D&D Enc Murder in Baldur’s Gate – Session 5

Murder-Baldurs-coverThis week due to work commitments Liam was unable to DM the second table so I ran as one large group. Jodie and Shane were only able to attend the beginning of the session as it was Shane’s 18th birthday and they had a family party to go to, so this weeks party was:-

  • Tilly – Elf Ranger
  • Jodie – Elf Rogue
  • Shane – Human Barbarian
  • Vipin – Halfling Cleric
  • Sunyi – Human Cleric
  • Adam – Half-orc Barbarian
  • Tanis – Half-elf Paladin
  • Richard – Halfling Rogue
  • Hannah – Half-orc Fighter

Adam, Richard and Hannah had retired to the Hissing Stones bath house to clean off the beetle goo and recover from their escapades. The other heroes had just witnessed “mob justice” after handing over a pair of young patriars to the Guild who had removed the hands from the statue of the Beloved Ranger. As the mob chopped the youngsters hands off as punishment Rilsa revealed that it had been the Guild that had removed the hands form the other statues hoping to incite public outcry against the recent Sumptuary Laws. Vipin and Sunyi managed to ensure the youths didnt bleed to death but were unable to reattach their hands. Disgusted with the Guilds behaviour they returned to the Lower City to ponder their next move.

A Fist soldier approached them and informed them that Ulder Ravengard wished to meet with them in private, if they were interested they should meet him at the Hissing Stones within the hour. Arriving at the bath house they found their comrades relaxing in the waters and a few moments later were joined by Ravengard and a trio of his men.

Ravengard told them that Duke Silvershield was planning on having the empty seat on the Council of Four filled by one of his flunkies, a patriar named Caldwell. That seat had traditionally been for the ranking leader of the Fist, formerly Duke Adrian. Ravengard wanted them to “discourage” Caldwell from accepting Silvershield’s offer but to keep his involvement totally secret. Having been disillusioned by the Guilds recent behavour they agreed to do so.

Heading back to the Upper City the gate was guarded by a trio of watch men who wanted to know what business they had beyond the gate. Heated words were exchanged, Tilly’s ranger tried to sneak past and failed, but eventually Tanis’s paladin just paid the gate fee and the heroes passed through. They headed for Caldwell’s mansion, and told his gate guards they had to speak to Caldwell with regards his security. They were allowed into the house on the proviso they surrender their weapons, so Hannah, Adam and Tilly waited in the gardens with their comrades gear as the others meet Caldwell in a well appointed reception room. The heroes tried to convince him that taking up the post of Duke would be too dangerous a position for him, and to emphasise this point Tilly had snuck onto a nearby roof and taken a sniper shot into the room with her bow, intentionally having a near miss of Caldwell. This was enough to convince the elderly patriar and he assured the heroes he would decline Silvershield’s offer.

Regrouping, most of the heroes head to the Wide to top up supplies whle Vipin visits the High House of Wonders to talk to Silvershield about the watchmen previously encountered in the Lower City. The Duke was extremely polite and looked shocked to hear that watch men were taking such actions within the Lower City, he assured Vipin that the Parliament of Peers and the Council of Dukes had given no such orders. Vipin asked if there was a watch command post where he could make further enquiries and Silvershield directed him to the Citadel.

Meanwhile the rest of the party were enjoying the sights and smells of the market in the Wide, noticing as they did so that artisans were busily re-attaching the hands to the statue of Minsc and Boo. They also noticed a pair of cloaked figures moving through the crowd attempting to appear inconspicuous. Carefully they followed the figures, hanging back as they approached and entered a building at the edge of the Wide which looked to be just a normal residence.

Richard decided to sneak in as the door wasnt closed fully, finding a hallway with a staircase leading up into darkness and a door further ahead. Listening carefully he could make out a trio of voices which sounded like two males and a female but couldn’t make out details of their conversation. Tanis attempted to listen but his efforts at approching the door quietly were abysmal and the voices went quiet. Tanis and Richard barely had time to step out of the way as Hannah barrelled down the corridor and smashed through the door with the rest of the party hot on her heels.

It looked like all the interior walls had been removed to make the room beyond larger and was lit by a small lantern hanging on a support beam, the pair of figures they had followed stood with a third, cowled figure whose partially hidden face seemed to shift as you looked at it. They also had a pair of large, hungry looking dogs. The cowled figure gave a command which Tanis realised was “Attack” in Infernal, and the dogs were released, Tanis called out “Sit, roll over, play dead?” in Infernal but the hounds didnt slow.

Tilly tried to take the lantern out but missed and retreated to the doorway “to provide cover”, so Richard showed her how it was done, smashing the lantern and spilling its meagre amount of remaining fuel onto the floor. The burning oil splashed one of the hounds but only caused it to get angrier. The dog charged into Adam taking a bite of his leg and knocking him to the floor. The other dog attacked Tanis as the cowled figure fired a hand crossbow at Sunyi before backing away to the far side of the room. The bolt struck the cleric and he felt a tingling in his arm from the wound.

The heroes return attacks proved more deadly and within moments the dogs and thugs lay lifeless on the floor, Tanis charged across he room and grappled the cowled figure, restraining it while Sunyi knocked it unconcious before tying it up. Going through their belongings the heroes find the thugs were carrying daggers etched with the symbol of Bhaal and the cowled figure appreared to be somesort of changeling. In addition to its hand crossbow it wore an amulet on a chain which also bore the symbol of Bhaal. Wanting to question their prisoner Sunyi channelled healing energies into it but instead of waking, its skin developed cracks and flaking before crumbling as if made of paper, leaving an empty cowl. Sunyi recalled reading about such things, a simulacrum, used by sorcerors to create copies of themselve to operate in dangerous situations. Gathering their thoughts they make sure the burning oil is out and leave the building to go and find Vipin.

At the Citadel Vipin has been given time to meet the commander of the Day watch (or Oversar) and relays his concerns about the trio of watch he encountered. The Oversar allows him to peruse the logs and shows that no such orders were given and no watch were despatched to the Lower City, also none were reported as having the injuries Vipin’s opponents had suffered. It appeared that the three men had been imposters and the Oversar was naturally concerned that people were impersonating the watch and agreed to look into it. Vipin returned to the High Hall and spoke to more of the priests, one of which asked him if he and his companions would look into an issue that neither the watch nor the Fist could do so. Several of the older patriar families have burial crypts on the cliffs of Tumledown, one such family had reported that one of their younger members had gone to retrieve a family heirloom from their vault but had not returned after almost half a tenday.  The priest hoped that the “Heroes of the Wide” could investigate and return the missing patriar to his family “I’m sure they would be more than grateful”. Vipin rejoined his companions and swapped information on their findings, before agreeing to head to Tumbledown and search for the missing noble.

This was another fun session albeit with a large group. As we had both groups combined I decided to have their previous weeks actions coincide (so my table didnt actually act in the “hands off” scenario) and with this weeks hook to Tumbledown  I have an idea for Liam and myself to DM our respective groups tackling the crypts from different entrances to “cover more ground”, perhaps using a single larger crypt map (whether this is just a DM notes map of actual battlegrid we’ll decide beforehand as the last couple of sessions have ran really well as Theatre of the Mind).



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