A journey through the Edge of the Empire – Session 3

RulebookBoy, for a subjugated race those Twi’leks sure know how to party! Two days after we returned from Drombb’s the citizens of New Meen were still celebrating. Our friend B’ura B’an offered to drive us back to Nabat and our ship, the journey was uneventful but as we travelled he asked us if we would meet with his friend Nym once again, as she had something that may interest us. Our med-bot decided to remain behind and continue helping those injured in the mines, it would also give us a reliable contact on planet.

Reaching Nabat we pick up a few bits and pieces as we descend through the market, taking advantage of our guides popularity to gain favourable prices. Fed up with the dark stares my stolen armour was getting I decided to follow Tsu’s example and get it resprayed.

Turned out Nym had another friend that had a job offer for us, a Bothan named Otta, needed some mooks to represent him at a “Business party” on Geonosis. Despite it sounding a little dull we were all getting itchy feet, and when he mentioned it may involve upsetting a certain Hutt of our “mutual acquaintance”, well, we didn’t take much more convincing.

We decided to use the cover story of arms dealers looking to begin a supply for the growing militants on Ryloth, not a huge stretch as Nym gave us 3,000 creds to try and get some hardware. The shindig was to be held by Duke Piddock who had recently had a falling out with Teemo, we needed to find out why and if possible use that information to convince one of his rivals that the slug was trouble. Otta also informed us that a bounty of 50,000 creds had been put on our heads, not enough to warrant serious attention from the big boys but we’d need to keep our eyes open for possible mooks wanting to make some “easy” cash. Spending the night in Nym’s hideaway we prepped our gear and boarded the refueled and repaired Krayt the next morning. The pre-flight checked out and hyperdrive course plotted, so off we went for the 18 hours flight to Geonosis. Otta had given us his “invite” which included the pass code for the planets security net and once through we were directed to a landing pad. The spaceport looked busy, a real “hive of activity”, and we were ushered onto a speeder and taken to Piddock’s party.

UnaWe’d been allowed to keep pistols but had to leave our rifles behind, though the same rule didn’t apply to the Duke’s guards as stocky warrior drones stood at attention with bulky geonosian blasters held easily. The crowd inside was a good mix of races, some humans, a sulustan, a troidarian, even a gand accompanied by his translator bot (a C3 protocol droid by the look of it). We let Una take the lead, with Tsu and myself taking the roles of her “trusted bodyguards” and she decided to “split up and mingle” before we tried to talk to Duke Piddock himself. Between us we found out that the troidarian was an “information broker” and got a confirmation from him about the bug techie that Drombb had written about, also that the Duke had cut Teemo loose after finding out that he had a Kubatz on staff. A pair of the humans were siblings and ran trade for Duke Dimmock aboard their ship the “Lucky Guess” and would be leaving to take a delivery to Tattooine next day. Tsu chatted with the Gand, finding that it was representing a small group of bounty hunters looking for weapon deals. I turned on the charm and approached a well dressed human woman, but quickly discovered she was here to buy “antiques” from Piddock.

dukeEventually we were able to talk to the Duke himself and after making a small deal on behalf of the Twi’leks we were able to let him know about the letters we found at Drombb’s regarding Sivor. When we told him we’d shot the Kubatz down too he warmed to us considerably. Turns out Teemo was buying old battle droid models and had “borrowed” Sivor as a droid techie. Since Piddock had cut ties with him, Teemo had begun dealing with Dimmock and another large shipment was due to leave soon. Piddock was sure that if we could convince Dimmock about Teemo’s involvement in Sivor’s demise he may be inclined to help us get into Teemo’s palace and discover what he was doing with droid parts. We also told Piddock that we had brought what we believed were Sivor’s remains back with us as we didn’t know what the burial protocol was for Geonosians, and arranged for the Dukes men to collect them when they delivered Nym’s weapons to the Krayt.

With Piddock’s recommendation we were able to get an audience with Duke Dimmock, to be honest if you’d stuck them side by side I couldn’t have told you who was who, but hey, who am I to judge. After telling Dimmock what we’d uncovered about Teemo he too was unhappy to hear of the Hutt’s involvement with a Kubatz. While he couldn’t be seen to overtly aid us he would arrange to have “minimal” security on his delivery to the Lucky Guess and clear it with Orpa and Wex (the siblings Una had spoken too) to deliver us with the cargo to Teemo’s without interference.


Retrieving our gear from the Krayt we headed down to Gantry AA7 and the Lucky Guess. The walkways were cluttered with crates and the heavy automated loading cranes seemed to move with a life of their own. Getting closer it seemed that all the workers had urgent business elsewhere and only a trio of geonosian guards stood in our way. Una headed for a nearby control console hoping to use one of the loading cranes to our advantage while Tsu and myself took the direct approach, blaster rifles firing. The guards tried to move into the cover of the gantry railings, one of them managing to knock the sights on my blaster out of alignment. Tsu seemed to be coping so I pulled my vibro-knife and charged the guard nearest to me, Tsugutting the bug from abdomen to thorax.

The Gand from the party had obviously recognised one of us and came shuffling along the walkway, hitting Una hard but luckily his weapon was on stun. Our plucky slicer managed to use the crane to grab the Gand and throw him over the side as Tsu dropped the guard nearest him. The remaining geonosian had retreated around the side of the ship for better cover but with a running start I skidded under it (though giving my helmet a good thunk on the undercarriage in the process) and startling the bug long enough to let Tsu finish it off.

Boarding the Lucky Guess, Orpa and Wex complimented our handy work and launched us en route to Tattooine. The Guess was an old YKL-37R Nova Courier, though obviously modified by its current owners. While we had time we checked out the crates heading for Teemo’s, finding them full of old Baktoid battle droid parts and even a pair of almost complete (though powered down) models. We managed to take enough bits out (giving them to Orpa and Wex to resell as they wished) to allow us to take their place in the crates and waited to be “delivered” to Teemo.

The Guess landed in Mos Shuuta and we were loaded into a transport, taken straight to Teemo’s palace. Once we were sure we’d been left alone we exited our crates, finding ourselves in a workshop with several unfinished droids around. While I took up sentry duty Una and Tsu searched the place, finding work-logs and schematics detailing that Teemo had been reverse-engineering them in an effort to create his own. Taking these as evidence we made our way through the quiet hallways to the Comm’s room. It too was empty and Una quickly accessed the systems, checking the security cam’s we saw guards outside the main entrance and on the landing pad (along with a ship we didn’t recognise but could tell it was a one-man starfighter). A few more tweaks of the computer and Una had the palace on lock down and slaved to her data-pad. Internal cam’s showed Teemo in the throne room with his cronies and Thweek the Kubatz, schematics also showed that the floor had a large trapdoor which when opened gave a view of the gladiator arena. Although there were no gladiators here at present, it appeared that Teemo had acquired a young Rancor which was currently held in the arena (the cells not being big enough). We came up with a plan and headed for the throne room. We didn’t have to be too quiet as the kloo horn player was wailing away.

My-armourAs we entered the room myself and Tsu shot down the two nearest guards before they could react and using the voice amplifier in my helmet ordered everyone else into the middle of the floor. Once they were there Una tapped her data-pad and dropped them into the arena – their screams soon replaced by the happy munching sounds of the young Rancor.

Teemo, although surprised to see us, takes a pull from the cigarra in his hand. The smoke drifts
upwards toward the massive chandelier above his head while he speaks. “A lesser Hutt might make a speech about how he is a businessman, how we can come to an equitable  arrangement. He might wheedle and cajole. But not me. You are ungrateful slime and you must be punished.” Suddenly, Teemo shifts his bulk and pulls a massive laser pistol.

Now, we might not like the slug but we don’t particularly want him dead, so Tsu shoots the antique pistol out of Teemo’s hand as I blast the chain holding the chandelier, hoping to drop it on him and trap him in it. Well, that was the plan. The intricate decoration and filigree metalwork of the chandelier included lots of sharp edges and spikes, and when it hit Teemo there was a sickening squelching sound as it flattened the Hutt. Luckily we were standing far enough back not to get covered in bits of Teemo.

Searching around we found Teemo’s datapad and discover that he was skimming from Jabba, one of the more powerful of the Hutt cartel and was planning on building a droid army to take over the Hutt presence on Tattooine. We decide to forward this information on to Jabba, mainly to stop any retaliation for killing Teemo. We manage to salvage some equipment and a box of 10,000 creds. We also notice that Thweek was amongst the Rancor’s lunch victims, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.  With the chaos and confusion caused by Teemo’s demise we’re able to make our way back to the Lucky Guess and get a lift back to Geonosis where we let Piddock and Dimmock know the outcome of our trip (and that the Kubatz that had a hand in Sivor’s death suffered a grisly fate) before boarding the Krayt once more and returning to Ryloth. B’ura B’an had returned to New Meen but Nym and Otta were happy to see us once again, especially with the weapons we had acquired for the militants.

We took advantage of Nym’s hospitality to rest and recuperate and plan our next move.


So ended another session, this time we hadn’t played in store but at the home of Chris and Anna (many thanks once again both of you) and the end of the “Long Arm of the Hutt” adventure as a whole. It definitely had a “Star Wars” feel to it, with interstellar travel, helping oppressed aliens, and an iconic villain in Teemo. Apparently, if I hadn’t dropped the chandelier on him he’d have been a considerably tough foe. Huge thanks to Liam for DMing once again, and we’re all looking forward to the further adventures of our band of rogues.


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