amongst them. Some offworlder named Angu Drombb has bought up land adjacent to New Meen and their ryll mine under the proviso of building a leisure complex but his thugs seem to have taken over the mine – a lucrative venture producing the highly addictive and hallucinogenic spice. The militants happily supply a speeder to take us to New Meen in the morning but for the evening theres celebrations for B’ura B’ans return.

Slightly hung over we set off in the morning, the speeder is thankfully pre-programmed and off we go. Ryloth’s surface reminds me of Tattooine – all rocks, sand and not much else. Our luck runs true to form as with a loud crack and flash of light the speeder takes a nose dive, burying its front end and tipping is all out. Luckily none of us are badly hurt – yet, as a quartet of rough-looking figures appear in a nearby cave mouth, weapons readied.

“Halt! Stay where you are and drop your weapons! We are agents of the local Imperial authorities and you are suspected of ryll smuggling. I repeat: stay where you are and drop your weapons!” one of them calls out. As two of us are still in our ‘trooper armour, I move a little closer and tell them we are the Imperial authorities, which seems to throw them off-balance for a moment until one of them cries “Ah, frack it!” and begins firing.

Our passenger and slicer both take cover behind the downed speeder as the mechanic and med-bot join the fire-fight. They obviously weren’t expecting heavy opposition as their blasters barely scratch our armour but our return fire quickly downs all but one of them, he decides to flee deeper into the cave behind him. We we’re about to chase after him when he suddenly reappeared running back towards us, but only briefly as a massive lylek charged behind him and  has time to scream before he is impaled upon the creature’s sharp claws and drawn up to its slavering jaw. The lylek begins to retreat back to its nest, leaving a trail of spattered gore in its wake.

We have no delusions that the beast is beyond our capabilities so we turn our attention back to the speeder which is thankfully repairable and we’re soon heading in to New Meen. The locals avoid us until they realise who our passenger is then its like we’d just set the record for the Kessel Run. We sit with B’ura Ban’s friends and catch up on the local situation, Drombb’s men have erected piles of dirt around the town and caused power shorts as well as occasional beatings on miners caught out alone.  Further conversation is interrupted as a trio of speeders arrive with Drombb’s logo on the sides and a dozen grubby hoods pile out and begin harassing the locals.

Our med-bot hands the mechanic and myself a stun grenade and we step out to “greet” the new arrivals. They’ve obviously been drinking and tell us to butt out as its none of our concern. With a quick look across to my friends, we throw our grenades at the mob, managing to take down most of them. The last few weren’t expecting resistance and are only armed with light blasters and knuckle dusters so we take them down easily. Knowing the mistreatment the locals have suffered at their hands we happily let them deal with the left overs and dispose of the speeders.

B’ura B’an gives us a rough map to the mine entrance and we set off. Watching through binocs we get the lay of the land and decide to blag our way in with our slicer as a new prisoner and the med-bot to look at some wounded workers. The dumb ass guards buy most of our tale but assign a pair of escorts to take us down the mine. Once out of sight we take them out quietly and hide the bodies. We find a grav-cart and use it to travel deeper into the mine, passing Twi-lek workers and Drombb’s overseers without incident, coming to a rough-looking lift to lower levels. The descent isn’t pleasant, the lift obviously not built for the passengers comfort, and we move out into the new tunnel. From B’an’s map we can tell this new excavation is leading towards Drombb’s “leisure complex” and following it leads to a better quality looking lift, its doors built into a rocrete wall with a hand scanner to allow access.

Our slicer hacks the scanner but sets off some sort of alarm as we ascend, exiting the lift into a garage/storage area with several large construction vehicles parked. We run over and hide in one of them, waiting as a pair of thugs come to investigate the alarm and overhear them complaining “..probably set off by another bloody quake, those morons in the mine need to be more careful with the charges…” before they disable the alarm and return to their posts. Once we’re sure its clear we head to the stairway beside the lift doors and climb to the next floor, peering into the room above. It’s a control room of some sort with banks of computers and monitors manned by a pair of tech’s.  We decide to retreat back to the garage and create a diversion by causing the refueling rig to catch light, setting the fire alarms off so we can access the computers in the confusion.

Our plan works and our slicer is able to download enough data to realise Drombb was fronting for Teemo (can’t we get away from the slug’s influence!) but is also skimming the profits. Things seem to be calming down back in the garage so we try to get out. Finding that Drombb himself has arrived with his personal guards. This guy has done enough to seriously get on our bad side so we forego the small talk and just blast the living crap out of him and his goons. In the aftermath we find his encrypted comm-link and datapad. The slicer works her magic once again and we use the comm to order the overseers to surrender as Drombb is no longer in charge, over the link we can hear the sounds of blaster fire, screams and then lots of Twi’lek cheering. The datapad holds several account details of where he was hiding his credits so we redirect it not all too ourselves, but most of it, and reassigned the deeds of the land holding to B’ura B’an and the citizens of New Meen.  There’s also a couple of messages in his private records that were directed to Thweek, talking of a bug tech called Sivor and Dukes Piddock and Dimmock, and the second apparently joking about Sivor being decapitated in an arena fight against Thweek. With the mention of the Geonosian’s we realise that the insect chitin on the Krayt may well be the remains of Sivor, and if news of his demise could upset the plans of Teemo and his allies, well, why not.

We take a Drombb speeder and return to New Meen to be hailed as heroes and drink the bar dry.

Another great session, my thanks to Liam for GMing, and my fellow players Chris, Anna and Liz (Anna’s mum) for making such an enjoyable afternoons gaming. Great job on ad-libbing the mines Liam. Looking forward to the next part of our adventure, we’re all becoming more familiar with the rules system as we go and better able to interpret the advantage/threat narrative elements on the fly. Great stuff.


2 Responses to “A journey through the Edge of the Empire – Session 2”

  1. This sounds like an awesome game. It was very enjoyable to read. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. This sounds very exciting. A great read and a totally existing experience it seems. Looking forward to hearing next week installment

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