D&D Enc Murder in Baldur’s Gate – Session 6

Murder-Baldurs-coverDown at Tabletop Tyrants this week we had 3 new players join us bringing us to 12 (when everyone attends) players and 2 DM’s. Unfortunately we had a couple of regulars missing due to injury and prior commitment so actually played with 10 players.

  • Amy – human cleric
  • Hannah – half-orc fighter
  • Shane – human barbarian
  • Adam – half-orc barbarian
  • Richard – halfling rogue
  • Jamie – elf ranger
  • Tanis –  half-elf paladin
  • Vipin – halfling cleric
  • Josh – dwarf barbarian
  • Jodie – elf rogue

The heroes began to make their way through the city towards the cliffside cemetery of Tumbledown when a familiar voice called out to them. It was Coran, the flamoyant elf some of them had met previously, with a couple of sturdy looking companions. He congratulated the heroes on succesfully helping his friend Dlusker and gave his condolences at the loss of one of their own in doing so. He introduced his companions as “more adventuring types, looking for a little more excitement than even my parties offer” and the trio joined the heroes. Enquiring on where they were headed Coran advised them to catch a lift with one of the Candulhallow’s carts on one of its numerous trips back and forth from Tumbledown. With a quick memory jog the party recalled that the Candulhallow’s were a patriar family that made their fortune as undertakers, and after a breif search found one of their carts. With a little convincing they managed to get a lift, saving them some of the walking. During the journey Richard was able to engage the cart driver in conversation and with a little coin to grease his tongue discovered that the crypt they were heading to belonged to the Provoss family, formerly known for their powerful wizards but their fortunes had taken a decline in recent years. The driver also revealed that their was a second “secret” entrance to the crypt. The Candulhallow cart dropped them off just inside Tumbledown and wished them luck as the heroes walked the rest of the way and decided to split up and enter by both entrances. Vipin, Josh and Jodie would go through the main entrance while the rest would try the back door.


The “door” was a false grave opening onto a spiral staircase leading down into the dark crypt with the musty smell of tunnelled earth and decayed flesh. Lantern in hand Tanis led the way until a large form lumbered out of a side tunnel. It had once been an ogre, but now it was a rotting undead hulk. The cleric fired off a moonbeam “accidentally” burning Adam with its radiance, after that most of the heroes kept back and attacked with missile fire – except for Richard who risked a slight singe to try and baseball-slide between the hulks legs and attack from behind. However, he misjudged it and slid astride one of the tree-like appendages. Before he could crawl around to the rear the hulk smashed a fist down solidly hitting him, the battered halfling then crept behind the hullk and tried to hide in the concealing darkness.

The hulk withdrew from the the moonbeam before pummeling the halfling again, this time leaving Richard unconscious  on the floor. Amy decided to cancel her moonbeam in favour of a Prayer of Healing to restore Adam’s burnt flesh and Richard’s frail body. With the Moonbeam gone Shane charged into the hulk as Hannah and Jamie continued to use ranged attacks and Tanis prepared his Divine Favour. The hulk struck back at Shane (scoring a critical) its fist lifting the barbarian clear off his feet and hurling his lifeless form over his companions into the wall behind them. With Shane’s death the heroes fought with renewed vigour and brought the hulk down.


The other trio cautiosly entered the main entrance, finding the gnawed remains of a pair of humans before seeing a lone ghoul down one of the corridors.

https://i1.wp.com/photos1.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/5/6/8/8/highres_287362152.jpegThe trio attempt to engage the horror but it flees northward up the darkened tunnels. The heroes chase after it, only to find it has friends nearby. The trio of heroes now face a quartet of hungry ghouls.

Despite the dwarf barbarian falling victim to the ghouls paralysing touch the sturdy warrior quickly shrugs it off just in time for Vipin’s cleric to successfully use his holy symbol to turn the ghouls, forcing them to flee back down the tunnel.

The larger group of heroes encounter smaller groups of zombies and skeletons which pose little threat and are easily overcome. They also find a curious glowing circle of runes beside a dust covered workbench. Closer examination revealed an old scroll tube that was still sealed. Carefully opening it the heroes find a scroll of Animate Dead, the cleric takes posession for now as the heroes move on. The tunnels twist and turn, often joining back up with one another and soon the heroes are heading towards the main entrance. They approach an old wall mounted font, still full of foul smelling brackish water, and find a pair of the ghouls their companions had chased off. Despite Hannah throwing her warhammer at one ghouls feet (natural 1, he he) the heroes destroy the undead with relative ease, the only one to suffer a wound being Jamie the ranger, who as an elf resisted the paralysis easily.


The trio advanced into the final resting place of the Provoss’s ancestors finding a pair of ornate sarcophagi, guarded by another zombified ogre. The fight was brutal and by the time they had finally dropped the hulk Vipin’s cleric lay dead on the crypt floor. The remaining pair of heroes rifled through the contents of the coffins before catching up with their companions as they discovered what appeared to be a small alchemical laboratory. Not unusual in the crypt of a family of wizards but this looked to have been used recently, and hastily left behind. A search of the remaining clutter revealed a broken mixing bowl with ” F E L O G Y R / B C ” engraved on the bottom, a couple of the party recognised the name as the proprietor of Felogyr’s Fireworks on Bindle Street in the Steeps. They also discovered what looked like the Provoss family shrine, though it had been desecrated with symbols of Bhaal and the dead body of Ezree Provoss lay upon it. A careful search showed she had been the victim of a ritual sacrifice, and the heroes also found an ornate smoking pipe, the name of the patriar “Ariax Rillyn” etched into it, and the upper third of a broken walking stick, the cane’s head bearing the Rillyn family crest (a barren tree within a triangle) and the initials “AR”. Adam also found an amulet with the Provoss family crest upon the corpse and pocketed it. The party decided to return the poor deceased girl to her family, gathered up their gear and left the crypt by the nearest exit.

Having discussed the outcome of the previous week with the Liam I had come up with an idea to run a crypt crawl for a change of pace, as an experiment wanted to try using the dungeon tiles from my Castle Ravenloft board game as the map. (what we came up with is in the DM’s Community Resources for the season) To be honest I expected the group to split a bit more evenly before entering the crypt but it still worked ok and I feel it made a nice change of style with the players not having to hold back from wailing on the bad guys. The session over-ran the 2 hour slot we usually have by about 15 minutes but it let us finish at a natural point.

Next week will see us split back into the two groups as the heroes return to the city proper.


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