D&D Enc Murder in Baldur’s Gate – Session 4

Murder-Baldurs-coverDue to illness and work commitments Liam’s table was a little short on players this week so Vipin offered to join his group for this session, with his law-abiding influence gone from my table it didn’t take long for the remaining players to decide that crime actually does pay!

  • Hannah – Half-orc fighter
  • Richard – Halfling rogue
  • Shane – Human fighter
  • Adam – Half-orc barbarian

With their halfling cleric wandering off to try to talk to those in charge of the Watch, the remaining heroes decide to head back to the more comfortable surroundings of the Outer City. As they join the queue to pass through to the Lower City they overhear the crowd and their displeasure at the annuncement of the Sumptuary Laws. Some of the youger members of society had already taken the opportunity to scrawl graffiti on the city walls, though several had been apprehended in the process and under the scrutiny of the Watch were being made to clean it off.

In the busy streets of the Lower City it wasnt much better, the heroes soon heard the sounds of raised voices and investigated to find a Fist patrol arguing with a group of rough looking dockworkers. Apparently the workers had failed to gain employment for the day and the Fist were ordering them to exit the Lower City and stop loitering, a female half-elven private being the most vocal and quite aggresive. The heroes tried to intervene and calm the situation down, the workers reognised Richard’s new boots as belonging to the former owner of the Low Lantern and realised they were the ones that shut it down. Adam quickly pointed out that he had removed the closure notice, showing it to the workers to placate them. This incensed the Fist patrol “Tampering in the official duties of a Fist representative! You’re coming with us to the Seatower!”. With the Fist now focusing their attention on the heroes the dockworkers managed to slink off, the heroes weren’t inclined to let themselves be arrested and so took to their heels with the Fist in pursuit. Richard spotted an allyway that they could duck into and then through one of the buildings to throw of their pursuers. It turned out to be a bakery and ever the oppertunist, the wily halfing snagged a fresh baked loaf as they ran through.

Having eluded the patrols the heroes made their way out of the Basilisk Gate and into the Lower City. Richard wanted to see if he could “disguise” his boots in someway and as luck would have it there was a tannery nearby. As they approached it the owner was having a problem with his sluice. Someone had damaged the grate it emptied into, causing it to overflow and flood into nearby buildings rather than pour into the sewer. They worked out a deal that Adam would use his blacksmith skills to repair the grate while the tanner would “distress” the boots sufficiently. Once done Richard checked his boots and found his hidden picks had been removed, confronting the tanner Hannah tried to loosen his tongue with a back-hand slap, but broke his jaw and knocked him unconscious. Dragging him back into his workshop they bribed the two apprentices to “take a break” while they searched the tanner and his premises. They recovered Richard’s picks and found a lockbox behind the counter, Richard discarded the key that was in the box and as a matter of proffessional pride picked the lock, taking the money from inside and sharing it with his companions. There was also a note which read “We’ll be back on third-day for our money, RR” the heroes remembered a similar entry in the paperwork they had taken from the Lantern and compared the handwriting – it seemed identical – and they relaised they had actually interfered with two busines’s that apparently paid money to the Guild for “services”. The heroes decide to see if Rilsa has any tasks for them and head for Little Calimsham.

As they approached the Calim Jewel Emporium a cheery voice called out to them, “I really don’t think you want to see her today. She’s not in the best of moods. Apparently some fools acting for the Fist shut down a couple of her business interests.” The speaker was a flamoyantly dressed elf leaning casually against a nearby building. He introduced himself as Coran, former adventurer turned entrepenaur. The heroes asked if he would talk to Rilsa for them, “Ah, sadly I’m not in her good books myself. You know how it is, you neglect to invite the right people to the wrong party, or was it the wrong people to the right party, I always get that confused – probably the reason I seem to attract such troubles.” Despite his outrageous appearance the heroes found the elf likeable. “If your at a loose end, I have a friend of a friend that may have a small task suited to your skill set, if your interested? Pop and see Dlusker at his lumber and textile mill in the Lower City, he has a pest control problem. Oh and be sure to tell him I sent you.” With nothing else to occupy them, the heroes take up the offer and head back into the Lower City.

Having made their way to Dlusker’s they find that his workers disturbed an insect nest in his lower storeroom and are now refusing to go down there. He agrees to pay the heroes 18 gold pieces to deal with the problem and supplies them a lantern with the advice to avoid fires as his treated timbers are highly combustible. He takes them down to the lowest of his underground stores using an elevator the Gondsmen had built for him “at great cost, but its an absolute Gondsend”, as he leaves the heroes he tells them to simply tug the bell cord and the elevator will be sent back down for them.

beetlesExploring they find that Dluskers workers had attempted to extend the storeroom and broken through into another chamber beyond which unfortunately was occupied by some large beetles.  The heroes find four large beetles almost the size of Richard’s halfing with a huge “queen” the size of a horse behind them.

Richard heroically takes a guard position in the hole in wall between the two chambers, firing his bow as needed at the insects. Shane’s fighter charges past the smaller beetles to attack the queen but two of them manage to gash him with their mandibles as he does so. Incensed with the attacks the queen takes a huge bite out of Shane which drops the fighter unconscious to the floor. The half-orcs engage the smaller beetles, with covering fire from Richard, and make short work of them before charging into the queen. Hannah also falls under the wounds she has suffered before Adam manages to smash his great maul through the queens carapace. Richard and Adam manage to stabilise Hannah but there is nothing they can do for Shane. They take the beetles heads as proof and head back to the elevator, when Dlusker sees them covered in luminescent beetle goo he happily pays them 25 gold pieces and thanks them profusely.

Adam and Richard drag/carry the unconscious Hannah away with them to find somewhere to clean up and recuperate.

A great session, mostly on the fly but thats one of the things I’m really enjoying with this season and its openess. This brings my table to the close of Stage 2 as written and following the events of this session I have instructed them to level up for next week (we were going to do it after Stage 3 but it feels appropriate to do it now). Although the influence of the law-abiding cleric wasn’t missed this week, his healing prayers most definitely were.

The beetles were something I made up on the spot rather than delve through my pdf’s for stats – I had the smaller ones as AC13, hp14 +3 to hit for 1d4+1 dmg with Init +0, the queen was AC17, hp 34 +4 to hit for 1d8+2 dmg with Init +2. The players had trouble hitting the queen to start with using ranged attacks but once the half-orcs switched to melee attacks their brutish nature shone through (especially once Adam raged).

(will add Liam’s write up shortly)


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